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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting: January 20th, 2010             
Called to order at 6:35 pm by President Kevin Bourassa
Board Members Present: Brent Eilefson, Mike Nundahl, Monica Crandall, Chris Drews, Beth Soberg, Kara Chamberlain, Tom Johnson, Theresa Spiering, Nina Dojan
Board Members Absent:   Dan Marcouiller  
Guests: Torri Johnson, Rick McKelvie, Colin Crandall, Pat Schumer
Minutes: The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 
Mike Nundahl moved to approve December meeting minutes as read.  Tom Johnson second. Passed without debate.   
Board Roundtable:
President: Attended Dist 10 meeting, IYHA seemed well received. MN Hockey voting on redistricting proposal this coming weekend. Attended D1 meeting as well, one association opposed IYHA move to D10 but got on board following further discussion. Mpls Park and Highland want D1 dissolved and will petition to get out if it is not dissolved.
Boys High School Team will have Pancake Breakfast on January 23rd at Moe’s.
Tomorrow night, 1/21, youth hockey night at the HS game—kids wear your jerseys and get in free.
Vice President: Fundraising committee: haven’t finalized everything from the two tourneys. Lots of positive feedback. Volunteering overall went smooth, more opportunities coming for end-of-year district tourneys. T-shirts continue to be sold. Cookbooks are doing great, over $4000+ sold to-date. Hockey Central cards $300+. Looking into Dunn Bros promotion. Dining Out dates concluded and checks in the mail (Acapulco check $141). 5k run almost finalized, $1900+ net profit. Looking into Christmas trees promotion. Bantams fundraiser, $1200+. Discussed next year’s fundraising plans—want membership to be solicited for ideas via website. Need volunteer hours to be submitted.
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Financials distributed and reviewed. Non-parent coaches need to submit mileage no later than the day following the final day of their team’s season (no parent coaches or student coaches).
Boys Program Coordinator: Absent. Report: I want to extend thanks to Justin Bjork for running the 3 goalie training sessions for association goalies this year. 
Girls Program Coordinator: Coaches meeting to be held in February. Planning underway already for another 5k race in 2010.
Initiation Program Coordinator: Trying to get Mite teams into SLP jamboree. Initiation kids still registering.
District Representative: Mickus supports whatever IYHA wants to do and has communicated this to anyone who asks. Should know early next week what the result of the vote is. Thanks Torri for the years of service! Will review D1 league fees bill for accuracy.
                Chris Drews moved that in the event MN Hockey votes down the current redistricting proposal, Kevin Bourassa and Brent Eilefson collaborate to petition MN Hockey to move us to D10 for 2010-11 season. Tom Johnson second. Passed following discussion.      
Ice Commissioner: Checking to be sure that we are not being double-billed for IYHA/MV girls ice.     
Registration Coordinator: Mite registration issue taken care of.
Equipment Manager
                Tom Johnson moved that IYHA continue the tradition of providing a leather-sleeved jacket to coaches who have 3 years of service with IYHA. Monica Crandall second. Motion passed, Chris Drews abstained.   
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee: Absent, provided report: Skills clinics went along with out a problem. They are well attended by both players and coaches which hopefully is a good sign. Coaches ask many questions during that time which is very important. The clinic that my sons where involved in seemed to be a hit. Many coaches and parents commented that they really enjoyed that clinic. Hopefully the dryland and video prove beneficial. My sons really enjoyed working with the players and wish they had more time to be involved. Also at that clinic there I was available to answer parents questions. There where not very many questions, however the ones that did ask all showed concerns for overall player development. I think that may of been the best Monday night of the year.

There has also been 6 hours of goalie clinics with much feedback. I believe after the first one Justin adjusted and is doing a good job. Unfortunately the last one was very poorly attended by both players and goalies. Justin goal and mine is to have all goalies and one coach from each team at the sessions. Maybe we are not getting the word out on this. The last clinic the bantam goalies where unavailable but other than that I think all goalies could of made the hours. Justin had 6 shooters and all 3 high school goalies at the sessions. Feedback would be appreciated.

