Promoting youth hockey in New Brighton, Mounds View, St. Anthony and Shoreview, MN
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From the President:


            I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.   We are coming down the stretch and from the reports that I have been getting from members that teams are playing well.  Our players have become extremely competitive.  Coaches and parents have very positive reports about our teams.  Keep up the hard work.  As long as we play hard from the drop of

the puck to the final buzzer good things will happen.  Winners Never Quit, and Quitters Never Win!


            Elections for open positions will be held at the April 2005 Annual Meeting.  Positions that are open for election are President (2 year term), Secretary (2 year term), Boy’s Program Coordinator (3 year term), and Girls Program Coordinator (3 year term). If you are interested in running for a position, contact Randy Bortot who is the Chair of the Nominations Committee. In order for you to be on the ballot, you must declare your intentions to Randy and submit a brief informational note about who you are and why you are interested in the position. This is published in the newsletter in April, and if they are available will be published one month earlier (in March). The information about all of the Board positions is posted at the end of the newsletter—this is all inclusive, and the open positions are bolded.


            Becky Ewing submitted her resignation as Ice Commissioner effective Monday, January 10th. We want to thank Becky for her hard work this year—we appreciate your efforts!


            If somebody is interested in the Ice Commissioner position, please contact me (Brad DeKanick) or another member of the Board. We need to fill this position immediately.


            There are several points of interest in this newsletter. The B Pee Wees have information about their team—we always need information about how our teams are doing—thank you for sharing!


            Volunteers are needed for District Region Tournaments.  These are tournaments that are TC run we will need several volunteers.  See Tom Welty’s article about when and where the volunteers are needed.


Brad DeKanick, President IYHA


Team news: B Peewees Taking Long Strides


                The Irondale B Peewees are enjoying a banner year, having racked up nine victories by mid-December.  The season has been highlighted by a second place finish in the SuperRink Spectacular and a 6 win, 3 loss record in Twin Cities District play.


                The B Peewees are #1 Max Nundahl, #2 Zach Ewing, #3 Gavin Lance, #4 Trent Studer, #6 Mike O’Keefe, #7 Eric Fredberg, #8 James Healy, #9 Adam Jerry, #10 Dan Pesek, #11 Rumy Petkov, #14 Jack Peterson, #15 Jake Sailor, and #17 Mike Burdine.  The boys are coached by Tim Jerry, Becky Ewing and Todd Studer.


                Coach Jerry has his team, made up of half 1st year and half 2nd year Peewees, playing strong at both ends of the ice.  At this point in district play the Knights are scoring at a rate of 2.9 goals per game and giving up 2.0.  Though outnumbered in most games the boys are playing hard right up to the end, having won several games with late scores.


                The SuperRink Spectacular started with a 4-1 victory over Eden Prairie, a very good program with ranked teams at every level. The next day brought Brooklyn Park who had defeated a big Bloomington Jefferson team with a late comeback Friday.  The Irondale boys played one of their best games of the season, outshooting the Pirates 33-17 and winning in a 2-0 shutout.  On Sunday in the championship game, the Knights ran into a buzz saw getting beat by a well-prepared, tough and fast Woodbury team 8-1.  The Knights took home the 2nd place trophy, making the Peewees 2 for 2 in the hardware department.


                Two of the Irondale B Peewees are receiving Minnesota Hockey Player Achievement Awards; Dan Pesek is receiving the Hat Trick award for the 2nd of three hat tricks he has notched this season.  Goalie Max Nundahl is receiving a Zero award for his shutout of the Brooklyn Park Pirates, he has since shutout the Richfield Spartans.


                Thank-you to all the parents for their support and especially to our sponsor, Victor Kretsch (Zach Ewing’s grandfather) of Quality Post Service.


Twin Cities District News:  A few items of note from the recent TC District board meeting:


                For those of you who can’t get enough of volunteering at hockey tournaments, we are hosting (TC District, that is) the U12A STATE tournament at Richfield Arena March 11-13. IYHA needs to supply volunteers on Friday, March 11. We need two people for an 11:30AM-3:00PM shift and 5 happy volunteers for the 3:30PM – 7:00PM shift.


