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From the President: July 2005


Parades, Registration, Coaching Staff and Tournaments

These are a few of my favorite things that will happen in August. 


PARADES:  We will be participating in three.  Please skate along with us.

***Friday, August 5th - 7:00pm  Villagefest in St. Anthony  

***Thursday, August 11th - 6:00pm  Stockyard Days in New Brighton

***Sunday, August 21st - 3:00pm   Festival in the Park in Mounds View


REGISTRATION:  IYHA will have various dates to register for the coming season during the end of      August to early September.  Watch for details from Pat O'Connor, our Registration Coordinator.


COACHING STAFF:  Already on the minds of the Program Coordinators.  If you are interested in     coaching, as an assistant or head coach, you can contact one of the three Program Coordinators or myself.  Each team could use someone specifically to keep the goalie(s) busy.


Other Team Staff:  Managers and Treasurers are required on each team above the mite level.          When the teams are formed in the fall you may offer your services to the head coach.  There will be a short seminar for the Managers and Treasurers by early November. There are many other opportunities to help the association or teams throughout the year.  You will be hearing more about them as we get into the season ahead.


TOURNAMENTS:  In the past the teams picked their own tournaments to attend, but many of the      tourneys were already filled by the time our teams were assembled.  Last season the association picked the tourneys for the teams well before tryouts.  This season we will improve on that by trying to gather some suggestions before the tourney choices are made.


Coaches, Managers, Parents:  Please drop me an e-mail (or call) with your tournament suggestions.      Which tourney did you like?  Tell me why.  Which were not good and why?  Were there tourneys that were not a good fit for Irondale?  Maybe there were some with a better mix of teams.  Please include the level (Squirt, U10, etc.) that your child was in at the time.  Go back a couple of years.


Thank You,  Jim Cich, IYHA President.        e-mail:           phone:  651-295-1078





Show your support for IRONDALE Youth Hockey by rollerblading this summer!

Players, parents, and coaches are all encouraged to participate!

It is a great time for rollerblading, passing out candy, and promoting the “cool” sport of HOCKEY!

 Mark your calendar for these parades: 

August 5, Friday                    7:00 PM                 VillageFest, St. Anthony

August 11, Thursday                6:00 PM         Stockyard Days, New Brighton

August 21, Sunday                       3:00 PM       Festival in the Park, Mounds View


Please consider volunteering with the parades.  Need some one to:

***Get the candy and bring to parades***  Provide coolers, water and cups***Drive the lead vehicle***

********Help pass out flyers*** Change a go-kart into a “hockey puck” float****

If you have any questions, please contact me at 651-635-0484. ------------Brian Johnson


Team News:

This Spring a group of U10 girls completed a 12-0 season at the SuperRink in Blaine.  They won the Championship game, coming from behind, 2-1 against Centenniel playing at the "A" level in the National Conference.  The team members were, Samantha Donovan, Megan Gjere, Melissa Hanson, Lindsey Kueng, Brianna Tahti, Annie Welty (from last years U10A team).  Paige Bebus, Elsa Eshanauer, Casey Mularie, Claire Opperman (U10B team). Sydney Monn (Mites 2 group).  Also helping out was Lauren Waddell (MV U10A) plus Lindsey Feero and Sarah Hill (Roseville U10B).  Coaches were John Donovan, Ray Mularie, Jeff Opperman and a cameo appearance of Tom Welty.
                                                                                                Great job by one and all!!!



Attention all coaches

We are looking for coaches at all levels for the upcoming hockey season.  (Parent and non-Parent)
If you are interested in coaching a team this season, please contact:


Boys Program:

Boy's Program Coordinator, Mark Mohar at 651-639-1908 or by email at

 Coaching interviews will be held in August (for the Boys program).   Check the August newsletter for further details. 


Girls Program:

Girls Program Coordinator, Christ Tahti at 651-636-6152 or by email

Initiation Program:

Initiation Program Coordinator, Cheryl Mason at 651-639-1543 or by email at




Registration Dates have been set for the 2005-2006 IYHA Hockey Season!

Wednesday, 8/17/05, 5-9 pm

Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5-9 pm

Saturday, 9/10/05, 9-3 pm.

All will be held at the Sunny Square Neighborhood Center

(also known as the Warming House).

More details will follow.

Pat O’Connor, Registration


IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.

Please feel free to come to the meetings. If you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at any meeting, please email or call Niki and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for2005 Board meetings are the

third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. 

