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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  November 17, 2011         
Meeting called to order at 6:31pm by President Gerry Johnsen
Board Members Present:  Chris Drews, Beth Soberg, Rick LaPorte, Brent Eilefson, Mark Klein, Shari Kunza, Nicki Nelson, Steve Krahn, Kara Chamberlain
Board Members Absent:  Cyndi Olson
Guests:  Tyler Chamberlain, Adam Schmidt
Minutes:  The minutes of the October Board meeting were read. 
Chris Drews moved to approve October meeting minutes as read.  Mark Klein second.  Passed without debate.
Board Roundtable:
President:  All is moving.  Busy times!   
Vice President:  Tourney coming up and full.  Volunteer slots out and will be open to rest of association soon.
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Absent.
Boys Program Coordinator:  HS tryouts over.  3 B1 bantams taken by HS JV, including goalie.  May have another bantam interested in playing as a late sign up.  B1 are down to 13 skaters.  Need to figure out final ice bills for the 3 players who moved to JV.  Need to clarify with HS, whether he will take top 30 regardless of age, or no 9th graders if we field an A team.  Need to know in order to be able to plan at the youth level.           
Girls Program Coordinator:  Women’s Gopher game activity.  Working through some ice and scheduling issues with Coon Rapids coop arrangement, but things are going good.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Teams set, working on jerseys.  Need coaches to help with mini mites over tourney weekend.  Curious to know how much ice is being subsidized by the association at the mite level.  Need refs for mite games—can’t use coaches.  Need to figure out how much to pay them.
District Representative:  District meeting, clarification that you need age-appropriate module for each level you coach at.  On-ice coaches clinics coming up in November and December—level 1 and 3.  Coaches need to understand what is required for their level.  D10 patches coming soon!  Stop patches available.  Locker room policy is being enforced, need two qualified adults in locker room at all times.  Lawsuits are going on out there.  Need to check MN law regarding concussion.  No cell phones in locker rooms.
Ice Commissioner:  Need to follow-up regarding ice contracts.
Registration coordinator:  All rosters signed off.  Need $200 volunteer checks and consent to treats turned in. 
Equipment Manager:  Need goalie gear back from those no longer in youth. 
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   
Lake Region
Fundraising Committee:  Hwy 8 DQ looking to partner with IYHA to do some fundraising, 10% return on three specific days each month during the season.  Let’s solicit members to see if we can get organized fundraiser activity.    
                Rick LaPorte moved to allow Rich Sonterre to follow up with DQ regarding fundraiser and specifics.  Chris Drews second.  Motion passed.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant. 
Website Update:  No report.
Old Business
New Business:  
1.  Handbook.  All have reviewed and commented. 
Kara Chamberlain moved to approve handbook.  Nicki Oswald second.  Motion passed without debate.
2.  HS coach update.  Wants to get HS players involved in youth activities.   Has set up a summer program, three sessions:  players in grades 9-12, grades 7-8, and grades 6 and below.  Wants to get Scott Bjugstad back to do a couple shooting clinics.   Healthy discussion regarding relationship between High School and IYHA, and in particular the IYHA bantam program.  With thin numbers, it is important that HS and Boys Coordinator collaborate as closely as possible in order that IYHA retain a competitive bantam program that appropriately develops kids for the HS squad, which is hard to do if the top bantams move to HS every year.  No perfect solution but will be worked on.
 Chris Drews moved to adjourn at 8:45 pm. Beth Soberg second.  Meeting adjourned.