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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting: November 19, 2009
Called to order at 6:35pm by President Kevin Bourassa
Board Members Present: Chris Drews, Theresa Spiering, Mike Nundahl, Beth Soberg, Nina Dojan, Kara Chamberlain, Monica Crandall, Brent Eilefson, Dan Marcouiller
Board Members Absent:   Tom Johnson  
Guests: Torri Johnson, Bruce Mason, Cindy Anderson, Colin Crandall, Pat Schumer, Bob Gabler, Rick McKelvie
Minutes: The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 
Brent Eilefson moved to approve October meeting minutes as read.  Theresa Spiering second. Passed without debate.   
Board Roundtable:
President: Made it through first tryout session as President; District 1 Presidents Meeting – discussed redistricting, discussion below; Bantam C – Trying to recruit more players and coaches, folks are stepping forward; Working with High School coaches on both Boys and Girls side to get HS player volunteers; Tournament coming – will send a note about volunteering; Offered services of association to help Randy Bortot. December 19 benefit, St. Anthony Applebees. More info to follow. Randy needs people to help at home and otherwise.
Vice President: Busy with tournament, going smoothly. Looking for volunteer slots to come in on the 21st. Managers’ meeting held, went well. 
Secretary:   No Report
Treasurer:  Budgets went out to Board for comment.
Theresa Spiering moved to approve 2009-10 budget as submitted to and reviewed by the Board. Chris Drews second. Passed without debate. 
Boys Program Coordinator: Teams are moving along—tryouts completed and thanks especially to Rick McKelvie, Jeff Martin and Justin Bjork. Thanks to all evaluators. C Bantam coaching position open if anyone is interested--working hard to find a solution that will work for the entire season, as opposed to stopgap measure. The Boys Coordinator would like to thank the following people who helped evaluate the 2009 IYHA Boys tryouts: Doug Batcha, Justin Bjork, Nick DeBar, Brad DeKanick, Brent Eilefson, Pat Fagerlee, Chuck Ferraro, John Fuhr, Bob Gabler, Rob Hanson, John Healy, Mark Hentges, Phil Herbert, Dan Jobin, Kip LaMotte, Doug Loahr, Jeff Martin, Mike Martinjako, Mark Mohar, Al Morelli, Bob Rief, Rich Sonterre, Tom Welty, Dave Winkel.     
Girls Program Coordinator: 10B/12B out of town tournaments already attended, 12A and 14s have games and tourneys coming up. 8Us some confusion but to be expected with new parents, etc. It will be fine. 
Initiation Program Coordinator: Tons of kids—jersey shortage but on order. Parent meeting successful.   
District Representative: Redistricting big issue. See New Business. District questions need to go to Chris for most efficient processing.
Ice Commissioner: December ice has been released and will be scheduled promptly. All games are scheduled. All Coliseum ice is cancelled pending a repair being made--should be back up after Thanksgiving. 3 hours of goalie clinics set for December. Managing ice to the best of my ability. Managers and team head coaches should be the only people contacting me about ice. Once ice delegated, need to talk to managers and coaches. Ice can be freely traded, sold, etc., you are not locked in. Tons of ice—be thankful this holiday season. See letter posted on website and addendum to these Minutes. 
Registration Coordinator: Books near complete, process has been challenging due to later start. All will be good.
Equipment Manager: Ordered some new tryout pullovers and still trying to get the old ones back. Possibly put names of pullover non-returners on website or send a $20 invoice; Ordered some other equipment from Daves; Ordered extra Initiation Jerseys. We can order coaches sweat suits for $25 apiece.  This will get our new logo out and give these people a small reward for spending this amount of time with our Hockey Players.  It will be consistent with moving our Brand. 