July 21st (Mounds View City Hall, Conference Room C)

Agenda items for July 21st meeting will include: Board and Specialty budgets, High School Coaches, Board roundtable (updates from each Board member)

Future meetings are: August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17, and December 15.

NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact Jim Cich.

Lake Region Board Meetings:

Lake Region Hockey meetings are open meetings. Contact Jeanne Falconer for dates and times of the next meetings.

            Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA)  Board Members 2004-2005



Jim Cich

651-295-1078 (cell)

Vice President

Brian Johnson




Jeanne Falconer


763-784-5520 (h)

763-458-5946 (cell)

651-486-1235 (w)


Niki Gjere

612-273-6439 (w)

651-270-8551 (cell)

612-527-7437 (pager)

Ice Commissioner

Renae Oleson


763-784-6864 (h)

Boys Program Coordinator

Mark Mohar

651-639-1908 (h)


Girls Program Coordinator

Chris Tahti

651-636-6152 (h)



Initiation Coordinator

Cheryl Mason


651-639-1543 (h)


Randy Bortot

763-784-9557 (h)

952-475-4045 (Work)


Pat O’Connor

651-636-1081 (h)


District Representative


Tom Welty

763-780-4865 (h)

612-508-4833 (cell)

Non-Board Position:

ACE Coordinator

John Donovan

651-786-5200ext2480 (w)

651-592-1187 (h)





There have been several teams that have sponsors for their teams. These are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Niki Gjere of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!


IYHA: *Champp’s New Brighton**Culvers of St. Anthony**New Brighton Sportsmen’s Club**Lake Region Hockey Association*

Pee Wee B: **Quality Post Service**

Squirt A: *Billman-Hunt Chapel**W.W. Goetsch Associates**Response Fire Protection Company**

10U A: **Fuji Ya**

Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them! When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.


Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of the Meeting of June 16 , 2005 

Note: These minutes have not been approved. They will be reviewed, corrected as needed, and approved at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting.


Meeting called to order at 6:33 p.m. by President Jim Cich. Minutes Recorder: Secretary Niki Gjere.

Board Members Present:                  Jim Cich, Jeanne Falconer, Niki Gjere, Renae Oleson, Mark Mohar, Chris Tahti, Cheryl Mason, Randy                                                                 Bortot, Pat O’Connor.

Board Members Absent:    Tom Welty, Brian Johnson.

Guests:                                  John Dalnes, John Donovan.


Minutes reviewed, motion to accept the minutes as presented (RB) (RO), motion carried.


Board and Specialty Job Descriptions: Discussion about having a notebook or file to pass along to new board members. More complete listing of the nuts and bolts of the work that is needed. Cheryl is working on her job description and activities. She will share her work if anybody wants. Action: Jim would like all Board members to work on this during the summer and fall. Final presentations to be done in January.


Budgets: All budgets are due for the July Meeting. Lake Region will most likely have $5.00 registration fee, and we will not have it returned. Question about where the CEP fees and mileage costs are in budgets? Right now they are from the general fund. To prevent a burden to individual teams—we spread it out. (Some teams have several new coaches; some teams have non-parent coaches.) Action: All board members must have their budgets for presentation at the July meeting.



Discussion regarding player development: Concern expressed about the lack of monies this year from Lake Region—pull tabs are down, Champp’s business is down related to implementation of no-smoking. If a coach would like to bring somebody in, then they should work through the Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinators need to know when outside player development opportunities are arranged by the teams / coaches. Program Coordinators and President are to make formal agreements related to bringing people on the ice and paying them (NG) (JF), motion carried. 


Board Roundtable:

President: Jim Cich.

·          Relationship with High School Coaches: Would like to work with the High School coaches to participate in the program. Talked with Jeff Martin (Bys HS) and he is interested in having a connection with IYHA. Will meet with Tom Rodefeld (Girls HS) too.

·          Coaches’ Meetings: need to do more frequently this year. An opportunity to give information and receive feedback. Not meant to be a burden during the busy season. For newsletter, if interested in coaching, contact the respective Program Coordinator.

·          Tournaments: Will ask coaches about the tournaments—were the good? Should we book again this year? Helpful to have the tournaments decided early because they get filled so early.

·          Parent Meetings: Need to have these to explain the HEP program (Hockey Education Program) and what is expected. 

·          TCAAP: Needs to have numbers of kids that are in program and live in Arden Hills. TCAAP Is looking for volunteers to participate in this project.


