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Irondale Youth Hockey Association

Board Meeting: Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.

at the New Brighton Family Service Center, New Brighton, MN.

Address: IYHA, PO Box 120114, New Brighton, MN   55112 Website:

From President (Tom Lucarelli):


Hi Hockey Fans,


Well with a little luck soon the temperatures will warm up and we will finally get some semblance of a summer. Hopefully you’ve gotten your hockey “fix” by watching a great Stanley Cup series.


Even though there are not any hockey games or practices, there are still plenty of things going on to prepare for the upcoming season. Jackie Rog has been working on the ice scheduling and the Boys and Girls Coordinators have been getting things going for warm-ups, tryouts and soon will be advertising for coaching positions.


Keep up to date with postings on the IYHA website. Torri Johnson does a great job with the site. Look for upcoming events like skating in the parades this summer, training opportunities and other IYHA functions.


As I have mentioned before, any ideas you have to promote the association and increase membership can only make the program stronger.


Have a safe and enjoyable summer.





From Web Master (Torri Johnson):


Website update:

1) Email addresses - As the new season approaches, it is a good time to think about your email addresses.  If you want to add, delete or change an email address used by the website for reminders and team messages, you can make the change a couple of ways.  You can log onto your account on the website (Edit My Account at the bottom left of the home page) or you can send an email to the web administrator (Feedback button along the left hand side of the homepage).

2) Text message reminders - if you like the automatic reminders of games and practices, you may also like the text message feature.  You have control over this information.  You can enter your cell phone number and your provider and you will get text message reminders.  The website does not charge you for this information, but your cell phone provider charges do apply.  You can log onto your account on the website (Edit My Account at the bottom left of the home page) or you can send an email to the web administrator (Feedback button along the left hand side of the homepage).

3)  An RSS Feed is now available - You may have noticed that there is now an orange button on the home page for an "RSS Feed".  This feature allows visitors to receive automatic updates of news items through their "news aggregator" program such as Internet Explorer, Google, Yahoo, etc. This is a great tool that is being utilized by most popular news sites and will allow you to automatically be informed of Irondale Youth Hockey news. If you already use a news aggregator like Google Reader or My Yahoo, add the subscription by clicking on the orange RSS button next to Headlines to get the path. A news aggregator is like your own web page that delivers the news you want directly to your own web page without having to visit several different web pages.  In our case, It allows you to get the Irondale News that is posted on the home page "delivered" to you without the use of an email address.  You can check your "Google Reader" or "My Yahoo" page and see all the latest news that you chose to have delivered to you.  Try it out!

4)  On-line Registration - We still plan to offer on-line registration this year.  Now that we have some experience, expect it to be even better.  Stay tuned!



Please Note:  The IYHA Board Meetings for June, July and August will start at 6:00 pm instead of the regular 6:30 pm time. 



IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.

Please feel free to come to the meetings. If you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at any meeting, please email or call Jean Aukee and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for 2007/2008 Board meetings are the

third Thursday of every month at 6:30 (6:00 in summer) p.m.  Our meetings are held at the New Brighton Family Service Center.

Meetings will be:  July 17 and August 21.

NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact the IYHA President.

Lake Region Board Meetings:

Lake Region Hockey meetings are open meetings. Contact Jeanne Falconer for dates and times of the next meetings.


Sponsors for teams are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Jean Aukee of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!

IYHA: **Lake Region Hockey Association**, **Moes**, **Champps**, **Katies**, **Make It Big Photos**, **Our Bar and Grill** and **Big 10 Tavern**

Team Sponsorships:



Bantam:  **Response Fire Protection**

Pee Wee A:  **Synergy Ltd** and **Minnesota Conway**

Pee Wee C:  **Western Bank**, ** Dr. John Hollerud, MD** and **Minnesota Epilepsy Group**

Squirt B:  **Caroline Bell Beckman & Law Firm of Jensen, Bell, Converse & Erickson** and **Bio Instruments Incorporated**


Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them!

When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.  

                Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA) Board Members 2007-2008



Tom Lucarelli



Vice President

Monica Crandall


763-234-9316 (c)



Theresa Spiering


763-780-4548 (h)



Jean Aukee


763-783-8561 (h)


Ice Commissioner

Jackie Rog


651-636-6978 (h)

Boys Program Coordinator

Mark Rupp


651-269-3027 (h & c)

Girls Program Coordinator

Mike Nundahl


651-633-8287 (h)

Initiation Coordinator

Bob Gabler


651-697-4708 (h)



Tom Johnson




Jeanne Falconer


763-458-5946 (cell)

651-486-1235 (w)

District Representative


Chris Drews


651-329-3124 (cell)

Non-Board Position:

ACE Coordinator

Tadd Tuomie and Player Development Committee



Irondale Youth Hockey Association May Meeting Minutes:


IYHA Meeting Board Meeting:  May 15, 2008.  Note: These minutes have not been approved. They will be reviewed, corrected as needed, and approved at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting.


Called to order at 6:31 p.m. by President Tom Lucarelli.


Board Members Present:  Tom Lucarelli, Mike Nundahl, Jean Aukee, Chris Drews, Tom Johnson, Monica Crandall, Theresa Spiering, Mark Rupp, Jackie Rog and Mike Nundahl


Board Members Absent:  Bob Gabler, Jeanne Falconer and Tom O’Keefe


Guests:  Brian Johnson, Colin Crandall, Torri Johnson and Paul Dulin


Minutes:  Motion to accept board meeting minutes as presented (JR) (CD), motion carried.  Motion to accept election meeting minutes as presented (JR) (CD), motion carried. 


President Tom L welcomed the new board members – Monica Crandall, Theresa Spiering, Mark Rupp and Mike Nundahl


Old Business: 


a.       Fundraising Committee Document – review and approve

a.       Jackie had a question on item E on page 1 – should those be sent to the board?

b.       Jean had a question on item H on page 2 – should that be removed?

c.        Mark had a question on the document title - bylaws vs policies – wanted to simplify

d.       Mark asked if there could be a standing fundraising committee report at each monthly board meeting

e.       Mark questioned the staggered committee members – so all don’t go away at the end of the first term – should we divided the committee into 2 group – one done after 1 year and the other done after 2 years

Jackie made a motion to approve the fundraising committee document with item E changed to include some kind of communication sent to the board after each meeting (can be just an email sent to the board within a couple weeks of the meeting), with the removal of item H on page 2 and with the term changed to be ½ the committee members are done after a 1 year term (for the first term only) and ½ the committee members are done after a 2 year term with ongoing 2 year terms for all thereafter – CD second – all approved – motion carried


b.       Tournament Director – JF comment via email – our bylaws state the vice president will be the tournament director – Cheryl Mason had volunteered to be tournament director – she will need to be the assistant tournament director to Monica as the official tournament director – just a small detail to ensure we abide with our bylaws


New Business:


                a.  Nothing 


Board Roundtable:


President: Tom Lucarelli. – Tom has another bill from the City of New Brighton MV (changed per approval of minutes at June 19th Board Meeting) for the storage space at Brightwood Golf Course – he gave it to Tom O and Theresa S to be paid.  The rental is good thru the end of December 2008 – we pay a lot for a small space – still need to look into other possible storage spaces.  We need to start advertising for coaching positions.  Tom sent thank you notes to the MN Wild company that paid us $250 for saves during “our” designated game and $750 for our program sales game.  We need to get going on fundraising.  Tom passed around an email from FHIT – they are taking over the Herb Brooks Training Center at the SSR – next Tuesday drop by and check it out.  Tom has received a lot of information from Chamber of Commerce – there is a golf outing on June 3rd – if interested 4-somes are being put together.


Vice President: Monica Crandall. – nothing to report.


Secretary: Jean Aukee. – PO Box rate will be going up in May – Jean will present the IYHA survey results at the June meeting


Treasurer: Tom O’Keefe/Theresa Spiering. – see handouts dated 5/12/08 – some expenses and revenues come in later than 4/30/08 which is our fiscal year end – we spent less than budgeted – biggest difference was in ice time – $1000 Lake Region money counted even though check was sent directly to the SSR – profits from SSR tournament also included – Question regarding if we have a fund (checking account) balance – Per Tom, not included but if you look at the last page of the details that ending balance is the actual amount in our account – In June the checkbooks and all account information will transfer from Tom to Theresa – Tom’s intent in the last 2 years was to make the treasurer process more transparent to the membership – He has learned a lot about fraud in our kinds of organizations – He has 4 main concerns that he would like to share as he leaves – 1) Lake Region (LR) – need a better accounting of where this money goes – are all LR members being charged the same $5 as IYHA – last year we only had a $780 net income – we paid $1220 in membership dues and they gave us $2000 from pull tabs.  2) SSR tournament account – checking account with Lake Region – need a better accounting of this.  3) Initiation account balance – very high balance – needs to be looked at.  4) Fundraising committee – will they have their own account (i.e. checkbook)?  If so, how will this be reviewed?  Finally Tom O thanked the board for his opportunity to serve – the board thanked Tom O for his service – it was good to see the accounting reports each month - $6000 initiation overage still needs to be addressed.  (Tom J interjection - Dave’s sports – possibly partner up with us for equipment for new kids – could he come to a board meeting to present a plan?  Yes per Tom L.  Tom J will contact them and set something up.)  (Another interjection – will Edison have an association?  Yes per JR they will be running all C teams.)  We need to make a motion to do something with the initiation overage with a certain due date if nothing resolved by Bob – some refunds have been done for this past season – don’t have far to go to make it free for first and second year mites – even $100 may be too expensive for a season for a mite – equipment and ice time need to be considered – Motion by JR - if a viable plan for the disbursement of the initiation account overage is not presented to the board by the end of the June 19th board meeting, then the board will determine how to spend it.  (Per Tom O we need to get our final accounting report to the auditor in June.)  TJ second – all approved – motion carried.  (Jean will communicate to Bob so he can work on this.)  Brian J had similar concerns about the Lake Region account and the SSR tournament committee – ½ the group understood that dinner would be paid for and ½ thought it would not be paid for.  Apparently all LR members dinners are paid for each month at the LR meetings.  Jackie (as LR rep) will identify signors for LR and will ask about statements of account.  During July and August we will do the budget for next year.


Girls Program Coordinator: Mike Nundahl. – Will goalie clinics be offered again this summer?  Will we be offering the cheaper registration for goalie camps ($250)?  May not be a goalie clinic this summer anyway per JR.  Mike contacted Tom Rodefeld regarding doing a meeting between the HS and IYHA like we did with for the boys program with Jeff Martin.  Mike is still talking to St Anthony HS girls – was a parent meeting – waiting to hear outcome of that meeting – will MN hockey decide what we can and can’t do? – 8 to 10 girls could be affected – Mike will talk to the Athletic Director at St Anthony HS.


Initiation Program Coordinator: Bob Gabler. – not present, no report.  Per Torri, she received no follow up from Bob on the Acceleration MN program option from last months meeting.


Boys Program Coordinator: Mark Rupp. – Thanks to the membership for voting.  He has many things to do.  He has met with Mark Mohar and with Jeff Martin.  He attended the Jeff Martin IYHA meeting – it went very well.  He has set up an advisory committee – all levels will be represented – Doug Loahr, Paul Dulin, Dan Marcoullier, Tommy Bastian and Jeff Martin.  He will be analyzing ice data from all teams from 07/08 season – how tweak?  More or less shared ice etc?  Also analyzing player data from Jeanne F – thanks – kids at each level – where will we be next year?  Dan Franke – preliminary conversation – he schedules fall football so coordinating with him so football and hockey won’t interfere (s/b talking to Dan and not Jeff Smith).  He is also working with Jackie on ice time for tryouts – maybe same as last year because ice already determined.  Will be setting up a coaches wrap up meeting - all coaches should attend – recap 07/08 and plan 08/09.  Will also be setting up a bantam parent meeting – need to discuss “tug” with HS program.  Question for Mark – at coaches meetings should also plan tournaments in July (JR question) so she can plan ice times better.  Also need to plan tryouts around LEC.  See copy of Mark’s meeting notes below:


Ø       Thank you again to our membership for their support during the election last month.