                Come see the best U12A teams in the state and get in free. The volunteering jobs are the same as the rink-side jobs at our tournament (penalty box, scorekeeper, national anthem singer, etc.).  Contact Tom Welty if you are interested.


                The playoff and festival brackets for all traveling teams (except U10A and U10B) are now posted on the TC District web site:


                There has been considerable discussion at the last two TC District board meetings about the possibility that Minnesota Hockey will institute a redistricting plan that eliminates TC District. (Oh no, we’re about to be repurposed again, right?). The most likely scenario if this was to happen is that we would rejoin District 2 beginning in the 2006-07 season. But this plan is only in the discussion phase right now and it is unlikely that there will be any vote on this when Minnesota Hockey holds their winter meetings this weekend (Jan. 15-16).  The TC District Board, led by Director Steve Swanson and former Director Gene King is adamantly apposed to this change and is working on a plan to stop it. It is their fear that eliminating TC District would eventually kill hockey in the inner cities and would hurt, not strengthen, associations with smaller numbers (like us).  Swanson and King plan to attend the winter meetings and to work to save TC District. Stay tuned.


                Minnesota Hockey President Dennis Green (no, not the sheriff) attended the last TC District Board meeting and reported that Minnesota Hockey will hold a series of meetings throughout the state with presidents of the individual associations. This is their way to keep their ear to the ground and to find out what issues are most important to you, me and our skaters. If you have comments, concerns or suggestions about youth hockey in our state, please let the IYHA board know so that our president can relay these thoughts when he gets his turn to go to these meetings.


Tom Welty, TC District Representative, IYHA

Equipment news:

                Just a reminder for season end, all equipment must be turned in when your season is completed.  Turn in all game jerseys, practice pullovers, pucks & bags, and all Goalie Equipment.  If equipment is needed for summer clinics, leagues, etc., please contact me to make arrangements.


One more reminder for goalies moving up to High School teams, all association equipment MUST be turned in.  If the equipment is needed for the summer, as in above, contact me to make arrangements.  IYHA does not supply equipment for High School players.


Randy Bortot, Equipment Manager, IYHA.

Email:     Phone:  763-784-9557


From the SKATE Coordinator--Tom Welty – Got any dinner plans on Monday, February 7th?  Lets all go out to dinner!

                We are excited to announce that Culver’s is sponsoring an IYHA night at their St. Anthony location on Feb. 7th.  (See attached flyer). 10% of all sales from 5:00-8:00PM will be donated to the IYHA S.K.A.T.E. program. The thought of Culver’s being filled up with hockey families may be scary to some, but just think how much fun it will be eating good food, supporting a great cause and seeing all our hockey friends.  We’ll supply a few volunteers during that time period and we’ll see if we can fill the joint up. Along with being a corporate sponsor of Minnesota Hockey, Culver’s Restaurants obviously also takes their support to the local level.  We thank them for the generosity. They truly are a friend of hockey.

                Make a note on your calendar. Let’s get together and support Culver’s, support our association and have a great time. (Custard, mmmmmmm).


                The school grading period has almost ended and it will shortly be time to register for the S.K.A.T.E. program. Skaters who qualify will receive a bag tag and certificate and also will be put into a drawing for state-wide and association-wide prizes. Last year Tommy Cunningham was the first IYHA skater to win a state-wide drawing (an Acceleration Minnesota Gift Certificate). Team Managers will soon receive implementation procedures.  Skaters, make sure you follow your team manager’s instructions and register for this program if you qualify.

(Submission from Member, was intended for December newsletter, however it had already been published.)

              My name is Dale Aukee.  I have been active in IYHA as a parent and coach for the last 4 years now into my 5th.  My daughter is in her 3rd year at 10U and my son is in his 5 year now at the Squirt level.  I can honestly say the November board meeting was the first I have attended.  The reason for attending was to get some clarification and understanding of why the ice time allotments have had such a drastic change this past year.  In a hockey year that I expected to have very little free time due to practices and games I find myself with plenty it.  My goal is to make sure that the most important aspect of hockey that being ice time is equally and fairly available, to the extent possible, to all teams.


