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 Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes


IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  August 20, 2009. 

Called to order at 6:32 by President Kevin Bourassa

Board Members Present:  Chris Drews, Theresa Spiering, Mike Nundahl, Kara Chamberlain, Tom Johnson, Dan Marcouiller

Board Members Absent:   Brent Eilefson, Nina Dojan, Monica Crandall, Beth Soberg

Guests:  Tim and Patti Fredberg, David Larson, Cindy Anderson, Torri Johnson, Rick McKelvie

Minutes:  The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 

Kara Chamberlain  moved to approve July meeting minutes as read.  Dan Marcouiller second.  Passed without debate.   

Board Roundtable:

President:  Gave update on District 1 and Participation Rule.  District 1 is making proposals to Minnesota Hockey for redistricting and bringing more teams in, and or moving some teams out.  The talk does involve IYHA going to District 2 or 10.  Great job at the parades.  They were a success.

Vice President:  No report

Secretary:  Not present. 

Treasurer:  Theresa handed out profit loss statement and a balance sheet.  MAP will be doing the taxes again this year and we proactively filed both the federal and state extensions.  We are searching for an $11k asset from sometime in the 90’s and are thinking it may have been initial uniforms purchase. Also a note of $14k in equity previously non reported will be brought under the umbrella for this fiscal year.  Regarding Audit Committee, looking for assurance that the items set forth have been completed.

Boys Program Coordinator:   We are registered but not paid for the Super rink tournaments.  We are planning approx 2 tourneys per team.   Planning to run A, B, and C teams at Squirts and Peewee levels, Bantams are unknown at this time.  Training camp dates and times are set.

Chris Drews motion:  Due to extenuating circumstances move to extend deadline of naming coaches to the September board meeting.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed unanimously.

Girls Program Coordinator:  Tournaments are registered and checks have been sent.  Will have coaches meeting before Labor Day.  Coaches are set for 10U and 14U.  Finalizing skill training.  12U are just about set.  Coaches are as follows:  U10 (Rhonda McConnell, Darren McConnell, Dan Beckman, Mike Nundahl); U12 (Kip LaMotte, Rhonda McConnell, Darren McConnell, Mark Rupp, Jon Hansen, Michael Durheim, Mark Hentges, Ellie Isaacson, Rich Sonterre); U8 - Potential to combine with MV (Michael Durheim, Kaitlyn Durheim).

Initiation Program Coordinator:  Not present.  President read statement.  We made $250 at the slap shot booth.

District Representative:  CEP Levels need to be completed by 12/31!!  We will be playing with D 2 this year again.  CEP Clinic dates. Level 1 Oct 11th, Level 2 Oct 18th, Level 3 Nov 1st.  No A, B, C designation for mites.  Register all on one team.

Ice Commissioner:  We have split ice with Mounds View.  Training camp and try outs are set.  Sending blocks of ice to D2 for game scheduling.  We are still looking for an additional 250 hours of ice.

Registration Coordinator:  In person registration will be at the lets Learn to Skate days.  Need to buy new folders for teams.

Equipment Manager:  Waiting on Jerseys and Socks.  Dave’s is continuing to outfit first times players with equipment for $75-$100, not including skates and sticks.  Tim Fredberg is checking to see if High School will donate some older unused equipment.

Standing Reports:

Player and Coach Development Committee:  Training camp and warm ups are coming together.  Kevin Gorg will be coming out to work with our goalies a few times this year.  Seeking some High Schoolers to help with training camps as assistants.  Warm Ups will consist of heavy skills work, competition, and 3 on 3 stuff.

Lake Region:  Net Profit for the month from Champps, Meisters, Moe’s and Big Ten.

Fundraising Committee:  Sold 127 cookbooks so far.  Need to sell 142 to break even.  Looking for new committee members.

Potential Partnership Committee:  No report.

Website Update:  Looking for Volunteer Policy.  Looking for Tournament Info.  Should survey results be posted? 

New Business:  

Waiver Policy presented.

                Dan Marcouiller moved to accept the waiver policy as written with the amendment of a period being placed after candidate and the rest of the sentence is stricken.  Tom Johnson second.  Passed unanimously.

Waiver Policy:

USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey rules require that skaters register and play on teams in their geographic area/community.  Players are to participate on teams from their local association based on the geographic attendance area of the player’s school.  Players wishing to play in a different association (for any reason) must receive a waiver approval from IYHA to do so. A player that participates without the necessary waiver is considered an ineligible player.  IYHA will enforce a “no waiver” policy.  IYHA will not waive a player to another association unless there is not a team opportunity for that skater at IYHA.  This rule does not apply to true cooperative arrangements with other associations or schools, including independent cooperative arrangements for girls under District 1 policies.  A formal protest will be filed against any Minnesota Hockey team registering an IYHA area skater.  IYHA will follow the District 1 policy on waiving-in players from other associations that do not field teams at the appropriate ability level of the player.  IYHA reserves the right to refuse waive-in candidates.

The president asked that all board members look at the bylaws and bring suggestions to the next meeting

Theresa Spiering motion to adjourn at 9:19 p.m.  Chris Drews second.  Passed.