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Frequently asked questions????

Last updated 11/30/2010

Does my child have to know how to skate?
NO! We will teach skating instruction and hockey skills.
Most first year skaters do not know how to skate.

What if I want to learn how to skate?
The National Sports Center offers an Adults Clinic for Beginners.
Click here to go to their website

What does Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam mean?
It is a category by age group for the Boys Program.
Squirts are between 9-10 years old (typically 4th and 5th grade)
PeeWees are between 11-12 years old (typically 6th and 7th grade)
Bantams are between 13-14 years old (typically in 8th and 9th grade)
There is a bit of overlap in ages because the cutoff date for birthdays is in July for USA Hockey which might not match a shool district's cutoff age.

The Girls Program is categorized by age also.  U8, U10, U12, and U14 are the age maximum.  For example U12 is for girls ages 12 and Under.

The Initiation Program is for our youngest skaters.  The youngest are called Mini-Mites, then Mites (or U8 for Girls).

What are the ice costs?
The amounts are determined by the number of hours of ice and how many players on the team. Go to the Team Treasurer Tab along the top to get more details about estimated costs by age level

Is there any financial assistance available?

YES!  The Irondale Youth Hockey Association and our partner Lake Region Hockey Association have a limited amount of funding for families who need help.  You can start the confidential process by contacting the IYHA Treasurer.  Click HERE to visit the financial assistance page.

Do you have to try out for the team?
The initiation level of Mini Mites and Mites do not try out.  They are placed on teams according to age and experience.  The tryout process begins at the squirt level for boys.   The players wishing to play on the A or B teams for squirts, PeeWees, and Bantams will be in a tryout process.  The girl’s levels may or may not have tryouts depending on how many girls register.

What equipment do I need?
Hockey Skates, helmet and facemask, Mouthpiece, Stick, Shin Pads, Supporter and cup, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Breezers and Elbow Pads.
The Irondale Association has gently used equipment to get you started!  After you register, our Equipment Manager will work with you to get you fitted with available equipment.
There are many places to purchase your equipment. Whether you buy new or used, make sure the equipment fits properly.  Some places that provide used equipment are:  Daves Sport Shop, Lettermans, Play it Again Sports, Hockey Central and Athletic Outfitters.

What is the time commitment for hockey?
Mini Mites and Mites will play twice a week.  They will start with practices and then play in house games.  Girls 10U and Squirts will practices about twice a week with one or two games a week.  They are average weeks.  The coaches and teams determine if more or less ice time is needed.  There will also be outdoor ice when weather permits.

Help!  I don't understand the rules!
Go to the Officials page off our home page and you will see an overview of the penalties.  Click HERE to go the page.

How do I learn how to run the clock at the rinks?
Practice, practice, practice!  There is an easy way to practice from the luxury of your own couch!  Go to the Officials page off our home page and you can run a practice clock!  Run it for a whole period, add penalties, add goals, remove penalties, start and stop the clock, clear the settings.  Click HERE to get started.

Revised 10/16/07