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 IYHA September 2004 Meeting Minutes

From the President


It is hard to believe that summer is over already.  I don’t feel that summer really was here.  It must have been here at some time because you players are all heading back to or are already in school.  Start the year off right, work as hard in the classroom as you do on the ice.  Hockey (sports) is fun, but at some point most of us end playing sports after high school. Your education will always be a part that will need for whatever you pursue in your life.


Minnesota Hockey is having there big HEP (Hockey Education Program) kick-off on September 25 at the Excel Center. Minnesota Hockey is requiring or strongly recommending that all involved in association hockey go to this event, Administrator, Coaches, Officials, and Parents.  Coaches that go will get there highest level of coaching renewed.  Administrators and Coaches will go from 9:00-3:30 and parents will go from 1:00-3:30.  There are 3 components of the HEP Program. They are Skill Development, Coaching Excellence and Fair Play. You should pre-register on line


The HEP Program was developed collaboratively with the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center.  This is a great step from a state that is looked at as a leader in hockey in the U.S.


Dry land opportunity


I would like to thank all of the players, parents and coaches who have been part of the August dry land. The average number of participants was 12-14 players a night.  Players have been working hard, having fun and enjoying and meeting new players, and looking forward to another hockey season. With warm-ups starting soon, I am going to continue to do dry land throughout the month of September.  The days and times will change slightly starting 9/13.  I will do Mondays and Thursdays starting the week of 9/13 until the end of the month, and I will start at 6:00 instead of 6:30.


We are having an extra Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, September 9th at 6:30 p.m. (Location will be determined—contact Niki Gjere if you need the location.) We have not had a quorum during the summer, which has prevented action on several items. The purpose of the meeting will be:


1.      Initiation coordinator: volunteer has stepped forward, will discuss and vote.

2.      Bantam: tryouts.

3.      ACE Coordinator: discussion and vote regarding reimbursement.


Registration information from Pat O’Connor, Registration Coordinator:


Registration is on September 18, 2004 from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Freedom Park. Go to the website to download the forms.   Please make every effort to go to this event. The girls traveling program has ice starting after 5:00 that evening.


This year we have added a $5.00 Lake Region Membership fee. Because of our relationship with Lake Region Hockey Association (which includes their generous financial support of our Association), we must formally have membership to Lake Region.




From Tom Welty, TC District Representative  


TC District Notes:


HEP Kick-Off September 25

Parents, please mark Saturday September 25th on your calendar. You are invited and strongly encouraged to attend Minnesota Hockey’s HEP kick-off program at the Xcel Energy Center.


What is HEP? In a nutshell, HEP is a program designed by Minnesota Hockey and the Mayo Sports Medicine Center to improve the game of hockey for players, coaches and parents. The goal of HEP is to promote fun and skill development (more practices, fewer games), educate coaches, parents and officials in a consistent manner so players learn values, to promote sportsmanship of players, coaches, parents and officials, and to decrease attrition of players, coaches and officials from a great game.


The Minnesota Wild feels strongly enough about this program that they have donated the use of the Xcel Energy Center for the kick-off event on September 25th.


For more information and to register for the event, visit the Minnesota Hockey website at


Coaches: Minnesota Hockey will offer CEP certification classes in conjunction with this event. This is a great opportunity to obtain your Level 1, 2. or 3 certification, or to renew  your certification of your current cards if you sticker reads 01/02 or later. Visit the above referenced website to register for these classes.


All parents, coaches and administrators, please go to the website and register for the HEP kick-off. Let’s have a strong Irondale presence at the X!!


TC District Needs Volunteers


This year we (TC District) are hosting two end-of-the-year tournaments: A PeeWee B regional tournament February 23-27 and the U12A state tournament March 11-13. As part of TC District, we are required to provide volunteers to help run these tournaments. Please keep these dates in mind as you make plans for your hockey year. Volunteering at these tournaments is a great way to serve YOUR association and also a great way to watch some awesome hockey. Contact Tom Welty for more information and to specify which tournament you would like to work at. (Due to the anticipated high volume of calls, your patience is requested.)


