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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA August 16, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:38 pm by president Chris Drews
Board Members Present:  Brent Eilefson, Chris Drews, Shari Kunza, Steve Krahn, Mark Klein, John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Bill Jacob, Kara Chamberlain, Nicki Oswald
Board Members Absent:  Rick LaPorte, Gerry Johnsen
Guests:  Tom Peterson, Adam Schmidt
Minutes:  The minutes of the July Board meeting were read. 
Mark Klein moved to approve July board meeting minutes as read.  Steve Krahn second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Lots going on.  Attended presidents meeting in July.  Goalie substitution rule to be voted on in September—recall, during regular season if a goalie can’t play and you have only one goalie, you can’t move another level goalie in as a sub.  D10 reiterated that they are cracking down on waivers between D10 teams—no player shopping!  Big push for mites to do ADM model. 
Vice President:  No report.  See tourney update below.
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Hand-off complete from Cyndi.  Financials updated and distributed.  Cash flow discussed. 
Boys Program Coordinator:  Co-op opportunities silent right now with CR option dead.  Playing levels will be determined for peewees and bantams within the next couple weeks.  Squirts the plan is to wait and see.  Planning for 2 teams at peewee and bantam levels, 3 teams at squirt.  Parent meeting was constructive.
Girls Program Coordinator:  14s waiving out.  10s waiving to MV—17 total for that combo team.  MV U8s coming our way. 
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Two D10 meetings attended.  CEP clinics discussed.  Next year USA Hockey mandating cross ice play for all mites.  MN Hockey going to petition that A level be allowed to play full ice.  D10 will require cross ice at D and C level all season this year.  Player Development Committee will consider “directing” Initiation Coordinator how to instruct our mite coaches to incorporate ADM this season.  Schmidt’s wife will assist with Try Hockey For Free Day—advertising and registration stuff.  Mite game scheduling meeting is 11/14.  In anticipation of next season being required to comply with ADM requirements, the following motion was made:
                Nicki Oswald moved to implement the ADM model at the mite/U8 level.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed following discussion. 
District Representative:  Absent, report:  Coaching clinic dates released.  Level 1, 9/8 or 15th; Level 2, 10/20; level 3, 11/17; level 1, 12/15.  Declaration dates, initial declarations due 9/9, final due 10/1—email to D10 Game Scheduler Tom Nergard.
Ice Commissioner:  Met with MV.  MV holding ice-split approval pending tourney matter resolution.  IYHA submitted ice to Ramsey County anyway.  Ramsey County does not care about MV’s issue.  D10 wants us to have most of our games at SR, due to ref travel issues.  Need tourney dates prior to October.  Blackout first full weekend in January for Super C Tourney.
Registration coordinator:  Absent.  Registration open.
Equipment Manager:  Jerseys.  Again.
                Steve Krahn moved to purchase 140 sets of game-weight knit jerseys, all-sewn, at a cost not to exceed $12,500.  JNT second.  Motion passed following debate. 
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   Two meetings have been held.  Discussed playing levels, ADM model, Monday clinics.  Player/parent meeting held.  One non-parent coach this year. 
                JNT moved to approve $2000 stipend to non-parent top-level peewee coach for 2012-13 season.  Stipend to be borne equally by association.  Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed following debate.  [Note:  Mark Klein recused himself from the motion, discussion and voting, and the Board notes that Klein was not involved in his selection as the A peewee coach.]     
Lake Region:  No report.
Fundraising Committee:  No report.
Potential Partnership Committee:  No report.
Website Update
Old Business
Amending bylaws to allow for HS coaches to be voting members of IYHA Board:  Shari Kunza moved to untable July motion.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed following debate.
New Business:  
Tourney matter:  JNT updated on tourney situation with MV.  Recall, MV unilaterally determined to run Thanksgiving Tournament without IYHA, and has been proceeding with registration, etc.  IYHA remains baffled why MV Board took such unilateral action in violation of contract with Superrink.  IYHA enlisted pro-bono counsel Phil Schenkenberg to protest MV’s action.  IYHA President and attorney met with MV president and their attorney.  Following meeting, MV emailed proposal for IYHA review.  Discussed proposed counter-proposal to MV proposal, which would protect IYHA’s financial interests, provide for each of MV and IYHA to run, on their own, each of the Thanksgiving and January tourneys.  Counter-proposal also provides for review every year or two to assess how things are going, especially as Board compositions change.  January tourney registration needs to be addressed.  Need to reassess volunteer hour requirements. 
                Brent Eilefson moved to authorize president to issue counter-proposal to MV offer with two year term, with modifications as may be suggested by IYHA counsel.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed following debate.      
JNT moved to adjourn at 8:39.  Shari Kunza second.  Motion passed.