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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  May 19, 2011     
Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by President Jeff Dinsmore
Board Members Present:  Beth Soberg, Rick LaPorte, Brent Eilefson, Mark Klein, Shari Kunza, Kara Chamberlain
Board Members Absent:  Chris Drews, Steve Krahn, Cyndi Olson, Nicki Nelson
Minutes:  The minutes of the April Board meeting and April election meeting were read. 
Beth Soberg movedto approve April meeting minutes as read.   Rick LaPorte second.  Passed without debate.
Shari Kunza movedto approve April election meeting minutes as read.  Mark Klein second.  Passed without debate.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Attended meeting with new MV president and secretary to discuss tournaments.  Not certain what prompted the discussion, but the people with knowledge of the tournament last year were not present and the documents provided to Jeff seemed to pre-date last year’s tournament.  Confused and ill-informed discussion ensued.  Jeff will follow up with Chris Drews and get back to MV. 
Also, D10 has announced that final roster sign-off will be November 13.
Vice President:  Absent.  No report.
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Absent.  Reports that she is continuing to work with team treasurers to wrap up last season.  Anticipated loss is projected to be less than $1500.  Plans to update payment policy and financial assistance policy.  Will address registration and tryout fees at June’s meeting.
Boys Program Coordinator:  Coaching application is available on website under Hey Coach tab.  Currently have four non-parent coaches, heavy on interest in bantams.  Need people to express interest in coaching at squirt and peewee levels.  Would like to conduct coaching interviews early, to have them in place generally by mid-July (pending final team selections and levels of play) and let coaches pick their tournaments.  Coaches selection committee being formed, currently BC, Brent Eilefson, Rick LaPorte and Kara Chamberlain.        
Girls Program Coordinator:  Several coaches have expressed interest, now need girls (at every level but especially 14s and 12s (recognizing that the high school may poach some 14s).  Lots of tens, but older girl numbers are dwindling.  Would really like to have an 8U team, but would need a coach at that level.  Need to recruit girls!  Would love to do a Let’s Try Hockey just for girls.  Kara has ice for that use.  Have 16+ girls eligible to play 8U, but some disagreement whether all will play 8U or go to Mites.  If people have equipment sitting around, please let Board members know so we can arrange to donate to kids that need gear!!  Also, consider a Learn to Skate program for those young kids who need special attention.  Is this covered by Mini-Mites?  Any chance to get an instructor, Tadd Tuomie or other, to work with such a program?  Work on this with Initiation Coordinator. 
St. Francis has approached about co-oping at 12s.  Also have emails out to several local programs inquiring about combining to increase numbers. 
If checking gets removed from Peewees, could significantly impact girls programs everywhere.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Absent – report:  Angie Sringborn applied for and helped organize the parades last year. She is doing it again this year. She has applied for the parades, the forms were sent to her house. She will get candy and put together a flyer to hand out. At parade time, a mass email will be sent to all levels of players to ask for kids to participate in the parade.   Here are the parades- dates to follow:  Mounds View Festival in the Park, New Brighton Stockyard Days, St. Anthony Parade Village Fest.
District Representative:  Attended last D10 meeting.  Tag-up off-side in D10 (squirt and above)!  Halleluiah!  Also, D10 will guinea pig a post-season split of the A level, based on and similar to high school tournament (A and AA levels).  Regular season stays as it is currently.  Will be rolled out to MN Hockey generally 2012 season.  Can appeal to play down at A level, even if high school is AA.  Big associations may have both an A and AA team.  Trying to get B hockey back to where it is supposed to be.  All Level 1-3 CEPs need to re-certify before 12/31/11, assume due to rule changes.  What a pain.  It is believed that USA Hockey will vote to remove checking at the peewee level at its June annual meeting.  MN Hockey and D10 are opposed to this. 
Ice Commissioner:  Have tentative schedules for boys and girls.  Teams will be done with tryouts no later than 10/14.  Coordinators need to fill in who needs what ice time.  Warmups and tryout schedule will be posted as soon as Coordinators divvy up ice.  Need tournament dates and prefer not to have several teams out of town the same weekends so that we don’t get stuck with unused ice. 
Registration Coordinator:  No report.
Equipment Manager:  Absent no report.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   No report.
Lake Region:  No report.
Fundraising Committee:  No report.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant. 
Website Update:  Would like some copy to put on website advertising the Let’s Try Hockey and Parade Dates.  Whoover .
Old Business:  Secretary to follow-up with election process and update to Handbook.
New Business:  
1.             Mark Klein - Jersey information provided to Board.  Sublimation jerseys are $48 with STOP patches and numbers.  D10 patch can be added for a small fee.  Another option is K1 jerseys, similar to current.  $42.  Practice jerseys are $10.  Sublimation socks are $21, regular socks are $8.  $66 for one jersey, one practice jersey, and socks.  Discussed merits of requiring two jerseys (home and away) or picking an off color (Gold) and having just one jersey per player.  Discussed various funding options and timeframe.  Tabled until June.
2.             Kara Chamberlain - Need to get more players, especially older players, involved in volunteering to help with the 5K and pancake breakfast.  Suggestion to require players to do 2 hours of their own volunteering.  Tabled until next meeting.
3.             Kara Chamberlain - IYHA refs for mites—does D10 require this?  Last year D10 teams were upset when “real” refs were not used for mite games.  Dan Marcouiller may coordinate getting older kids certified to ref.  Only one certification class in September (surprising since most refs seem to have so much more training).  More follow-up needed. 
  Beth Soberg movedto adjourn at 8:10 pm. Kara Chamberlain second.  Meeting adjourned.