TC Names New Director


The TC District board named Steve Swanson as the new district director. Steve replaces Gene King who has served as district director for many years. The TC District is also in need of a new President and new Initiation Coordinator. Randy Reetz, who has served in both capacities, has moved to Wisconsin and resigned from the board. Anyone interested in these positions contact Tom Welty or visit




Mite practices:   TENTATIVE Ice times for players in the Initiation Program (check website to confirm):

Ice Times at Fogerty Arena:  
All are on the South rink unless indicated differently:
Oct 02:
   Mini-mites  3:20pm;  Pony's   4:50pm (North);  Mites 1&2   6:00pm (North)
Oct 03:  Pony's    8:00am
; Mites 1&2   9:10am;  Mini-mites  10:20am
Oct 09:  Mini-mites  10:20am
; Mites 1&2  11:30am; Pony's   12:40pm

Oct 10:  Mites 1&2  9:10am; Pony's  10:20am; Mini-mites  11:30am

Parent meeting for Initiation Parents:

September 20th at 6:45pm  for Mini-mites; 7:30 p.m. for Mites 1 & 2; and 8:15 p.m. for the Pony’s. Tentative meeting location is Freedom Park. (Please check the website for confirmation.)

 John Donovan


From Dan Marcouiller, Boys Program Coordinator


IYHA tryouts are conducted under the direction of the Boy’s Coordinator with assistance from the ACE Coordinator.  Independent evaluators (who have no players currently trying out at any Boy’s Traveling level) are selected to observe and evaluate all skaters at the Traveling levels.  The on-ice tryout coach has no bearing on team selection or evaluation. 


Team selection is based on performance in two areas: drills and scrimmage. Drills are provided by the on-ice tryout coach and are designed to measure and exhibit speed and quickness, balance, stickhandling, passing, and shooting skills as well as hustle.   Scrimmages will be comprised of 3 on 3, 4 on 4, and 5 on 5 situations. Scrimmage evaluations are subjective and will take into consideration all of the above skills as well as game sense, ice vision, defensive skills, aggressiveness, team play ability, and playmaking. 

Goalies will be evaluated ongoing by the selected evaluators in areas of quickness, agility, positioning, hustle, proper technical movements, and reaction. 


Attendance at all sessions is required.  In extenuating circumstances a tryout may be missed.  The impact of that will be subject to review by the Traveling Coordinator, ACE Coordinator, and evaluators.


The number of players on each team will be based on the overall registration numbers for that particular level.  Our goal is a minimum of 12 skaters per team and a maximum of 15.   


Once the tryouts are completed, results will be compiled and initial team placement will take place.  This will consist of approximately 80% of the team placed solely on raw rankings.  The remainder of the roster will be determined based on input/discussion between the head coach, evaluators, tryout coordinator, and ACE coordinator.  For example for a team of 14 skaters 80% represents 11 players.  Eleven players will be placed and discussion will revolve around the remaining 3 to be named.  This discussion will consist of specific team needs and who best can fill those needs.  This last step is to avoid a team having a glut of any one position and a dearth in others as well as an overabundance of certain skill sets and a deficiency in others.   The eligible players to be added in this manner will only be twice as many as spots to fill.  For example if three spots need to be filled then only the next six in player rankings will be considered.  The head coach will not be involved in discussions unless their child has been placed.


Upon completion of these steps players will be notified of team placement.  This season players will be notified Wednesday, October 20th,    


Check the website for the dates and times of warm ups and tryouts.


The Board of the Lake Region Hockey Association meets on the third Tuesday of every month at various locations. If you are interested in attending the next meeting, please call Niki Gjere and she will connect you with Lake Region.



Thank you to Linda DeKanick!


The website is being updated frequently! Please check the site for updates and confirmations for the Initiation Program, Boys Program and Girls Program! Our website address is


Many thanks to Linda DeKanick, our Webmaster for continuously improving our site!


Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes: note: These have not been approved by the IYHA Board of Directors. They will be reviewed, amended, and approved at the next meeting.



Minutes from JULY 2004 meeting: July 21, 2004

Called to order @7:05 by BD

Can’t vote, no quorum of 7.

Present:  Brad DeKanick, Brian Johnson, Jeanne Falconer Pat O’Connor, Becky Ewing and Randy Bortot

Guests:  John Dalnes and John Baily (Beau’s Dad).


RB has an issue about the minutes for June regarding the price of purchasing painted pucks.  $50 set up fee, $0.85 per puck, not to exceed $500.00.  Will discuss and vote next month and wait to approve minutes until then.


