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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA August 15, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:31 pm by President Tom Gombold
Board Members Present:  Tom Gombold, Brent Eilefson, Adam Schmidt, Nicki Oswald, Tim Manson, Tom Rodefeld, Shari Kunza, Steve Clark, James Sigmundik, Kara Chamberlain, Bill Jacob, Rob Hanson
Board Members Absent: John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Tom Rodefeld
Guests:  Craig Gunderman, Mark Rupp, Brad, Bruce Neumann, Bruce Ellingson, Kevin Bourassa, Cindy Solz, others
Minutes:  The minutes of the June and July Board meeting minutes were read. 
  Rob Hanson moved to approve June and July board meeting minutes as read.   James Sigmundik second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  General Co-Op activity.  See below.
Vice President:  Absent, no report.
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Past amounts owing still coming in.  Some more delinquent than others.  Hoping to catch most of this at signup.  Cannot register unless paid current.  Cash position pretty good.  Return of Superrink escrow discussion.  SR has agreed to return $100k of old escrow funds, to be split 2/3 MV and 1/3 IYHA.  We will want to use this money for the lasting benefit of IYHA.  Gearheads in White Bear Lake is now hosting Lake Region Hockey pulltabs—they have good food!  Moe’s is no longer selling IYHA pulltabs. 
Boys Program Coordinator:  Skills clinics.  In discussions with Coach Schmidt regarding skills clinics.  Mandatory with heavy focus on skating skills and goalie skills.  Squirts have committed to go alone this season and skate A.  Peewees will co-op with North Metro and skate an A team, with additional teams to be determined.  Peewees will play D3 under NM colors.  Working on tryout process, ice division, coaching, etc.  Appears to be a nice fit, good people and collaborative approach to ensuring kids are playing at the best level for their development.  Warm-up schedule will be worked on shortly.  Have been fielding calls re coaching interest.  Bantams       
Girls Program Coordinator:  Roseville declined co-op offer.  MV approved co-op with additional caveats, which on their face appear unreasonable and anti-collaborative.  Discussed caveats, which include registration issues, blanket current and future waivers, budget and billing.  MN Hockey rules preclude many of the caveats, including registration in another association and blanket future waivers.  MV currently appears to be inflexible on the points, though perhaps reasonable minds will prevail.  Seems to be a general, disappointing short-sightedness and lack of focus on the players who stand to benefit.  We want this to work, and will absorb some of the caveats to make it so.  We need to address ice and team/player cost, and coaching.  Need U14s—we have 9 plus a goalie.     
Initiation Program Coordinator:  2 of 3 parades—good representation!  600+ fliers distributed.  Open houses coming up—Bel Air, Pinewood, Sunnyside, Valentine Hills.  Learn to Skate program starring Susan Schmidt.  6 week program, $50/kid to cover cost for coaches.  Discussion around having ice available to allow future mites to continue to skate.  Maybe do two Learn to Skate sessions in lieu of a full mini-mite schedule—fall and spring.  IP Coordinator to look into this.  Two Try Hockey Free days, using the ADM model.    Would like to have someone be in a “Summer Promotions” position—recruitment and retention position.  This is a lot of work for one person!  Mite jamboree discussion—nice to coincide with January tourney but even in February.  Mites to start 10/26.  Website to be revised to allow for “Learn to Skate” registration.  
                James Sigmundik moved to create a position within IYHA, duties to be defined, responsible for player retention and recruitment.  Kara Chamberlain second.  Motion passed.    
District Representative:  September 6 for initial and 10/1 for final team declarations.  Game scheduling is 10/10, 12 and 19. 
Ice Commissioner:   Received ice from Ramsey County.  MV has split, already submitted to Ramsey County.  IP gets Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.  512 hours of ice.  75hours to IP.  Plus another 12 hours for Wednesday Mites.  Learn to Skate program is 12 hours.  Clinics are 54 hours. 
Registration coordinator:  From D10 registration meeting:
-Manager must be listed on the roster. (can be a coach)
- Other than the 2 days set aside for roster sign off the D10 Registration Rep is not required to be available and sign rosters. Other than those 2 days no rosters are guaranteed to be signed. She has yet to say no....but there is always a 1st time
- Roster sign off dates are November 9th and December 7th at Fogerty Arena.
- Any coach added via supplemental roster must have their background check completed and CEP requirements met or the roster will not be signed. **This is new for the district this season.
- Depending on how many teams need early sign off will dictate if one is scheduled.
- Consent to Treat must be in the book for each coach and player. If they are not signed they player/coach will be redlined. They do not have to have insurance but they do need to fill one out.
-SafeSport.  Locker room monitoring (practices and games) - Non-coach or manager. Need to have a few parents on each team to have background check completed to perform the duty. D10 stated this is being enforced and "eyes" are everywhere.
- phones/cameras in locker rooms--Issue past session with someone posting locker room images on Facebook, police called and with the sensitivity of inappropriate children pictures being posted had caused legal actions to occur. D10/MN Hockey is leaving the policy to the Associations (IYHA has one in place) but they strongly suggest no phone/cameras in the locker rooms ( i.e., place devices in a bucket during practices and games). Bring back the boom box for music needs. :-)
- Best for last... rosters DO NOT need signatures for sign-off!!!
-Supplemental rosters discussed.
-Level 4 clinic in December in Duluth.
-Any coach (including student coaches) over 18 needs CEP and age module.
Equipment Manager:  Replaced single missing jersey.  Discussed Bauer team program offer through Letterman—IYHA will join.  Will order the higher quality, smooth socks this season.  Have excess knit socks for use with IP. 
Boys HS Coach:  Development program discussions.  McKelvie, Tim Fisher, Travis Baker, Steve Clark.  Mandatory for coaches and players.  HS players will be there.  Goalie component.  Incorporate the girls into the program.  Professional skating coach to teach skating.  Discussed paying the coaches.  Coaches meetings to be required.      
Girls HS Coach:   Absent, no report.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:     
Lake Region:  No report.
Fundraising Committee:  Need fundraising ideas.  Bring em.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.
Website Update:   Registration is open.
Old Business
New Business:  
1.             St. Francis Co-Op.  Good discussion with STF—aligned goals relative to player development.  Bantam level is the only level of interest.  Each association helps the other here.  Kids to play at more appropriate levels.  Decent experience last year.  Email previously sent to bantam parents to gauge interest in three options—collecting responses. 
                Rob Hanson moved to co-op with STF at the bantam level, details to be worked out through the boys coordinator and executitve committee.  Shari Kunza second.  Motion passed.   
2.             Rob Hanson moved to approve play-up waivers for Oliver Moore and Graham Erickson.  Steve Clark second.  Tim Manson nay.  Motion passed.
3.             Shari Kunza moved to allow Jennifer Rupp to play up at U10 level.  Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed.  
4.             Discussed “Hall of Fame” for SuperRink.  Youth and HS.  Nice for recruitment and retention.  Let Kara know of names that should be on the list.
Rob Hanson moved to adjourn at 9:11 pm.  James Sigmundik second.  Motion passed.