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The Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors

wishes you a wonderful holiday season!





Team News:


Irondale A PeeWees take 3rd at Super Rink Spectacular


While co-hosting with Mounds View at their annual Thanksgiving tournament, Irondale’s A Peewees come away with 3rd place.  In the opening game Irondale skated to a 5-3 victory over Buffalo.  Goals scored by Jack Healy(2), David Zosel, David Falconer & Tom Welty, with assists going to Leif Erickson(2), Jacob Dalnes, & David Zosel.


In the second game Irondale lost 6-1 to a very strong Tartan team.  The lone Irondale goal was scored by Jack Healy.  Goaltender Lance Bortot faced 35 shots in this game.


In a very exciting 3rd place game Irondale faced Mounds View.  This was back and forth game with Irondale coming out on top 6-5, with the game winning goal being scored with 3.6 seconds remaining in the game.  Goals for Irondale were scored Eric Louiselle(2), David Zosel, Jack Healy(2) & Jake Dalnes.  The assist went to Jack Healy (2), David Zosel, Luke DeBruzzi & Eric Louiselle.  Lance Bortot faced 36 shots in the victory.


The Irondale A Peewees are Lance Bortot, Jake Dalnes, Luke DeBruzzi, Leif Erickson, David Falconer, James Gjere, Jack Healy, Eric Louiselle, Joe Norton, Robert O’Connell, Cameron Stimmler, Tom Welty & David Zosel.  Coaches are Steve Stimmler, Mike Erickson & Randy Bortot.




From John Donovan, ACE Coordinator:

A data entry volunteer opportunity is available. Data from the HEP program will need to be entered into a web based data collection program. If you are interested, contact John Donovan.




All IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.

Please feel free to come to the meetings, which are held at the Mounds View City Hall in Conference Room C. Also, if you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at the meeting, please email or call Niki and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for Board meetings are being planned for 2005.

NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact Brad DeKanick.




There have been several teams that have sponsors for their teams. These are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Niki Gjere of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!



**Champp’s New Brighton**


**New Brighton Sportsmen’s Club**


Pee Wee B

**Quality Post Service**


10U A

**Fuji Ya**


Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors!

Please support them! When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey!

Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes:


IYHA Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes for November 17, 2004. (NOTE: these have not been approved by the Board of Directors. They will be reviewed and amended and approved at the next meeting.)


Present:           Niki Gjere, Jeanne Falconer, Becky Ewing, Dan Marcouiller, Pat O’Connor, Randy Bortot, Cheryl Mason, Tom Welty, Chris Tahti.

Absent:            Brad DeKanick, Brian Johnson,

Guests:             John Donovan, Dale Aukee, Jim Cich.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Secretary Niki Gjere in the absence of the President and Vice President.

Minutes reviewed, motion to accept as presented (DM) (RB), motion carried.


Guests: Dale Aukee and Jim Cich from A Squirts. Here to voice concerns about the ice times and to ask how ice allotment works. Distribution, purchase, etc. Becky is the Ice Commissioner. She receives blocks of ice, which are distributed with Mounds View 70% and Irondale 30%. There are different prime times—weekday, weekend, and weekend prime. She is checking historical data about ice and distribution. Will average 100-105 hours per month. Pulled out times for games and Initiation, which left approximately 20+ hours. Got more hours from Columbia (176). VMIA—haven’t heard back. Fogarty—gave a few hours for October. In September, we were given our own ice at the Super Rink for our warm-ups. (Traditionally, Irondale has not wanted any ice in September so we aren’t given any.) We need to have continuity of our Ice Commissioner, so there is consistency of learning; and presence at the table.


We will work with Ramsey County to sit down next year together and either have it split up prior to being given out; OR having Irondale and Mounds View sit down together and portion it out.


The Ramsey County obligation of 1000 hours is also being split 70% Mounds View and 30% Irondale.


Brad DeKanick and Brian Johnson will pursue a meeting with Mounds View counterparts to discuss the concerns about ice.


Solutions for this year: Sharing ice, pursuing other ice as teams, individual teams looking at the schedule globally so teams can identify possibilities. For January ice, can we get permits to use the rink? Yes! If you have a consistent pattern, then the City may assist with clearing the ice.

Action: Becky will get January and February ice out as soon as possible.

Action: Ask Brian to Email the managers about process of how to obtain more ice—processes. If Association buys ice, then it is tax exempt.