4 met on the ACE Coordinator position:  Some wording has been changed because the original was written for John Bazzachini, who is no longer with the IYHA.  These things were added – maintain, record and correct CEP levels.  Administer and record HEP program.  Info. goes to Mayo and MN Hockey.  Working on an ACE Coordinator position and proposal.  The committee is made up of Brad, Dan M., Chris and Brian.


Parades:  St. Anthony is Aug. 6, line up at 6:30.  Stockyard Days Parade is Sun. 8/12.  Mounds View Festival in the Park is 8/22.  More info. to follow.  Discussion on the skaters handing out little info. slips to families of young children along the parade routes.


There was a good bit of discussion about charging $50 up front for volunteer time and refunding it at season’s end if volunteer time was met.  One person wants it crystal clear what the expectation of volunteers is.  The discussion included adding the volunteer time into the ice bills.  Additional volunteer time might possibly be if TC has End of Year tournaments.  Another way to collect volunteer money is to figure it into monthly payments.  Hopefully, some volunteer hours can be signed up for at registration.


New Business:

Initiation Coordinator – 2 people have stepped forward, should come to the next meeting and should get a position description.  Discussion as to 2 people can work together as IC, but only 1 can hold the position and be a board member.  IC can get as many assistants as needed.  I don’t think you want her name and such here, if you do, let me know.


Dog Loahr has talked about being the apparel coordinator – would post info. right on the IYHA web site.


Discussed selling chocolate pucks at the tournaments to add to the fund raiser.


Reminder that there will be a $5.00 fee at registration to Lake Region this year and henceforth.  It is refunded in that we receive money from Lake Region and use this money to lessen the cost of ice to IYHA families.


Willard Fund – cap of $400 or so per family.  There might be a stipulation on how many times a family can get it.  In the past there had not been a cap on the # of families receiving Willard Funds, but due to budget constraints, there may be in the future.  Applications must be in BY the 31st of Dec.  Lake Region cannot cut checks to individuals anymore.  New people in the following positions:  Mark Casci is pres., John Eide is V.P., Sue Senteri is treasurer and Randy Bortot is secretary.

Newsletter deadline Aug.1 (and look at me, it’s the 4th).


Sat. Sept. 18 from 9 – 1, will be late registration (mostly for new people)


Idea of drawing for free IYHA apparel/blankets if sign up for volunteering at registration.


A reminder – it is only the 1st game of the tournament that a volunteer is somewhat guaranteed to see his/her skater’s game.  There have been rink crew switches to make it possible to see your own skater’s game for the 2nd and 3rd games.


Ice Commissioner:  needs to know which weekend in January is the tournament as she is entering teams in tournaments.  Getting SR ice in Sept.  Ice hours will be mailed out the end of July.  Will get some hours at Fogarty.  Our time at the SR will be reduced because in the past Coon Rapids has not wanted their ice, now they want their entire allotment.  It’s sounding like the ice is going to be mostly at the beginning and end of the season, and not so much in the middle.  Some key people who are in charge of ice at SR and MV have resigned and this will mess things up this year.  Also, in the case of a conflict, which happens once in awhile, where there’s a practice and a game scheduled at the same time, the game takes precedent.


There was discussion about having outside evaluators for try outs.  It sounds like some people from Tartan would be willing to evaluate our try outs.  Sometimes associations trade and do each others’ try outs.  There was discussion on how try outs are run – possible changes to make starting this season.  Also discussed was the importance of keeping all spectators out of the rink during tryouts.


Question still remains, are we going to have teams formed and practicing by the 1st or 2nd week of Oct.


Treasurer:  Received $210 from MN Wild.  Was given an Initiation budget by John Donovan and turned it over to Brad.


Minutes submitted by Jeanne Falconer, Treasurer in the absence of Niki Gjere.

IYHA Board of Directors  Wednesday, August 18, 2004 Minutes

Present:                 Brad DeKanick, Brian Johnson, Niki Gjere, Dan Marcouiller, Pat O’Connor, Randy Bortot, Tom Welty, Becky Ewing.

Absent:                  Jeanne Falconer, Chris Tahti.

Guest:                    Sue Sentieri, John Dalnes.


Meeting called to order by President Brad DeKanick at 7:02 p.m. Agenda reviewed.

July minutes: clarification. The motion for the customized (logo) puck was a total of $200 over and above the cost of regular pucks. Motion to approve a change to not to exceed $225 for the additional printing on the logo puck (TW) (RB). (The cost of the pucks is separate.) Discussion. Motion carried.