Ø       I hit the ground running as much work needs to be done.  A great many, many things are on my plate, and they are all vying for #1.  In no particular order:

Ø       Met with Mark Mohar to talk about transition issues and questions – very fruitful

Ø       Met extensively with Jeff Martin to get acquainted and exchange thoughts and ideas regarding our boys program.  It was a very good and productive meeting.  I am looking forward to very positive outcomes moving forward. 

Ø       Attended Jeff Martin’s association wide “get to know you” meeting at Freedom Park.

Ø       Set up an advisory committee to help sort out ideas and provide a kind of sounding board.  Each level is represented as well as a couple of ad hoc members.  These members are: bantams->Doug Loahr, peewees->Paul Dulin, squirts->Dan Marcoullier, goalies->Tommy Bastian, along with Jeff Martin.

Ø       Among a number of things, I will soon be working on a coach’s handbook in conjunction with my advisory committee.

Ø       I received ice data from all teams from the 2007-08 season from Torri Johnson – thank you.   I intend to analyze it for a number of things such as practice to game ratios, shared practices, single sheets, etc.

Ø       I received player data from Jeanne Falconer – thank you.  I intend to review this information for the number of kids at each level and possibly the number of teams as well.

Ø       I have had very preliminary conversations with Dan Franke concerning coordination of warm up/try out ice schedules and youth football.  More conversations with Dan will be forthcoming to avoid as many conflicts as possible.

Ø       The Laurentian dates with our elementary schools will be taken into account to help avoid conflicts during warm ups and tryouts.  However ice was purchased this past January which will affect scheduling.

Ø       We will be scheduling a coach’s season wrap up meeting in the very near future.  It is very important all coaches attend.  We will talk about the just completed season as well as do some planning for the season coming up, 2008-2009.

Ø       We will also be scheduling a Bantam parent meeting in the near future as well.  Topics will be wide and varied, so parents are asked to make every effort to attend.

District Representative: Chris Drews. – There is a mandatory registration meeting on Wednesday, May 28th – Jackie will tell Jeanne details.  October 25th – date for scheduling games – will be done differently than in the past – names will be drawn out of a hat to choose games – need to know number of teams for each level.  Nov 19th will be the 1st day to play a game and Feb 17th will be the last day to play a game.  District playoffs will be 2 separate weekends – regions March 6, 7 and 8 – Bantam A and Pee Wee A will be hosted by us – Nov 5th – coaches meeting – Monica do something?  Referees got a raise – between $2 and $10 per game because there have been no raises in the last 10 years – by District 1 board approval.  There will be 3 nominations for playoffs at A and B level but playoff game to determine the 3rd team.  The IRS is auditing the Buffalo youth hockey association – employee vs contract issues – treasurers should talk to Mark Jorgenson with USA Hockey.  Edison arena will be all turf all year for soccer – Chris update too – audit complete for District – August 1st – Chris on committee to interview auditors. Chris is communicating with Mark Mohar to run for an open District position.  See Jackie’s (she attended for Chris) notes from meeting below:


District notes:  May 12, 2008


Jeanne:  Online register


Mandatory Meeting:  Wednesday May 28, 2008 at 7:00 pm at OB’s 

                                                Dinner will be supplied


Game Scheduling will be- Oct 25, 2008 Ice scheduler must attend with all there ice.

                                                                Supply one extra person at each level to help.