              Jim Cich and I (Dale Aukee) went to the November IYHA Board meeting last night to discuss the ice time situation.  First, some background info.     In February of 1997, IYHA and MVHA entered in to an agreement with Ramsey County and the Super Rink.  With this agreement Ramsey County agreed to put the monies up to fund the "Ramsey Rink".  $500,000 was required from the associations, MVHA put up $350,000 or 70 % and IYHA put up $150,000 or 30%. The agreement required the purchase of ice form both the Super Rink (2080hrs) 70% of which goes to MVHA and 30% to IYHA. and Ramsey County (1000hrs) based on historical allotments(not sure what that means).  The Ramsey agreement is though to preserve the use of Ramsey County rinks. For some reason that has not been identified MVHA takes their allotment first with no input from IYHA.  "It just the way its been done in the past".  IYHA received its ice allotment the second week of August.  For example, all the ice time for approximately the first two full weeks of December were taken be MVHA in both venues.  Questions:  1. Why does MVHA get the first crack at the ice (pun intended)?  There is nothing in the contract giving them priority to pick the hours.  2. What is the historical allotment regarding Ramsey County ice, 70/30, 60/40, 50/50? For this year the dye appears to be cast.  It does not appear that there is any recourse except to go look for ice time where we can find it. But these questions need to be asked, answered, pursued and corrected very quickly. 


              At the CEP meeting this past fall, coaches were strongly encouraged to have a 2:1 practice to game ratio as a minimum.  Young age higher ratio. The following is the December ice time as of 11-17-04 for all IYHA teams not including tournaments. The initiation program is not part of this because it is understood that this is the future of IYHA and all possible encouragement to players and their parents is needed.


Girls 12 U - 8 practices and 4 games

Girls 10 Ua - 8 practices and 4 games

Girls 10 Ub  - 8 practices and 4 games

A Bantam - 9 practices and 4 games

B Bantam - 10 practices and 4 games

A Pee Wee - 10 practices and 3 games

B Pee Wee  - 9 practices and 7 games

C Pee Wee  - 9 practices and 4 games

A Squirt - 5 practices and 4 games

B Squirt - 7 practices and 6 games

C Squirt - 6 practices and 5 games

  Note: Some of the above ice times are "non-prime hours".


              The disparity is glaring in some place. All players need as much ice as possible, however, there appears to be a lack of ice for the skaters that are in the most need of the ice time.


              If anyone has questions regarding this please contact me.


Dale Aukee



There have been several teams that have sponsors for their teams. These are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Niki Gjere of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!



**Champp’s New Brighton**


**New Brighton Sportsmen’s Club**


Pee Wee B

**Quality Post Service**


10U A

**Fuji Ya**


Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them! When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.

Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes:


IYHA Board of Directors meeting

December 15, 2004

7:00 p.m.


Present: Brad DeKanick, Niki Gjere, Dan Marcouiller, Chris Tahti, Randy Bortot, Tom Welty.


Absent: Brian Johnson, Jeanne Falconer, Becky Ewing, Cheryl Mason, Pat O’Connor.


Guests: John Donovan.


Meeting called to order by President Brad DeKanick at 7:00 p.m. at the Mounds View City Hall Conference Room C.


Agenda reviewed. Minutes for November 17, 2004 meeting reviewed, motion to approve (NG) (CT), motion carried.


Old Business:

1.       Budgets: Brad has the all of the budgets now.

2.       Tournament update: went well. Sounded as though we had enough volunteers. January tournament is coming up; Brian will be planning that as part of his VP role. Dawn will be forwarding the volunteer schedule soon. Need to ask for advertisements now—before company budgets are set for the year.

3.       Ice: Niki asked Dan Beeson if he will attend an upcoming meeting to clarify his historical understanding of the Master Agreement. He can attend the February meeting.

4.       Elections: As people are interested in applying for the open positions, contact Randy Bortot. He will chair the Nominations committee. Get the word out about needing volunteers for Board positions.


New Business—Board Roundtable:


1.       President: Brad DeKanick. Tournament ran well. Irondale did well. Many thanks to all of the volunteers that worked so hard on the tournament!