Sue Sentieri, Lake Region Hockey Association.

1.       Willard Fund: Working on an application which should be available October 1st. There will be a hard and fast deadline of December 31st. Who should do the approvals? Prefer to forward applications to Lake Region. Can forward any Irondale applications directly to Sue. Goal is to get back to the original mission of the Willard Fund as a one time emergency fund. Maximum of $300 per family. 612-619-0846 Sue Sentieri for questions. Will have handouts available for registration tomorrow.


2.       Registration fee for Lake Region Hockey Association: The state is requiring Lake Region to have membership and charge a fee. Another change is that Lake Region needs to do fundraising. Think about making the Mounds View / Irondale Super Rink Spectacular the Lake Region Super Rink Spectacular. This is state mandated. Working to stay in compliance. Up to 15 Board members now. Invited both Association Treasurers, also have 3 members from each Association, have some ex-IYHA/Mounds View Board members. Actively pursuing several other sites for pull-tabs.


3.       Niki just received the Lake Region minutes. Will forward them electronically.


4.       Revised the by-laws for Lake Region. The last time they were done were 25 years ago. Maple Grove profits—due to the contract with the city, 50% of the profits must go back to Maple Grove. Youth oriented hockey, youth oriented sports, youth oriented non-sports, community.


Boys Coordinator: Dan Marcouiller

Try out hours have been set. They will be available for Saturday, October 9th and ending Sunday, October 17th. MEA is the following Thursday and Friday. Will have the teams picked and available on Monday, October 18th. Pat thinks the deadlines will be okay.

TC schedules the games: each coach or manager gets together with the various teams at a table with their available ice. Becky will be there.


Format of tryouts. In the past, would separate out the kids up down, up down, until the bubble. This was difficult. Will have independent team evaluators. Will set the first 10 kids, then leave some latitude for the coach and evaluators to place on teams—2-4 kids. The kids still need to have ranked within the top group.


Edison inquiry. For Bantams—have a B Bantam team. Will have 2-4 kids that might be interested in an A Bantam team. Will need to look at our numbers that register. Based on those numbers, will discuss issues about tryouts for these kids (at the September meeting).


President: Brad DeKanick

Meetings regarding ACE Coordinator. Reviewed documents from Minnesota Hockey (ACE Coordinator information) and a draft resolution. Do we set a salary? Discussion. John already has the ACE Coordinator position. Looking to change it to a salary position. Draft resolution reviewed. Brad will connect with other associations to determine what they do. Confirmed that John Donovan is the ACE coordinator, Board still needs to revise the resolution that outlines the duties and responsibilities of the ACE Coordinator. 


§          Goalie training for our coaches in October. Will put in the newsletter.

§          Culver’s is a corporate sponsor of Minnesota Hockey. We will contact them for participation in fundraising.

§          Met with somebody about apparel, he has agreed to take over the apparel. Will be at Registration tomorrow night to talk with people.


Vice President: Brian Johnson.

§          The St. Anthony parade went well! Fliers were printed for registration information, hundreds were distributed.

§          Festival in the park Sunday, August 22nd. Will have an email sent out with time and unit number.

Did call Dean from Mounds View about the Tournament. Will call again.

Treasurer: Jeanne Falconer (absent).


Secretary: Niki Gjere. Newsletter deadline is September 1st.


Registration Coordinator: Pat O’Connor.

Twin Cities district meeting is done. Has been receiving phone calls and emails about registration. Verify—flyer about Willard Fund, Thanksgiving Tournament, apparel for rummage sale, tryout flyers for both boys and girls. Volunteers for traveling teams. Will be able to make the deadline for Registration for TC District.


Ice Commissioner: Becky Ewing.

§          What should we do with the remaining hours we are not using (leftover from tryout hours).

§          We need to let our coaches know that if there is a conflict with ice, games have a higher priority than practice, even if it is Mounds View.


Initiation Coordinator: Open.


Girls Coordinator: Chris Tahti. (absent—is at meeting at TC District for Girls programs).


Equipment Manager: Randy Bortot.

Jerseys are ordered. Socks are ordered. Still tracking down Initiation goalie pads.

Blue pucks—they are in stock at Dave’s and Lettermen’s. Randy has a lot of blue pucks already. Not sure if we have to use the blue pucks this year.


Motion to adjourn (TW) (RB), carried. Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.