Old Business:

  1. Budget: Jeanne has budgets from Jeanne, Randy, Niki, Pat.


  1. Tournament:  Not sure how many advertisements we have for this year. One and a half time person for procuring ads this year. Disappointing. Being finalized today. Will have a prototype in the next few days. Will have sponsorship by Lake Region. Trade show is going well. Getting a lot of prizes for the raffle. There are several tables that have been committed. Volunteer hours are being signed up. Should be okay for January volunteers.


  1. Schedule of meetings:  If you cannot make the meting, then we need to know one week before—quorum is necessary. Not third Tuesday. 6:30 p.m. Thursdays.


  1. Master agreement, supplemental agreement, and escrow agreement:  Distributed copies of the documents. The Association players memberships come to 37 Irondale and 63 Mounds View for the split.


New Business—Board Roundtable:

  1. President: Brad DeKanick. Absent, no report.
  2. Vice President: Brian Johnson. Absent, no report.


  1. Treasurer: Jeanne Falconer: 2 or 3 teams have registered for the Cloquet tournament, they need to withdraw due to District playoffs. Not sure teams should have to pay if the checks are not returned.

§         When a player plays at the high school level, then the team manager will assist in determining the refund—based on the hours of ice that were used, etc.

§         Chris formally apologizes to Jeanne for not having his budget done—dog ate it.

§         Treasurer’s report distributed.


  1. Lake Region: Jeanne Falconer. Legally they have to have 15 members on their Board. They have 2 Irondale member positions that need to be filled. The goal of the Lake Region Board is to support funding—they make decisions from requests that are given. Third Tuesday of every month. Need to update the Gambling Permit. Will contact and see what we have to do. The Lake Region Board is talking about giving scholarships—kids that have played hockey in the youth Associations. Willard fund—have had only one request this year. They would like to have local association input. December 31st is the last day for applications. Up to $400 per skater. Will try to get new pull-tab sites set up—when that happens, will possibly want to come to a meeting.


  1. Secretary: Niki Gjere. Deadline for newsletter is December 1st. Next meeting is December 15th.


  1. Registration coordinator: Pat O’Connor. No report.


  1. Twin Cities District: Tom Welty. Last meeting distributed the budget. The Constitution and By-Laws are in process of being amended. Tom will make a copy if you would like. One change is to add Irondale. They are tweeking the format for District Festivals—will be adding a knockout game for the Squirt Cs. If you would like more detail you can contact Tom.


  1. Ice Commissioner: Becky Ewing. No additional report from above. Waiting to reschedule on a couple of game.


  1. Initiation Coordinator: Cheryl Mason. Enrollment--have received 3 more players. Filled an entire slot for the Tournament—the first time! There is a TC District meeting tonight about scheduling of the games. The Ponies, Mite 1 and Mite 2 are going to get into some of these scrimmages and games. The Ponies had an opportunity to work with North St. Paul Hockey Association—for coaches controlled scrimmages. Question about October Ice bills for Initiation—Cindy Rundle (previous treasurer) used to give two bills—one for equipment and one for ice. Jeanne will check with Cindy for more detail about history.


  1. Girls Coordinator: Chris Tahti. All the managers and coaches went to the Twin Cities meeting. Had a discussion with the coaches—would like to have shared ice between the levels 2 or 3 times per year. Being aggressive and forward—to raise visibility of the program. A Community Service project—Girls program will help with clothing drive portion of Santa Cop for New Brighton. Will come to the City Council meeting.


  1. Boys Coordinator: Dan Marcouiller. Lost two kids from the A Bantams to the High School program. Still have enough kids for two teams. The potential exists for next year to ask—can we have an A Bantam team next year? Will need to work with the High School coach and the entire Association. The High School program is short of players,


  1. Equipment Manager: Randy Bortot. No Report.


  1. ACE Coordinator: John Donovan: Went to the HEP meeting and the information was dropped off today. Need to have the Coordinators meet, and the coaches meet—to talk about the program. Need to set up the ice time for testing. Will report to the Board. Would like to have the testing done 3 times, however there is really time only for two testings. The District knows this. Need to test Ponies, Squirts, Pee Wees, U10 and U12. Will run stations. Discussion—John will talk with the coaches directly.

Additional Business: Pictures are the December 2nd or 6th. Managers are being contacted directly.

Motion to adjourn meeting (TW) (CT), motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Next meeting is December 15, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the Mounds View City Hall Conference Room C.