Brent Eilefson moved
that IYHA order and pay for 3 sweat suits per team, and every Board member. for a total of 12 for Initiation, 12 for Girls, 24 Boys and 12 for the Board.  There would be a max total of 60 suits available at a cost of $25 a piece.  Seconded by Nina Dojan. Passed without debate. 
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee: Tryouts ended fine, Dan deserves a lot of credit. Evaluators worked hard. Stuck to the system. Clinics have started, need more coach participation at certain levels. Coaches are to be on the ice. Goalie clinics being scheduled for December, want 2-4 hours per month. Need to be putting in 10-20 minutes of goalie work each practice. Thanks to Jeff Martin—really working with the association which is rare. No bantams moving to HS team. PCD Committee will meet after Thanksgiving.      
Lake Region: Not attended. Lake Region VP position open if anyone is interested.
Fundraising Committee: Met last night, had 6 new people looking to participate. 7 committee members on board per charter, have offered to Rich Sonterre to remain as mentor to the chair. Had more people interested than positions available. Good problem to have. Committee meetings are open and please feel free to attend and participate. Locations to be determined and published. The new committee has agreed to meet the Wednesday before each Board meeting. 219 cookbooks remaining, table at tourney will sell books. Several fundraising opportunities ongoing (Dunn Bros., Hockey Central Sharpening Cards, Knight Outs, etc.). 5k finalized. Bantam teams doing Cub grocery bagging in December. Stamping Up event made $165. 
            Monica Crandall moved that Bob Gabler be named the chairperson of the fundraising committee. Theresa Spiering second. Passed without debate.
            Monica Crandall moved that Melanie Peterson, Kirsten Elmes, Bruce Mason, Leanne Loken be appointed members of the fundraising committee. Nina Dojan second. Passed without debate.
Potential Partnership Committee: Dormant.
Website Update: All sorts of new functionality added to website. Please see addendum to these Minutes.
New Business:  
1.             Volunteer policy clarification. Who is covered? Head coach, first time families, board members are exempt from volunteer hour requirements per July Board meeting resolution. The Board reaffirms that the tournaments are above and beyond coaching, managing, etc., requirements. We need volunteers at the tournaments, expect to make nearly $40k this season. Not a message that assistant coaches, managers, etc. are not important. Generally we all do these things because we want to. As compared to other association requirements, IYHA is on the easy side! 
            Monica Crandall moved to update volunteer policy to change the number of tournament and non-tournament hours to read “tournament and/or non-tournament hours.” Dan Marcouiller second. Passed without debate.
Nina Dojan moved that assistant coaches at initiation level be credited 3 tournament hours. No second. Motion failed.   
2.             Discussion around clarifying IYHA equipment colors. Need to standardize if not clear in past. General thinking is that we should be equipping kids so that by the time they are bantams they are wearing colors consistent with HS. Establish policy early so that younger kids are moving to the right colors as they progress.   Important to look like a team when we hit the ice. Will contemplate this further and report at future board meetings.
3.             Redistricting discussion. MN Hockey has proposed moving IYHA to D2. Solicited comments from IYHA membership, roughly equal response to moving to D10/D2, though several D2 comments focused on merging with MV which is not on the table. 500+ D10 games are played at SuperRink, though there are a few teams that will require travel. D10 we are in the middle of the pack size-wise. D2 has some very large associations, still some travel. Boys coordinator opinion is D10 best fit, based on 4 factors: conference and section assignment, association membership opinion, rink and game locations, size of our program. D10 is well run according to its ex-president. Kevin: D2 pros—MV connection on girls side, tough competition, other St. Paul teams moving there. Cons: our small association size, good competition, a bit less travel.        
            Brent Eilefson moved that IYHA by its President counter-propose to Minnesota Hockey that, in the event D1 will disband, MN Hockey shall place IYHA in D10.   Dan Marcouiller second. Passed following debate. Theresa Speiring nay.
 Theresa Spiering motion to adjourn at 8:47 p.m.   Nina Dojan second. Passed.  
From the IYHA Ice Commissioner
First off I would like to thank everyone for their patience as I try to figure out the best way to distribute ice. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into aquiring ice, then distributing the ice for games, tournaments and practices.

Currently we have over 200 families participating in Irondale hockey, and we have around 1,000 hours of ice to divide amongst 16 teams. As you can imagine, it is an impossible task to avoid all potential conflicts that any family, parent, coach, or team may have with the schedule.

