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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting: February 18, 2010              
Called to order at 6:36pm by President Kevin Bourassa
Board Members Present: Brent Eilefson, Mike Nundahl, Monica Crandall, Chris Drews, Tom Johnson, Theresa Spiering, Nina Dojan, Dan Marcouiller, Beth Soberg
Board Members Absent: Kara Chamberlain
Guests: Colin Crandall, Bob Gabler, Pat Schumer
Minutes: The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 
 Tom Johnson moved to approve January meeting minutes as read.   Mike Nundahl second. Passed without debate.   
Board Roundtable:
·          Introduced Mark Osmondson from D10. Mark answered questions regarding D10 policies and procedures: game scheduling; website content; presidents’ meetings; fees for league play and D10 tourney; check out the D10 tourneys weekend of 2/20 at various rinks; referees; 2 payments for league and officials;       
·          Attended D10 meeting. Went well. 
·          Jersey deal from CCM/RBK. Plan to apply for practice jerseys. 
·          Executive committee met regarding families with outstanding payments owed to IYHA.
Vice President: Fundraising Committee (FRC) met 2/17. Hockey Central card program closed. Cookbook sales stagnant right now, have 100 or so left in stock. Need Space Aliens check for Knight Out event. T-shirts still available. FRC wants info regarding 5K for planning next year’s event. Have created a form to be available on website to be completed by anyone who has a team or level-based fundraising effort. Tournaments tentative numbers: $35k for Nov.; $11k for January’s. Discussed volunteers for District tournaments, appear to have plenty of interest. 
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer: Financials distributed. Average hourly rate is increasing, need to look back and adjust previous team billings. Trying to get to a dollar number by player/team/level to budget for next year, using a set number of tourneys, etc. This will allow better communication to parents about budget expectations for upcoming season. Teams with excessive tournaments, etc., can expect high end of year bills.  
Boys Program Coordinator:  
·          Two of our IYHA family members have passed away recently: Dave Hawes (15+ years involvement with IYHA) and Ed Fritz (parent of Kendall, A Peewee). The Board extends its condolences to each of the families and further wants to recognize these individuals for their involvement with and dedication to IYHA. You will be missed! 
·          Good luck to all teams in playoffs!   
Girls Program Coordinator: Good luck to girls! U12, 14 start playoffs this weekend. The Board recognizes Gina McDonald, former IYHA player, as one of 5 finalists for Ms. Hockey MN!
Initiation Program Coordinator: Kids doing good. Minis through B’s will be in the SLP Jamboree—kids are very excited! Need coaches on-ice this weekend for mini-mites. 
District Representative:  
·          Corrected numbers for D1 billing: IYHA owes $17,208 to D1, to be allocated by team. 
·          $10 refund to IYHA from MN Hockey for each coach who registered online. 
·          Gambling issue discussed at district meeting, different gambling opportunities out there as others drop out. 
·          Residency rule back in play—kids will have choice, either where you live or where you go to school—no declaration needed but we need to check into this. 
·          $50k balance with D1—where does this go? Paid in based on number of teams. Various proposals around how to distribute the money back to the teams. 
·          Festivals running 3/10-14.       
Ice Commissioner: Absent, no report.
Registration Coordinator: No report.
Equipment Manager: Too many warm-ups distributed. Working with Dave’s to address. Names on warm-ups were not free—if a name was ordered need to determine if we should collect $5 from those who ordered names, or whether Dave’s will work with us here.  
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee: Absent. All is going well. End of year meeting for goalies discussed.
Lake Region: Meeting postponed.
Fundraising Committee:  See VP report. 
Potential Partnership Committee: Dormant.
Website Update:  
·          We have a new feature on our home page along the right hand side.  The Irondale Hockey Twitter section will now show the last 10 tweets on a scrolling bar.  If you click on the details you will go directly to Twitter.
·          Don’t forget to record playoff results as they occur or send the results to along with your next opponent. The results will also be posted on the home page as they are known.
·          We are still looking for a Website Administrator for next season.  The hand-over will occur April 1st in order to have enough time for training and registration set-up for 2010-2011.
New Business:  
1.       Nominating committee: open positions are VP, Treasurer, District Rep, Ice commissioner, equipment manager. Candidates need to be identified prior to April meeting. Secretary to send out email to IYHA soliciting help.
2.       Summer hockey opportunities on website: People are inquiring. Last year ended up with non-affiliated summer programs. Can we have a spot for “affiliated” opportunities? No objections to placing those opportiunities, if within reason. 
3.       Girls HS--good luck tomorrow night!!
4.       Coaches nominations for 3M coaching award—on MN Hockey website.
5.       Approached about IYHA sponsoring a 3v3 league. We can support, but don’t have resources to dedicate to the task.
6.       Discussion around allocation of IYHA proceeds/profits. Per player/per team/etc. Secretary to review past meeting minutes to see how this was addressed in prior years.
 Theresa Spiering moved to adjourn at 8:44pm.  Dan Marcouiller second. Meeting adjourned.
[Addendum on Following Page]
President’s Message
We have five open Board positions coming up for election:   Vice President, Treasurer, District Rep, Ice Commissioner, and Equipment Manager. Also, will need a D10 League Coordinator next year. Desperately seeking a new webmaster as well.
Please contact Brent Eilefson, , if you are interested in any of the open positions or if you would be interested in serving on the nominating committee that will determine who is considered for these positions.