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IYHA Board Meeting

March 17, 2005


Members present:  Jeanne Falconer, Randy Bortot, Cheryl Mason, Renae Olesen, Brian Johnson, Dan Marcoulier, Pat O’Connor, Chris Tahti, John Donovan


Guests: Vance Feigel, Dawn Stimmler, Mark Mohar, Al Morelli, Jim Cich


Called to order by BD 6:35


Review of agenda and minutes moved to the end of the meeting.


Dawn Stimmler:  Re Thanksgiving Tournament.

Dawn reviewed the history of the tournament. Vance clarified history, he and others started the tournament. Tournament is run by the Association, not by any autonomous committee. Irondale and Mounds View are suppose to split work and profits 50/50. Irondale is not doing its share of the work. There is a meeting coming up later this month to define the duties of each Association – meeting with tournament directors from each association. Costs have gone up. Need to review how we hold volunteers accountable to do their hours.


IYHA is a 501-3C. Tournament was designed to use up ice hours and to make a profit. This was a replacement for the various fundraisers that we had in the past.


Many thanks to Vance for the history. Thanks to Dawn for the presentation.




Recommendation: This Board to sit down with Mounds View Board to discuss issues. Brian Johnson as Vice President needs to be involved.


8:30 a.m. meetings are not appropriate. They need to occur at a time that people can participate in the meetings.


Will have list of what Irondale will do and what Mounds View will do. Will move forward with these outlined responsibilities—making it a 50/50 split of work.


Brian will set a meeting with Dean Klokkner of Mounds View. Renae Oleson and Dawn Stimmler are part of the Touranment Committee.


Rink Advisory Task Force:

Names have been given to Tadd Toumie.


Mounds View: Brad has not yet contacted Mounds View to talk about what they were interested in, in reference to merging…


New Business:

President: Brad DeKanick. Has contacted Chris, Dan and Cheryl to meet on Tuesday to talk about the ACE Coordinator evaluation.  Meeting is pending.


Vice President: Brian Johnson

Will put in application for equipment loaner program—Minnesota Wild, Xcel Energy Center and 10,000 Rinks Foundation. Also asking for families to send equipment to Brian. Wants to get it started. Spread the word. Any good usable stuff, give to Brian. May eventually give responsibility to Equipment Coordinator.


Treasurer: Requested that all teams turn things in by 3/31/05. $62,500 in rebates this year—a little high, gave the teams the advantage. Don’t expect this next year. Still need to pay mileage and ice for February. We have a $42 credit with Twin Cities District.


Director’s Insurance: Policy is good from January 1st through December 31st of every year. Will need a copy of our policy. We are covered. Supposed to be a $15 fee per team. Mounds View and Irondale are back together again.

There is a meeting about Columbia on March 21st.


Check for $788 from Sports Star Photography. Also will receive checks from Cloquet ….


Lake Region: Jeanne Falconer. Sites are going well. We can look for donations that are in the community. Lake Region Hockey is going to work with Ramsey County to get the name off of the contract.


Registration—working on a different formula for giving monies to teams at start up. Will look at a system of having “non-refundable” warm up money.


Thank you letter to Lake Region letter distributed for signature.

Irondale opened the account for the Tournament, and was meant only for the Super Rink Tournament. Why is there only one person that is the signer—and a Mounds View person.


Lake Region is probably going to approach the two Boards. They may ask that the money be run through them, then they could show there is more fundraiser. Having two treasurers and two signers is a way to support 50/50 division of work. Treasurer and Secretary are supposed to be signers on all IYHA accounts. They will follow through in doing the account signing.





Secretary: Niki Gjere.

Newsletter deadline is April 2nd. Will do the pictures (with okay from Brian). Will choose a different site for meeting for general meeting and elections. Will ask Pete Carlson to present information about Super Rink.




Working on registration times for the 2005-2006 season. Will have them in different


TC District:


Bantams are going to start later next year. There were problems this year because tryouts were not done.

New District Director is getting feet under him. Going to look harder at waivers. Also, if an Association


Linda Opperman, Jeff Opperman, Steve Stimmler, Gordy Druvenga, Chris Tahti as volunteers for 12U State Tournament.


TC District donated to donate $1800 ($200) per association for the HEP program.

Next month is the TC Annual meeting—will elect a new President and __Secretary______.

Looking hard for a new District Coaching Chief.

Issue with the Bantams—co-op the Association and have 4 A Teams. Other players would be returned to Association to play at B level. District is getting concerned because the A Teams are getting pounded. Will work with Boys Coordinator (outgoing and incoming), Bantam coaches, Board members, and parents. If they did that and went down to the 4 Bantam teams, then who would we play? Not sure—Tom is asking for clarification. Thinks it may be VFW Team. For the co-op, it sounds as though the Associations may be linked together—for example Edison, Irondale, and ___Southwest. Those kids would try out, would choose A team. They would negotiate team colors, banner, costs, etc. Needs to have pros and cons for the April meeting. Tom has also asked the Boys High School Hockey coach for feedback.


Redistricting will come up again in the future. It has quieted down somewhat. However it is going to be raised again.


Cindy Lammi is a finalist for the Red Baron hockey mom of the year.


Sunday doing a U10A practice—having fun. 10Bs were having fun! And the Ponies were having fun—stands were full—lots of great fun! That is what it is all about!



Ice Commissioner: Renae Oleson

Talked with Peter Rupert from Mounds View. Has contacted VMIA, Super Rink, they will be giving information about ice soon. Will ask about Edison ice. Will be taking class from MaxSolutions and pay for the updated program.


Initiation Coordinator: Cheryl Mason.

Wrapping up. Will probably pay in to the Association more than we owed. Starting planning for next year—coaches and ice needs. 16 Mite 1s skated in the Little Chippers during the Class A High School 3rd place game.


Girls Coordinator: Chris Tahti

Will be meeting with the coaches to review how the year went.



Boys Coordinator: Dan Marcouiller.

Last month the Coordinators met about Ice.

Also, since last meeting the A Squirt coach had given feedback the next day (after the Board meeting).


Equipment Manager: Randy Bortot.

6 teams have turned in jersey.


ACE Coordinator: John Donovan.

Year end invoices distributed to the Coordinators. Broke down to $53.82 per hour for the hours put in.

Thanks to the Coordinators and the coaches—have done a super job. The coaches have


Additional Business: None.


Motion to adjourn the meeting (NG) (TW), motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.