3.       Vice President: Brian Johnson. Absent, no report.


4.       Treasurer: Jeanne Falconer. Absent, no report.


5.       Lake Region: John Dalnes is willing to be a member of Lake Region. He has given his information to Jeanne Falconer. 


6.       Secretary: Niki Gjere. Newsletter deadline is January 1st, 2005. Meetings for 2005 are tentatively on the Third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.—waiting for Mounds View City Hall to approve our use of the meeting space.


7.       Registration Coordinator: Pat O’Connor. Absent. No report.


8.       Twin Cities District: Tom Welty. Festivals for the Squirt and C teams have been finalized. Format is “pay as you go”—you pay for as many games as you play. New budget was finalized, we need to pay our share of the game fees and referee fees. They are thinking of disbanding TC District—will be discussed at the January meeting. Realignment would put us back into District 2. TC would like Irondale and Richfield to be verbal about reasons to keep TC in place. If the realignment goes into effect, it would be in 2006-2007. Discussion.


      In the girls games, there have been no fair play points lost. In Squirts and C Pee Wees, there has been one game       where a HEP fair play point was lost.           


      TC District is hosting two tournaments: we will need 8 volunteer slots for the 12A State Tournament on March       11-13th. and the Pee Wee B Regional Tournament at Highland on Feb 24 through 27. Tom has the brackets for       the Festivals—he will forward those to Team Managers.


      By-laws and Constitution has been adopted, and will be       on the TC District Web Site shortly.


9.       Ice Commissioner: Becky Ewing. Absent, no report.


10.   Initiation Coordinator: Cheryl Mason. Absent, no report.


11.   Girls Coordinator: Chris Tahti. Things are going well. Trying to increase the overall visibility of the program. Girls Program participated in Santa Cop program for New Brighton. Girls Coordinator position is up for re-election in April, not sure if will run again—doesn’t know right now.


      Working with Jeanne Falconer to address parental concerns—it is already January 1st and we have paid $500-600       already. With the registration increase, there should be money floating out there and needs to be credited to the       Girls’ program, this would assist in costs for the rest of the season.


      For girls development—talking with John Donovan to build opportunities for Girls Clinics; this will occur in the       next couple months. Dan recalled the allocation for ACE Coordinator costs as being split equally between Girls,       Boys and Initiation—recommends that it be equitable by number (percentage) of players.


12.   Boys Coordinator: Dan Marcouiller. Tournament costs—are responsibility of the team, not to individuals—whether or not they attend the tournament. Mike Rundle is back—coaching the B Bantams.


13.   Equipment Manager: Randy Bortot. Jerseys: A Squirts want to take the number off the dark jerseys. The jerseys were due to replaced this year, and the decision was made to hold off because pull-tab monies are down. Randy received estimates for jerseys—cost is approximately $75.00 per jersey, total of about $28,000 to replace all of the traveling team jerseys. Some of the jerseys in the program are brand new. Note: When a current jersey was shown for an estimate (for replacement), the jerseys we have are very high quality, and they wear a long time. If there is a decision to order new jerseys, need to do this by April.


      Brad: we have 8 coaches that need letter jackets. Dan will check who needs these, will get information to Randy,       and Randy will order.


Additional business:

Tom Welty: Culvers in St. Anthony is willing to do an Irondale Hockey night in January or February for donations to our SKATE Program. Tom will continue to pursue this—tentatively February 7th.


Display case at Super Rink: Give items to Randy and he will put items in the display case.


ACE Coordinator: John Donovan.  B Pee Wee need to test, and the C Pee Wee need to test. It was great to have so much help out on the ice for testing—Thank you!!!  Data has been entered. For the next time, hope to have the testing in February and all at the same rink, like the Super Rink.


Motion to adjourn the meeting (TW) (NG), motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Board of Directors Officers (term of office and year of election):

President (2 year, odd year)


1.       Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.

2.       Insure all administrative and program activities meet the goals and needs of IYHA>

3.       Direct and / or delegate powers and duties to Board Members as needed to insure the goals and needs of the IYHA are met.

