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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA September 20, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:34 pm by vice president John Niedfeldt-Thomas
Board Members Present:  Brent Eilefson, Chris Drews, Shari Kunza, Mark Klein, John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Bill Jacob, Kara Chamberlain, Nicki Oswald, Adam Schmidt, Gerry Johnsen, Rick LaPorte, Steve Krahn
Board Members Absent: Tom Rodefeld
Guests: Bob Gabler, Chuck Ferraro, John Foley, Darrin McConnell, Andrea
Minutes:  The minutes of the August Board meeting were read. 
Rick LaPorte moved to approve August board meeting minutes as read.  Kara Chamberlain second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Attended D10 presidents’ meeting.
Vice President: hockey equipment opportunity.  $2k gift card for association, 20% parent discount for equipment.
                JNT moved to engage in affiliation with Pure Hockey per their program requirements.  Shari Kunza second.  Motion passed.
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Updated financials distributed to Board.  Discussed past-due accounts—most owing IYHA ice fees have been notified.  Two notices then debts will be submitted to collection agency.
                Gerry Johnsen moved to support sending past-due accounts to collection agency.  JNT second.  Motion passed.
Boys Program Coordinator:  Warmups going good.  Playing levels determined.  Most all tourneys have been scheduled.     
Girls Program Coordinator:   Better targeting of emails so mambers are getting email that is relevant to their family.  Ensure fair distribution of ice between top boys and girls teams.  Onus in large part is on girls coaches to tweak their own schedules, share ice with boys, etc.  Looking for home for 7 U10s.  Girls free season pass to Girls’ Gophers games.  Look for more information on website.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Jamboree with SuperRink?  Brian Jones is interested in ADM coordinator—he just needs education.  Mite open skate 11:20-1pm, 9/30, SuperRink.  Maybe coordinate with Super C tourney (1/4-6).  After ADM person identified, then meet with Ice Guru to disperse ice.
District Representative:  Attended district meeting.  Need background check for all coaches, managers, etc., anyone who will have contact with kids.  Every year.  No cell phones with cameras in locker rooms.  Need to do age-specific modules, and make sure your CEP is current.  Deadline December 31.  No exceptions.  Want to ref?  Level One official seminar 10/6 and 10/20, 9-4, Fogerty.  Need to find a home to ref first.  12 year olds and up are eligible.  Junior Golds—register with IYHA then we waive you out.  Need to set up a registration site.  No D10 coaches/mgr meeting on calendar at this time.  Following tryouts, need contact info for all coaches to send to D10.    
Ice Commissioner:  212 fewer hours of ice this season than last (772 hours versus 561 now).  Nice to pick up another 100 hours, just for comfort.  Easy to purchase at end of season.  St. Francis is light, we are also light.  May be looking to buy ice in East Bethel.  D10 will pull teams from tourneys if they can’t get their league games in.
Registration coordinator:  Registration numbers:  185 total, 37 girls, 55 mites, 93 boys.  By level:  Minis 25, Mites 30, 8U 8, 10U 9, 12U 18, 14U 1, Squirt 34, Peewee 27, Bantam 32.  All registered and paid.  Send in your volunteer checks.
Equipment Manager:  Jerseys on order.  Socks on order.
Boys HS Coach:  No report.
Girls HS Coach:   Absent.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   McKelvie’s contract same as last year, $100/hr. on ice only, not to exceed $10,000.  Highly encourages dryland at all levels.  FHIT:  $40 per player per full team for season.  Drop in privileges.  Should push this effort, though up to each team.  Look for a coaches meeting twice a month, shoot to make these one of the two times.  Discussed skills clinics—coaches work with Rick in advance of clinics to get what you want.   
                Shari Kunza moved to approve Rick McKelvie’s contract.  Kara Chamberlain second.  Motion passed.
Lake Region:  Received another $2k check from LR.  $4k total now.
Fundraising Committee:  Will get a committee together, have some options.
Potential Partnership Committee:  No report.
Website Update:   
Old Business
New Business:  
1.      Play-up request for N. Foley.  Consult with Boys Coordinator.  Numbers we have now, would prefer to provisionally approve if we get a couple more squirts to sign up.  Discussed difficulty of a provisional approval.
Bill Jacob moved to support move-up of N. Foley from squirts to peewees.  Gerry Johnsen second.  JNT, Mark Klein and Shari Kunza oppose.  Motion passed.
2.     St. Francis Co-op:  We were looking for co-op with Coon Rapids, and they turned us down twice.  St. Francis was looking for a co-op opportunity, their HS coach contacted Adam Schmidt, then SF president reached out to IYHA.  Their board voted to co-op with us at peewee and bantam level.  IYHA went from looking at A and B2 teams at both peewees and bantams to AA, B1 and B2 at bantams and AA, B1 and either one or two B2 teams at peewees (all depending on what we see in tryouts).  SF has 21 bantams; 28 peewees.  Benefits include increased size of teams, which helps keep costs down and more manageable hours of ice.  Provide more appropriate levels of play for more kids.  Numerous emails received on both sides, overwhelmingly positive.  Rick McKelvie email read to the Board, reflecting these positives.  If parents stay positive, kids will have a positive experience—new friends, etc.  Negatives all revolve around possible travel time to East Bethel on a regular basis and fact that we have a decent number of bantams.  Drews reiterates that the board and boys coordinator in particular are aware of concerns and will work to address as best we can.  East Bethel is 15 mins past the superrink and there will be more travel, but shouldn’t be unmanageable in light of benefits.  We may be buying ice up there anyway.  Share jerseys, teams can order their own if they like.  We had selected our top level coaches, as had they.  HS coaches and presidents will re-interview the coach candidates and assign them to teams.  Tryout selection will be a panel of HS coaches—no parents at all.  Run by McKelvie, and one night by Klein.  Need to resolve bubble player issue and how bubble kids will be addressed/assigned to teams.  SF does not host a tourney.  Possible that we may have a solely IYHA B2 or B1 team, and SF B2 or B1 team.  Fees to be evenly split—collections reside with home association.  Need to declare one association as “host” for each level team.  Ice distribution plan—we are each short—ice split will be based on percentage of team composition to consider travel.  Best effort to keep all other ice and travel reasonable.
Gerry Johnsen read his prepared statement to the Board, objecting to the co-op, based on anticipated increase in travel and current numbers of IYHA bantams in particular.    
                Brent Eilefson moved to approve co-op arrangement with St. Francis.  Mark Klein second.  Gerry Johnsen opposed.  Motion passed.
3.     Tourney matter:  Reviewed tournament resolution with Mounds View.  Should be revenue neutral for IYHA.  Will need to adjust volunteer hours requirement.
JNT moved to approve Mounds View tournament Memorandum of Understanding, with change to meeting in May 2013 to review 2012-13 results.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed.
4.     Make it Big picture proposal.  2 year deal, 10% rebate to IYHA. 
Kara Chamberlain moved to accept MIB proposal.  Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed.
5.     Mite/U10 Moes fundraiser.  Pancake breakfast.  Sell tickets to benefit IYHA, and mites.  300 tix sold would make decent money.
Spaghetti dinner for whole association also proposed.
Nicki will approach fundraising committee with these options. 
6.     SKATE program:  Still on.  Will coordinate with St. Francis, as they already do this. 
Run and walk the 5k please!!!
 Brent Eilefson moved to adjourn at 8:30.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed.