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Irondale Youth Hockey Association May Meeting Minutes




IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  June 18, 2009.


Called to order at 6:36 p.m. by President Kevin Bourassa


Board Members Present:  Monica Crandall, Brent Eilefson, Theresa Spiering, Chris Drews, Mike Nundahl, Kara Chamberlain, Nina Dojan, Beth Soberg, Tom Johnson


Board Members Absent:   None


Guests: Rick Laporte, Bo Parsons, Rick McKelvie, Cindy Anderson, Barry Rog, Jeff Martin


Minutes:  The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.   


Special Election for Boys Coordinator:


President read each of the 3 candidates’ statements.  Board conducted ballot vote, President abstained.  By majority vote of Board members, Dan Marcouiller is elected Boys Coordinator to fulfill remaining two years of present term.


                Chris Drews moved to approve the vote of Dan Marcouiller as Boys Coordinator.  Mike Nundahl second.  Passed without debate. 


                Brent Eilefson moved to amend Bob Gabler’s April motion to reflect that the new Boys Coordinator shall present to the Board no later than the July Board meeting a boys’ Tryout Process.  Kara Chamberlain seconded.  Passed without debate.


Board Roundtable:


President:  Reviewed Director of Player and Coach Development (DPCD) job description.  Introduced Rick McKelvie as DPCD nominee.


Rick provided statement and discussion about the position.  Questions from board and peanut gallery.    


Brent Eilefson moved to accept the President’s recommendation to appoint Rick McKelvie as our Director of Player and Coach Development, pending Board approval of a contract between Mr. McKelvie and IYHA to be negotiated by the President, Initiation Coordinator, Girls Coordinator, Boys Coordinator, and one at large member of IYHA to be identified by the President.  The DPCD contract will be presented for Board approval at the July Board meeting.  Seconded by Chris Drews.  Passed after debate.


President excited about DPCD and Boys Coordinator picks.


Vice President:  Thanksgiving Tournament committee meeting snafu-but will get Thanksgiving tourney ad in Lets Play Hockey.


Secretary:  No report.


Treasurer:  Recap of team refunds/debts.  Initiation still being resolved.  IYHA Budgets should be ready for July meeting.


Boys Program Coordinator:  Vacant position. 


Girls Program Coordinator:  (1) I’m trying to set up a meeting with Mounds View’s girls’ coordinator to discuss the future of the girls program and potential co-ops for the upcoming season hopefully the week of 6/21; (2) A former Irondale player has expressed interest in helping to coach in the girls program - will contact to discuss openings/options; (3) Rich Sonterre will be trying to put together a U12 team for the fall Showcase league; (4) Hockey moms make the best recruiters - U8’s & U10’s recruit your child’s friends and fellow players from your other sports.


Initiation Program Coordinator:  Various initiation event dates being looked at so can leverage at parades


                Nina Dojan moved to approve the expenditure of $800 to order t-shirts to sell to kids, players and parents to wear at parades and IYHA events, etc., to represent IYHA.  Kara Chamberlain seconded.  Passed after debate.


New IYHA logo selected following a process involving re-design, creation of 9 different logos, preference votes among various IYHA members.  Recommended that a style guide be developed for alternate uses (on jerseys, e.g.).


                Brent Eilefson moved to approve new Irondale Hockey logo as submitted.  Kara Chamberlain seconded.  Passed after debate.


President notes that this logo is our brand and will be used exclusively for all future orders of apparel, letterhead, etc.


District Representative:  Report presented by President.  Southwest letter and impact discussed.  Tier 1 and Tier 2 idea out the window.


                Brent Eilefson moved to approve President to direct D1 to import teams into D1 in 2010 or to have D1 let IYHA explore moving to another district starting 2010-11 season.  Tom Johnson seconded.  Passed after debate. 


Ice Commissioner:  MaxEnterprise training complete.  Ice committee formed and has met, tasks delegated.  Additional ice being purchased. 


Registration Coordinator:  Received software for registration, still need in July:


1.     How many teams we will have

2.     Try-outs. How many and when

3.     Warm-ups. How many and when

4.     Type of registration. Do we still need to have a paper registration date if we are doing everything else online?

5.     Apparel – are we going ahead with team apparel and how will we be adding that in to the registration fee? Will it be included or a separate fee?

6.     Registration fee?

7.     Parental code of conduct. We were informed that this year there will be a parental code of conduct that needs to be signed by parents. Is this ok to electronically link with online registration?

Would like to have most of this clarified by July meeting so that Torri has time to get everything we need for online registration ready to go.  Checking on electronic signature for parental codes of conduct.


Equipment Manager:  Socks need to be ordered before July.  Jerseys need to be ordered shortly as well.  Discussed state of current jerseys, especially at older levels.  Will explore screen printing as opposed to tackle twill to see cost differential.


Standing Reports:


Player and Coach Development Committee: 


Nina Dojan moved to amend membership of PCD Committee to be comprised of DPCD, all 3 coordinators, and 3 additional at-large members to be selected by the group of coordinators and DPCD.   Term shall be one year in length.  Beth Soberg seconded.  Passed after debate.


Lake Region:  President attended Lake Region meeting, reported that it was very interesting and others should try and attend:  Lake Region reported $392k worth of pulltabs sold, gave out $332k in winnings, after taxes and expenses, net is $1553 to LR.  Should be noted that we received over $15k last year from pulltabs, currently at about $6k for 2009.


Fundraising Committee:  Monica Crandall reported.  Cookbook—300 books will cost $1200.00; 500 books at $1700.  Will sell at 3 festivals, 5k run, tournaments, and Moe’s buy one meal/get one meal coupon (and potentially others) will be included as part of the purchase price. 


                Nina Dojan moved to amend May motion to approve $1700 spend for 500 IYHA cookbooks.  Tom Johnson seconded.  Passed after debate.     


5k run additional insurance being looked at. 


IYHA, please copy Monica Crandall on every communication re: fundraising so she can make sure all efforts are coordinated.  Also, please attend a fundraising committee meetin--all are invited and welcome--contact Monica regarding meeting times. 


Need to remind Medtronic employees (and others?) that if they volunteer 40 hours or more, Medtronic will give $500 to IYHA (Time and Talent program).


Potential Partnership Committee:  Rick Laporte presented.  Como/Johnson co-op done; Roseville, Spring Lake Park not interested.  IYHA co-op with MV girls and MV initiation discussions to take place.  PPC otherwise on standby.


Website Update:  No report provided. 


New Business:


Brent Eilefson moved to institute the 10,000 puck shot and save club this off-season, with a long-sleeve t-shirt awarded to those who accomplish the feat.  Tom Johnson seconded.  Passed without debate.


10,000 Puck Club shot/save chart should be made available for download on the IYHA website.


The meeting adjourned at 9:33 p.m.