4.       Insure the continuation of IYHA legal status as an organization.


Vice President (2 year, even year)


1.       In the absence of the President, assume presidential duties as outlined above.

2.       Secure IYHA sponsors as necessary.

3.       Direct and / or delegate powers for fund raising efforts.

4.       Direct and / or delegate powers for liaison activities between the IYHA and external businesses (i.e. team photographs, marketing companies, companies making donations, etc.)

5.       Primary conduit for communication between the IYHA and teams via team managers.


Secretary (2 year, odd year)


1.       Take, transcribe, duplicate, distribute, and maintain files of all Board of Directors and general membership meetings.

2.       Distribute agendas, minutes, directives, schedules, membership lists, etc., as required.

3.       Maintain an official document file, including but not limited to the Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, and Board of Directors membership list.

4.       Coordinate the construction and distribution of the monthly newsletter.

5.       Pick up mail on a regular basis.

6.       Responsible for all official notification to board members from Board related activities and the public.

7.       Be a co-signer on all IYHA accounts.


Treasurer (2 year, even year)


1.       Collect and maintain all data on expenses and income for the Association. This will be used for budgeting and planning.

2.       Report in writing, on a monthly basis, to the Board of Directors, the financial position of the organization.

3.       Have custody of all funds of the Association and keep accurate records of receipts and expenditures.

4.       Issues checks on IYHA accounts as directed by the Board. 

5.       Prepare and distribute monthly bills to all teams (via team treasurers).

6.       Be primary conduit to team treasures on all billing / expense matters.

7.       Provide information to auditor for annual report.

8.       Provide all information to the auditor for tax preparation.


Additional Board of Directors positions (term of office and year of election):

Minnesota Hockey District Representative (3 year; 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013)


1.       Represent the IYHA and its interests at all District 2 meetings.

2.       Be primary conduit to the Association from District 2. Insure all District 2 rules / regulations have been communicated and are being met by the Association.


Initiation Program Coordinator (3 year; 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012)


1.       Facilitate team selection for the Initiation Program.

2.       Insure games, scrimmages, and practices are set up for each team within the Initiation Program.

3.       Facilitate and participate in the coach selection process.

4.       Facilitate and participate setting up support structures within each team in the Program.

5.       Be primary conduit between the Board of Directors and the Program.

6.       Facilitate and participate in player development for the Initiation Program.

7.       Facilitate and participate in coach development for the Initiation Program.

8.       Assist in assignment of all ice times across all teams and levels within the IYHA.

9.       Insure team placement for all registered players within the Initiation Program.


Girls Program Coordinator (3 year; 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014)


1.       Facilitate team selection for the Girls Program.

2.       Insure games, scrimmages, and practices are set up for each team within the Girls Program.

3.       Facilitate and participate in the coach selection process.

4.       Facilitate and participate setting up support structures within each team in the Program.

5.       Be primary conduit between the Board of Directors and the Program.

6.       Facilitate and participate in player development for the Girls Program.

7.       Facilitate and participate in coach development for the Girls Program.

8.       Assist in assignment of all ice times across all teams and levels within the IYHA.

9.       Insure team placement for all registered players within the Girls Program.


Boys Program Coordinator (3 year; 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014)


1.       Facilitate team selection for the Boys Program.

2.       Insure games, scrimmages, and practices are set up for each team within the Boys Program.

3.       Facilitate and participate in the coach selection process.

4.       Facilitate and participate setting up support structures within each team in the Program.

5.       Be primary conduit between the Board of Directors and the Program.

6.       Facilitate and participate in player development for the Boys Program.

7.       Facilitate and participate in coach development for the Boys Program.

8.       Assist in assignment of all ice times across all teams and levels within the IYHA.

9.       Insure team placement for all registered players within the Boys Program.


Equipment Manager (3 year; 2004, 2007, 1010, 2013)

1.       Maintain appropriate numbers of equipment / jerseys for the entire Association (including goalie equipment) as directed by the Board.

2.       Repair or replace unusable equipment as directed by the Board.

Insure equipment meets the safety needs / standards set by the District and the Association.




Registration Coordinator (3 year; 2003, 2006, 2009, 2010)

1.       Set up and execute the fall registration for the IYHA.

2.       Register and insure all players with the appropriate organizations (District 2).

3.        Construct and distribute team rosters and booklets to all appropriate parties.