The only thing that I feel has not happened is getting together for a meeting with the development group. Part of this is that I do not know if it is necessary as I am in regular contact with them and the coaches. I think an end of the year meeting with all coaches and the group would be important to discuss how we can make the IYHA program even better.
Lake Region: KB attended. Willard funds awarded to 6 of 11 applicants. Year-end financials released. $4.6M in pull tabs sold—IYHA/MV ended up with $40k to split. Haven’t verified this amount nor have we seen cash.   
Fundraising Committee: See VP report above.
Potential Partnership Committee: Dormant.
Website UpdateDistrict Playoffs – As the playoff brackets are posted, I will set up the first games, but I will need the team manager’s help to know who they are playing, the time of the game, the result of that game and when the next game/opponent is so the information can be posted into the Master Schedule and in the results in a timely matter.

Regional Playoff Volunteer Assignments – will be posted on the website when known.

New IYHA Website Administrator – After 13 years stepping down as of end of March. Should start looking for someone to fill the position ASAP.

We need to finalize the 8U girls schedule - they are currently doubled up

The Hastings PeeWee C team wanted me to convey to the IYHA board that they were very impressed with the Irondale PeeWee C team at 2 recent tournaments.  Hastings said that the parents and players were very nice and showed great sportsmanship.
New Business:
1. Torri Johnson resignation letter received, to take effect March 31, 2010. Thirteen years! Per Kevin Bourassa and entire Board, heartfelt thanks for all the years of excellent service. This is a critically important position within the association and the Board will commence soliciting interest from people who might want to fill this role (starting in April, 2010). Interested persons should contact Kevin Bourassa.
2.                   Nominating committee needs to be formed by February Board meeting, to find people who are interested in running for open Board positions, identify those people by March Board meeting, with voting for new Board positions taking place at April’s meeting. 
3. Thank you item for Torri for her years of service. Executive committee to meet and discuss.
Chris Drews moved to adjourn at 8pm. Theresa Spiering second. Meeting adjourned.
[Addendum on Following Page]
President’s Message
Minnesota Hockey took a vote last weekend and is shutting down District 1 as a competitive organization.  They did vote to move us to District 10.  District 10 took a vote last night.  WE ARE IN DISTRICT10!!! 
This is very exciting news for us as an association.  This is great because we will be approx number 10 out of 17 associations in size by last years numbers.  Every league game is going to count for something and there will be a lot of them.  There was over 500 games at the Super Rink this season and throw in Fogerty and Centennial Arenas and we will have ALOT of games close to home.  Plenty of competition up and down the ranks on both the boys and girls side.  This is going to be a fun and exciting adventure.
MOST IMPORTANTLY,  with the end of District 1 approaching it is no time like the present to crank up expectations of our players, coaches, and parents to put on a dazzeling display at District, Regional and State at EVERY level.  It would be great if we could raise a few more banners in the last year of District 1 as we know it. We have talked about raising expectations and this year I believe the bar has been raised but we still have a long way to go.  The players want to get competitive, lets give them this opportunity to play with their friends and COMPETE.   
Keep the Eye on the prize and finish strong!!!  Take a look at this if you want to get excited
We will need to fulfill all of our responsibilities to District 1.  There will be a few more opportunities to get in your volunteer hours.  Please remember to record your volunteer hours online. 
Finally, We are forming a Nominating Committee to help with the upcomign elections.  We have a few Board positions that will be opening up.  We are going to need a lot of help through this transition to District 10.  PLEASE, consider where your skills can help us as an organization and lend a hand.  It is a very rewarding experience.
Thank you for everything.
Kevin Bourassa
IYHA President
Irondale News
·          Reminder that it is IYHA Youth Hockey Appreciation Day on Thursday January 21. JV starts at 5:30 and Varsity starts at 7:30. There will be a ceremony during the introduction of the Varsity game that includes the Mites White and they will play in between the 1st and 2nd period. All youth players who wear their jersey will get in free.
·          Boys High School Team will have Pancake Breakfast on January 23rd at Moe’s.
·          The Maroon Mites will be playing in-between the 1st and 2nd period at the game either on Feb 9th or Feb 12th.
·          Several Board positions will be up for election in April. It is not too early to begin considering running for a Board position. A nominating committee will be formed at February’s Board meeting to solicit letters of interest, but in the interim please contact Kevin Bourassa or any Board member if you are interested in any of the available Board positions.
·          With Torri Johnson’s final day as Website Administrator rapidly approaching, please consider stepping up to fulfill this critical role. Please contact Kevin Bourassa or any Board member if interested.