Vice President:  Brian Johnson (Absent). Report given by Jeanne Falconer.

·          Registering for the parades. Will put more information in the newsletter.

·          In contact with Mounds View Tournament people. Lake Region is actively involved with the Tournament committee. .


Treasurer: Jeanne Falconer.

·          Financial information is going to the auditor.

·          Needing information about the cost of ice (Renae will help with this).

·          Need to know how many hours are needed for warm-ups and tryouts then can project costs more effectively).

·          Discussion: Can we consider IYHA alumni for evaluators. Use service hours for High School kids so they can participate.

·          Will be calling people for the uncashed checks, so can finish the books.


Secretary: Niki Gjere.

·          Newsletter deadline is July 1st end of business day.

·          Surveys will be collated by next meeting (Dan had used them for ACE Feedback. He has returned them.)

·          Linda DeKanick has done website since initiation, she is unable to continue. She knows of someone that may be interested in doing the website. Will contact that person and get moving. Discussion about cost, maybe move to Irondale HS. Will check into. Right now we are paid for the year.

·          Will need to move the meetings starting September. Mounds View City Hall has been gracious in hosting our meetings. They are remodeling and the room will not be available.


Boy’s Program Coordinator: Mark Mohar:

·          Met with John Donovan and Jeff Martin. Discussed warm up / tryouts and direction of the program. Will move to 6 tryout sessions. Will use 4 non-parent evaluators.

·          Will have warm-ups in 1 or 2 weeks, compacted. Approximate dates September 13th through 27th. Tryouts will be done the week before MEA or week after MEA, will work on having them before MEA.

·          High School Boys players will be assigned to teams as a “student coach.” There is interest in this.

·          January or February—will have Irondale Hockey Day at a local park.


Girls’ Program Coordinator: Chris Tahti:

·          U8 will be initiation, with a top team being like a Pony team. Can use 1 color for jerseys. Will establish 3 levels.

·          Girls Parent’s meeting will be roughly the third week of July. Thank you to Linda Opperman for organizing and recruitment efforts.

·          Need to recruit girls for the program. We are on the cusp for numbers for some of the teams.


Initiation Coordinator: Cheryl Mason:

·          Will work with John Donovan for debriefing of the season—what went well and how to organize the coaches and teams.

·          Will work with Renae for Ice.


District Representative: Tom Welty. Absent. No meeting for TC District, so no report.


Equipment coordinator: Randy Bortot. Only question was about numbers for U8, those questions have been answered.


Registration Coordinator: Pat O’Connor:

·          Tentative registration dates will be August 17th 5-9, August 23rd from 5-9, and September 10th from 9-3.

·          Need U12 team book.

·          Will make sure registration form is clear about what monies are refundable and which are not. Will bring revised form to the next meeting.

·          Have checked into electronic registration through Active Team Sports. It seems cost prohibitive for our membership and Association. There is a fee and flat charge which significantly increases the amount for the family. It is a good deal for larger associations, not for smaller associations like IYHA.


Ice Commissioner: Renae Oleson:

·          Do we want ice at VMIA the last week of October? Yes.

·          Waiting to hear from all of the other ice arenas.


ACE Coordinator: John Donovan

·          See previous discussion in Mark Mohar’s section.

·          Asked about using IYHA Tax ID# to book ice during the summer (camps, clinics, etc.). Question has never come up before. Will check about this. Thank you for bringing this question to us. There may have been others that have used the ID number and we didn’t know.


Lake Region: Jeanne Falconer.

·          Has to make changes for compliance for future. Working to become more visible. Need to have more sources of income and fund raising other than gambling. Champps is down 50%. Lake Region is listed as in the top 10 in the state in giving monies back to Associations.

·          Lake Region will sponsor the tournament. They will also hold the tournament account. Motion: Cancel current tournament account, pending Mounds View Hockey board voting for the same outcome, and have Lake Region hold the Tournament Account through their accounts. (NG) (CM) Discussion. Motion carried.

·          Many opportunities for working with Lake Region: Sponsor clinics, sponsoring U14 team (IYHA and MV), maintaining ATM machines.

·          Mission of Lake Region is to lower the cost of ice so more kids can play more hockey.

·          Willard Fund: Getting back to original mission—of one time emergency fund so kids can play hockey.


Board meeting motion to adjourn (NG) (JF). Meeting adjourned.


Agenda next meeting: Budgets, update on action items.