We are playing games in District 1 and District 2 this season. Each district has their own timeline that doesn't necessarily coincide with what is easiest or what makes the most sense for Irondale hockey. They understandably have their own agenda, and we must comply with their timelines or be subject to expensive fees. I could go on and on regarding some of the other challenges that are faced in creating the schedule, but I won't bore you with all of the intimate details. Feel free to pull me aside one day if you are interested and we can talk. :-)

My purpose in writing this letter is to share a glimpse into this world that I am becoming more and more familiar with each day. I am a volounteer and like most of you I put in countless hours of my free time to contribute to Irondale hockey in the best way that I know how.

When ice is posted feel free to swap, share, trade or do whatever you need to do to make it work for your team. I am here to help you in any way I can so please do talk to me if you need help. I hope it goes without saying that a calm and cooperative approach will solicit the best response.

Also note that there are several things that are just flat outside of my control. All I can do is offer my assistance and help with the things that I can control.

I've met many great people in the 5 years I've been involved with Irondale hockey as a hockey parent and a volounteer, and as my children mature in the program I hope to meet many more. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your cooperation going forward.


Kara Chamberlain
From the IYHA Website Administrator
For Irondale Parents
As the season begins, here is a quick review of information that may help you and your team.

Rink locations
: The rinks we visit are listed in 3 places. 1) The Area Rinks used in the schedule are located on the home page/left hand side. You can sort them by city or by name. You can print them and leave a copy in your car. It makes a nice Christmas present for the grandparents so they can come to all your practices and games! 2) A link to is in the Hockey Parents section across the top. These are rinks in Minnesota and in some surrounding areas. 3) is in the Hockey Parents section across the top. These are rinks across the county and in an easy to find format.  

Practice Using a Clock Just Like the Pros: A simulator is on our website along with instructions so you can learn to run the clock for your team and for tournaments. If you practice at home, it is not nearly as intimidating as learning “on the job”. Go to the Hey Coach section on the left hand side of the home page. 

Exchange: Post items you have for sale (hockey related please), items you are looking for, or even items you lost at the rink. Click on the Exchange button on the left hand side of the home page.

Hockey Parents Tab: Information for Hockey Parents is posted along the top of the website under the Hockey Parents Tab. There is information on medical issues, hockey stories, hockey videos and fun projects. If you have anything to add to that section, let the Website Administrator know by using the Feedback button.

(1)               Game Results - Watch for game updates along the right hand side of the home page as they come in. Any game that is run by a referee is recorded as a game result. This includes District 1, District 2, and District 3 games, Tournament results, and Game Scrimmages. Controlled scrimmages run by coaches are not recorded, nor are Initiation Festivals.

(2)               Game write-ups – If the team manager submitted a synopsis of the game, a pencil mark will show next to the game result on the home page. Click on the pencil to see the game write-up.

(3)               Standings - To see the standings of all the teams (IYHA teams only), go to Our Teams along the top bar and Standings. You will need to choose either Boys or Girls to see the overall standings for those teams.

(4)               Statistics – To see the overall statistics for the Boys or Girls divisions, go to Our Teams/statistics. Only the statistics for the teams that choose to record them will show in this area. Click on Division Top 20 to see the overall totals for the division.

As always, your feedback is welcome. This is your website and it should be meaningful for you. The fastest way to provide feedback is by clicking on the Feedback button on the left hand side of the home page.

IYHA Board Information
There is now a Team Registration feature available for IYHA to use. It is most commonly used for tournament registrations but can be used for teams to register for internal type events.
Website Agreements from last season were delivered to the IYHA secretary per the Website Policy
A volunteer hours comparison is being developed and was presented to the board. It will go onto the website under the volunteer tab.
Benefit for Coach Randy Bortot
As many of you are aware, Coach Bortot was involved in a serious motorcycle accident while driving to the SuperRink. Randy has been involved in coaching with IYHA for many years, and his kids have all gone through IYHA or are still playing for IYHA. A pancake breakfast benefit has been organized and will be held Saturday, December 19, 2009 from 8am to 10am at the St. Anthony Applebees. All proceeds will benefit Randy as he faces a lengthy and expensive recovery. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Schilling at 651-408-4555.