                                                       Nov 19, 2008 1st date of games

                                                        Feb 17, 2008 Last date of games


District game some will be Feb 19, 20, 21, 22

                                                        Feb 28, 29 March 1


Regional’s                               March 6, 7, 8


USA hockey will run the A State tournaments for Bantam A and Pewee A


Coach’s meeting Nov 5, 2008


Bantam 3 hour block:  A 1 ½ hour

                                                B 1 ½ hours

                                                C I hour

Referee received a raise; all squirt, all peewee and c bantam raised by 2 dollar a game.

                                                A bantam and b bantam raised by 10.00/x.


Irondale doesn’t owe any money at this time.


District voted on teams going out of district 1 that 2 teams will go and the 3rd team will have a playoff game with District 4 for the third spot.  At the A & B Levels.


IRS is look at Buffalo Youth Hockey on Employee vs Contract

IRS says no contractors.  Work man Comp issue.  District on say the treasure should speak to Mark Joergson on the issue to get more details.


Ice Commissioner: Jackie Rog.  – 2 issues – One of the U of M ice checks has not been cashed – SSR still a small amount due.  Talking to Brandon at SSR about more ice on rinks 5, 6 and 7.  Still looking at U of M and Coliseum ice.

Registration Coordinator: Jeanne Falconer. –- not here – read her email regarding a couple items – VP tournament director designation, team books still outstanding and online registration.

Equipment Manager: Tom Johnson. – see Dave’s Sports comment from above – Initiation program jerseys and socks for all – need to be ordered ahead of time – send association wide email asking who coming back?  No, was on the survey and can always order more.  We need more small sizes.  Same item from last month – replace jerseys next year?  Looked at them and they seem OK – cost is about $55 each so $110 per player – now 8 years old – start replacing them?  Beckman sponsor and fundraising committee options – get a sewing committee to remove District 1 patches or start a “buy your number” program and use each year?  Per Torri, she received no follow up from Tom on the goalie equipment purchasing question from last months meeting.


Standing Reports:


Player and Coach Development: Mark Rupp. – He is still trying to get his arms around this.  Jackie had a question on skills clinics?  Yes, we will have them so Mark needs to tell her ice time needs – See copy of Mark’s meeting notes below:


Ø      Still trying to get a handle around this.

Ø      Have not had a recent meeting to my knowledge

Lake Region: Jeanne Falconer. – not present, but emailed that the meeting will be on the 20th so no report.  Since Theresa is planning on attending the meetings, she will be the liaison between the IYHA board & the LR board.  She will be a member at large, sitting in for Pat O'Connor.

More business – For the meetings during the summer months, can we move them to an earlier time frame like 6:00?  Agreed the June, July and August meeting will start at 6:00.  Jean will change in minutes and Torri will change on the website.


Torri question – will District 1 be providing $500 for marketing again?  Per Chris, yes.


Motion – JR – IYHA will pay half (up to $250) of goalie camps attended in the summer, MR second, all approved, motion carried.


Volunteer commitment for next year – concrete hours and fee that will be collected at time of registration – formalize for June meeting – per family vs per player – Monica draft something for next meeting?  Need to be specific to tournament hours vs. other hours?  Possibly increase hours and not make specific to tournament?


Parade coordination - Heidi Dulin will do – per Monica the dates are August 1st for St Anthony, August 7th for New Brighton and August 17th for Mounds View.  Maybe should do Let Play Hockey night right after parades?  Include registration dates in parade flyer – Heidi wants to really promote the parade – maybe we should get a booth at NB Stockyard Days? - collect information from people and contact them regarding registration or get a room for a shoot the puck thru a board game at the Sunnyside or Pinewood carnivals – all the elementary school have them – or give out pencils with IYHA on them and website address.


No additional business


Motion to adjourn meeting (JR) (CD); motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:21 p.m.


Would you like to have something published in the newsletter? Please contact Jean Aukee. Would you like something on the Web Site? Contact Torri Johnson at Information you share is helpful in keeping our members up to date about activities of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association! (The deadline for the next month’s newsletter is the first of each month.) Thank you!