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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Election Meeting:  April 21, 2011
Meeting called to order at 6:02pm by President Kevin Bourassa
Board Members Present:  Chris Drews, Steve Krahn, Beth Soberg, Cyndi Olson, Rick LaPorte, Brent Eilefson, Mike Nundahl
Board Members Absent:  Kara Chamberlain, Dan Marcouiller, Nina Dojan,
Guests:  Jeff Dinsmore, Mark Klein, Shari Kunza, Nikki Nelson
Jeff Dinsmore provided a brief introduction about himself.  Chris Drews moved to accept the white ballot nomination and approval of Jeff as President of IYHA.  Mike Nundahl second.  Passed without debate.
Brent Eilefson provided a brief introduction about himself.  Chris Drews moved to accept the white ballot nomination and approval of Brent as Secretary of IYHA.  Beth Soberg second.  Passed without debate.
Mark Klein provided a brief introduction about himself.  Rick LaPorte moved to accept the white ballot nomination and approval of Mark as Boys Coordinator of IYHA.  Beth Soberg second.  Passed without debate.
Shari Kunza provided a brief introduction about herself.  Beth Soberg moved to accept the white ballot nomination and approval of Shari as Girls Coordinator of IYHA.  Brent Eilefson second.  Passed without debate.
Parting comments from Mike Nundahl (brief) and Kevin Bourassa (less brief).  The Board thanked each of the departing members for their years of service and good work.
Chris Drews movedto adjourn the election meeting at  6:11pm.  Rick LaPorte second.  Meeting adjourned.
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  April 21, 2011      
Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by President Jeff Dinsmore
Board Members Present:  Chris Drews, Steve Krahn, Beth Soberg, Cyndi Olson, Rick LaPorte, Brent Eilefson, Mark Klein, Shari Kunza,
Board Members Absent:  Kara Chamberlain, Nina Dojan
Guests:  Nikki Nelson
Minutes:  The minutes of the January Board meeting were read. 
Beth Soberg movedto approve January meeting minutes as read.   Brent Eilefson second.  Passed without debate.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Received Nina Dojan’s letter of resignation from the Board. 
Chris Drews movedto accept Nina’s resignation.  Steve Krahn second.  Passed without debate. 
Chris Drews movedto accept Nikki Nelson as Nina’s replacement to fulfill the remainder of Nina’s term as Initiation Coordinator.  Rick LaPorte second.  Passed without debate.     
Brief comments from the new President—relatively new to IYHA, coached here last year but have been involved with youth hockey for over 20 years.  Very excited and humbled to serve as President.  Looking forward to highlighting IYHA’s location on the map (note:  slightly rephrased by Secretary)!
Vice President:  Will be working on volunteer hours to see which lucky members will have their volunteer check cashed.  Those checks that do not get cashed will be securely shredded.  If anyone wants their physical check back, contact the VP.  Need volunteers for the tournament committee.  In particular, looking for someone who wants to observe the planning of the tournaments so that the VP can transition this function to such person for future tournaments.  Very important that we get a volunteer who can be the “Raffle Guy.”  This portion of the tourney raises good money but it is a function of tournament planning that needs a dedicated volunteer.  Please contact VP if you are even remotely interested in the above slots. 
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Reviewed financials from past season.  Primary support is through member ice fees, this past season ice averaged $183/hour.  Good info gathered upon which to base next year’s fees.  5% of ice went unused, which is a significant improvement over the prior season.  Online payments work great—next season online payments are the only option (other than volunteer checks).  Discussed revamping of payment of monthly fees due to tough collection environment once season ends.  Look for earlier first payment next season, especially as D10 will require us to start the season sooner than in the past.  Discussed clarifying policy around refunds related to injury.  General feeling that once you commit to the season, unless team agrees to absorb injured player’s fees, injured player should remain responsible for the commitment.  More discussion needed on this.    
Boys Program Coordinator:  Excited to be on board, look to start the coach application process immediately and have coaches identified by July 15.  Discussed potential contracts for coaches—many associations do this to ensure continuity of coaches.  Sorry, no pay.
Girls Program Coordinator:  Getting busy talking to coaches and others.  Want to focus on recruiting, especially at the younger age—revive the U8 level.  Will be learning on the fly!
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Discussed the IP program generally and parent volunteer hours for those that step up and help the IP Coordinator.  Discussed the fact that if players will be purchasing new helmets, make sure the helmet color is black.  Discussed Let’s Try Hockey events and how those should work (see dates in Ice Commissioner report below).
District Representative:  Attended D10 meeting last month.  One item that came up was potentially donating ice hours to Wounded Warriors, a hockey league which is for wounded vets.  Discussed the upcoming USA Hockey vote relative to removing checking from Peewee level hockey.  D10 voted to not support the USA Hockey Committee’s recommendation to remove checking.  Some chatter out there about MN Hockey breaking away from USA Hockey if checking is removed.  Hot issue obviously.
Ice Commissioner:  Met with MV and we got our ice request and contracts mailed to Ramsey County.  We will split ice the end of July.  Let’s Try Hockey dates have been set:  9/24/2011, Superrink 4, 9:50-11:50am, and 10/8/2011, Superrink 4, 9:50-11:50am.
Registration Coordinator:  Discussed opening registration very early, in order to register those interested families we come across at summer parades.  Registration and tryout fees will be examined to ensure that all is well. 
Equipment Manager:  Processing returned jerseys.  Very little rental equipment available, it would be nice to get families to donate the equipment they have that is no longer being used.  Will bring what we have to the Let’s Try Hockey events.  Discussed investing in new jerseys, perhaps starting at the older levels and phasing in after that.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   No report.
Lake Region:  Senior Scholarships awarded.  10 applications, 4 awards given.  No specifics yet.  Two new bars are selling pull tabs to support Irondale and MV hockey—Glory days and 400 Heat.  Visit these locations and give them business!
Fundraising Committee:  No report.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant. 
Website Update:  No Report.
Old Business:  None.
New Business:  Election process discussed.  Bylaws provide very little clarity.  Discussed need to define the process and get into the Handbook.  Secretary to research past elections and will work on revising the Handbook (last revised in 2007).
 Beth Soberg movedto adjourn at 8:25pm.  Mark Klein second.  Meeting adjourned.