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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA June 20, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:33 pm by President Tom Gombold
Board Members Present:  Tom Gombold, Rob Hanson, Bill Jacob, Adam Schmidt, Nicki Oswald, James Sigmundik, Tim Manson,  Shari Kunza
Board Members Absent: Brent Eilefson, Tom Rodefeld, John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Kara Chamberlain
Minutes:  The minutes of the April Board and Election meetings were read. 
 Rob Hanson moved to approve April board meeting and election meeting minutes as read.   Adam Schmidt second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  President’s Update:  attended Lake Region meeting. Pull tabs have been moved from Moe’s to Gearheads in White Bear Lake.  Attended D10 meeting and sent notes via email.  Updated board on co op options.  North Metro possibility for PeeWee and Bantam. 
Co-Op News
St. Francis – St. Francis voted “no” to further dialog regarding a  Co-Op with Irondale. Irondale and St. Francis has both been pursuing Co-Op options closer to home and had left the door open to a second year together pending other developments. Their recent vote eliminates the IYHA/ St. Francis Co-Op option. 
Coon Rapids –I approached Coon Rapids about a month ago to test their interest. Although they did spend some time discussing a Co-Op with IYHA amongst their board. I was informed last week that they have decided they prefer not to Co-Op this year.
MV – Mounds View position on a Co-Op has been tough but not out of the question. I don’t believe they ultimately have support to pass a traditional Co-Op through their board. But they haven’t said “no”.  I believe a Co-Op with MV to be unlikely.
I have spoken to Andover and Spring Lake Park in the last few weeks. Both have some interest – I will be following up in the next couple days to test the waters a bit more and see how serious they are about discussing further. I still need to contact Roseville.
Our meeting last week with North Metro was very positive. They are meeting tonight internally to field questions and concerns from other members of the board and we will be meeting again tomorrow to discuss. Sorry for the short notice, but I will be sending an invite out to the executive board for tomorrow’s meeting. Below are my meeting notes – let me know if you have an questions, concerns .
6/13/2013 Irondale / North Metro Meeting

  • James Braasch—NM President
  • Jeff Somers—NM Treasurer
  • Todd Thoreson—NM  Secretary
  • Tina Eskro—NM Executive Director
  • Bill Jacobs – ID Treasurer
  • Steve Clark – ID Boys Coordinator
  • Tom Gombold –ID President
  1. Association’s perspective on Coop Goals.
Interest from both associations is to provide good opportunities for kids of all levels to enjoy hockey and offer a good value to participating families. North Metro and Irondale have similar numbers and resources.  Sharing resources from both associations will an opportunity to serve members better than each association would be able to do individually.
  1. Intended Duration and re-evaluation process.
There was agreement among those present that a Co-Op arrangement between North Metro and Irondale would ideally be longer than a one year arrangement.  Both associations are working on building numbers and expect at least few years before either will be able to consistently support two or more teams at all levels. Intentions of this arrangement would be to get away from restarting a new Co-Op each year with different associations while work is done to improve numbers. Each year an opportunity for either association to exit the agreement would be established.
  1. What are the association numbers at each level and which teams/levels would make sense to Coop?
Estimated Numbers are as follows:
Level                     Irondale               North Metro
Squirt                    33                           49
PeeWee              34                           19
Bantam                28                           27
U10                        12                           ?
U12                        12                           ?
U14                        11                           ?
Potential Co-Op at Peewee, Bantam, U10, U12 and U14 was discussed.
  1. What District would the teams play?
Both Associations agreed the logistics of either District are similar and we would work with the districts to find the “best fit” for teams is either district. Possibility could exist where an “A” team would play on one district and a “B” Team could play in the other.
  1. Team banner for Coop Teams:  North Metro, Irondale or Coop Banner?
The group voiced flexibility in this area based on District the team is playing and team interest. There are cost advantages to playing with Association provided Jersey’s but the option to come up with a Coop banner for combined teams was also discussed.
  1. Tryout process. How would players for each team be selected?
The group discussed current practices. Additional members will be asked to discuss if Co-Op process moves forward.
  1. Coach selection. How would we assign coaches to each team?
Topic was discussed only for a short period and it is too early to define specifics, although the combined pool of coaches will add additional expertise that will be a benefit to the kids. 
  1. Volunteer expectations for each association.
Both associations would continue to operate under their existing volunteer requirements. The door is open however to discuss further if needed. 
  1. Tournaments. What is typical for each association and how will they be selected?
Each association typically plays 3 tournaments per team, with the option to play more if the teams opt to add the expense. Both associations also each have home tournaments that their team would be expected to play. Dates and details would need to be discussed.
  1. Ice allocation. How will that work and do both associations have similar ice hour expectations for Co-Op levels.
After some discussion it was estimated that both associations schedule similar hours of ice depending on the age of the players. Range is 40 to 55 hours. Cost of ice in BP is roughly $202, average Irondale ice runs about $187.
  1. Player Cost – There is a lot under this item. A good start might be a basic understanding of how these costs are currently covered for each association. Then we can decide how to cover them in a Co-Op arrangement.
  • Tryouts
  • Tournaments
  • Scrimmages
  • Ref Fees
  • Ice Fees
  • Jerseys
  • League Fees
  • Team Parties, etc..
Discussion arrived at the conclusion that current costs vary by team, but are similar for both Associations
  • Trophy Cabinet – Due to some unexpected stuff, I made no progress getting the trophy cabinet to the super rink last week.  I will lobby for some help at Thursday’s meeting. That thing weighs a ton!
  • Registration – Rob, would you be able to forward  registration numbers to me for the last four years if possible.
  • T-Shirts / Window Stickers – I will suggest at the next meeting that all registered players are issued both to help increase IYHA visibility.
Vice President:   Tournament scheduled for Jan 3-5, 2014 and will include Bantam B2, PeeWee B2, Squirt C, U12 A&B, U10 A&B.
Treasurer:  Reviewed financials.  Discussion ensued about families owing money and not allowing them to register until past balances have been paid. 
Boys Program Coordinator:   wants to get a learn to skate program started.  Would like to appoint a coach at each level to monitor and help coaches and players.  Would like to see us have booths at local festivals. 
Girls Program Coordinator:  North Metro not a good fit for a co op with the girls.  Will seek other partners, such as Mounds View.   
Initiation Program Coordinator:  will get things organized for parades and back to school nights.  Needs help with learn to skate program.
District Representative:  Initial declarations Sept 6; final declarations October 1.
Ice Commissioner
Registration coordinator:  Working on registration process.
Equipment Manager:  will create a form for goalie equipment.  Has a place to fix equipment.
Boys HS Coach:  want to be more involved.  Will lead player development committee with a team.  Will hold coaches meetings once a month for all levels. 
Girls HS Coach:  
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:     
Lake Region:  No report.
Fundraising Committee:  Starting to explore fundraising opportunities.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.
Website Update:   
Old Business
a.             SafeSport Coordinator – potentially to the boys and girls coordinators
New Business:  
  1. Steve Hentges gave a presentation on Lifetouch photos as an option for Irondale. 
  1. White ballot approval for Steve Clark as Boys Coordinator. 
                Rob Hanson moved to approve Steve Clark as Boys Coordinator.  Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed.
  1. Registration Process – Rob will connect with the Fiebergs to get the registration on the web.  Will keep fees the same.  
  Tim Manson moved to adjourn at 9:00 pm.  Adam Schmidt second.  Motion passed.