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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes

 IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  December 15, 2011         
Meeting called to order at 6:39 pm by President Gerry Johnsen
Board Members Present:  Chris Drews, Cyndi Olson, Shari Kunza, Nicki Nelson, Steve Krahn, Kara Chamberlain
Board Members Absent:  Brent Eilefson, Mark Klein, Rick LaPorte, Beth Soberg
Minutes:  The minutes of the November Board meeting were read. 
Chris Drews moved to approve November meeting minutes as read.  Steve Krahn second.  Passed without debate.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Hockey season well under way, no major issues, good luck to all our teams and enjoy the upcoming holidays!
Vice President:  - 1 tourney down, 1 to go, 2nd filled except U10 still 2 slots.  Likely to go to round robin.
Secretary:  Absent, no report.
Treasurer:  Pancake breakfast resulted in $1757 in favor of IYHA!  A very big thank you to Rhonda McConnell and the organizers of this event!  Catching up on receivables from previous years, end of December deadline.  Discussion on previous year’s collections.  Brent to provide notification letter for past due accounts, next step would be to turn over to collections.  For this season players behind in payments as of Jan 1 and/or Feb 10 will be not allowed on the ice.  Notices will go to team managers and head coaches.
Boys Program Coordinator:  Absent – no report.
Girls Program Coordinator:   U of MN Night for Knights great success. Jan 19 is youth night at girls HS game. U8 team questions costs and expenses, extended discussions but no changes made.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Signed up for Jamborees Spring Lake Park for 2 D teams and C team , B team didn’t want any of their 3 options so no jamboree scheduled.  Will have 2 youth nights at boys HS games 1/14 and 1/28.
District Representative:  Absent, no report.
Ice Commissioner:  Ice Scheduling for Initiation - Having D teams together preferred for coaching balanced with using all our allocated ice time, leave scheduling as is but coaches can combine on their own. Ice posted for sale and unused can be used by any players provided a certified coach is present. Shari will respond to U12B concerns on ice time and clinic availability.
Registration coordinator:  Absent, no report.
Equipment Manager:  Do we have a way to bill for equipment? Send them an invoice for equipment. 1 goalie leg pads for Bantam on HS teams. Jersey replacement cost is $100 per set.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   
Lake Region:  Cyndi attended, no Willard fund grants this season
Fundraising Committee
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant. 
Website Update:  No report.
Old Business
New Business:  
a.             Financial assistance availability – Treasurer -- reports that 5 families have requested assistance for 6 skaters.  Typically this support has equaled 1 monthly ice payment per skater. Discussion around how proceeds from tournament are distributed across all or individuals.
Shari Kunza moved to put $1500 into assistance fund tied to additional volunteer hours at regional and district tournaments.  Steve Krahn seconded.  Passed following debate.  Chris Drews abstained.
b.             Ice contract, future – President -- Contract still with Brent needs to be distributed, table till next meeting.
c.             Shockbox fundraising opportunity – President – Would need to buy coupons, distribute and collect proceeds.  Declining opportunity as no one to lead and not wanting to burden team managers.
d.             Try Hockey Free day – President -- Cost of ice flyers about $200.  Bring a friend.  President will register IYHA with USA Hockey.
Kara Chamberlain moved to approve Try Hockey Free Day.  Chris Drews second  Passed without debate.
e.             Heggies pizza promo, Order in advance and deliver ~50% margins table till next meeting.
 Chris Drews moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm.  Kara Chamberlain second.  Meeting adjourned.