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Irondale Youth Hockey Association
Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, January 17, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.
in the New Brighton Family Service Center, New Brighton, MN.
Address: IYHA, PO Box 120114, New Brighton, MN   55112 Website:
From President (Tom Lucarelli):
Hi again,
I hope you all had a great Holiday Break. The weather was perfect for outdoor skating so, I hope your Knight was able to get out and show off their hockey skills.
We are at a point in the hockey season where there are a lot of games and tournaments coming up. It is a busy time and it is important to maintain a positive attitude especially going into the end of the season playoffs.   With the New Year, begins a new season and opportunity for improvement. Let’s all strive for a strong showing the balance of the season.
Public Service Announcement - if you get the chance please stop out and support those establishments that support IYHA.
If you have an opportunity to go out and watch another Irondale team play a game go out and do so – it is fun to see how other teams play and you might pick up a few good pointers.
See you all at the rink.
From Website Administrator (Torri Johnson)
Website Tips
1. Do you need to send a quick note to your coach or team manager, but don't remember their email address? Go to "Team Contacts" along the left hand side and click on the plus signs to get details of each team. Click on the name and an email form will come up. Put in your name and email (which will become the "from" in your email), type your message and send it on.
2. Do you want to include an attachment with your email using the website? This might seem like a lot of work, but it is actually quite simple and will avoid any viruses that could happen with attachments.
Put your cursor at the spot where you would like to attach a document.
Click on the link icon (looks like a chain link next to the smiley face in the 2nd row) Click on Browse Server button Click on the File tab along the top of the popup Click on Browse button Find your file and click Open Click Upload Click OK At this point, you'll have a link in your message to a file that will then exist on the server. When the recipients receive your email, they'll be able to simply click the link to download the file. The outgoing email will be much smaller than one with an attachment and will be far less likely to be blocked by any spam filters along the way. This is one of the nice advantages of using the website.
3. Each team has their own page to post documents and team pictures. You can also review your team results. Go to Teams along the top of the web page and select your team to get started. For things that require a password, use your own Irondale account or use the team password that was given to your team manager.
4. IYHA Tournament results - a new tab is now available to list Irondale Tournament results. For now, only this season and some of the 2006-2007 season is listed and we would like to get all known awards listed. Please take a look at the Tournament/IYHA Tournament results tab across the top of the home page and send an email to the website (Go to Contacts) and send some known results. We'll go back as far as you can remember. It would be good to get some history in there.
5. Ice Needed/For Sale - there is a new tab under the Team Manager (along the top) to see if there is any Ice For Sale. If you are looking for more ice, look here or post a note in the Ice Needed section. Instructions are included.

From Boys Coordinator (Mark Mohar):
Upcoming Goalie Clinics:
Irondale Youth Hockey Association will be hosting the following goalie clinics:
Friday, January 18: 5:15-7:30 PM            Super Rink 4
Saturday, February 2: 1:30-3:45 PM        Super Rink 4
Teams: please plan to have at least one coach from your team present to be on the ice at each of the goalie clinics. 
Player/Coach Development
Coaches: Please make sure that at least two of your coaches are on the ice for each skill clinic your team is scheduled for.  Coaches are needed to assist in running the clinics.  The clinic times are also times for coach development.  Our goal is to take what we do in the skill clinics and have our team practices be an extension of the skill clinics.

S.K.A.T.E. Program Coordinator – IYHA is looking for someone to head up the SKATE program for IYHA – please contact Cheryl Mason if interested. Thanks!
at "Moe's" on County 10 in Mounds View
Saturday, February 2, 2008
8:00am to 11:00am

OK, so it's Groundhog Day!  Don't go back into the house and hide if you see your shadow.  Join the A-Bantams at Moe's for our Spring Tourney Trip Fundraiser.
IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.
Please feel free to come to the meetings. If you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at any meeting, please email or call Jean and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for 2007/2008 Board meetings are the
third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Our meetings are held at the New Brighton Family Service Center.
Meetings will be: February 21, March 20, April 17, May 15, June 19, July 17 and August 21.
NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact the IYHA President.
Lake Region Board Meetings:
Lake Region Hockey meetings are open meetings. Contact Jeanne Falconer for dates and times of the next meetings.
Sponsors for teams are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Jean Aukee of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!
IYHA: **Lake Region Hockey Association**, **Moes**, **Champps**, **Katies**, **Make It Big Photos** and **Our Bar and Grill**
Team Sponsorships:
Bantam: **Response Fire Protection**
Pee Wee A: **Synergy Ltd** and **Minnesota Conway**
Pee Wee C: **Western Bank**, ** Dr. John Hollerud, MD** and **Minnesota Epilepsy Group**
Squirt B:  **Caroline Bell Beckman & Law Firm of Jensen, Bell, Converse & Erickson** and **Bio Instruments Incorporated**
Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them!
When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.  

                Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA) Board Members 2007-2008
Tom Lucarelli
Vice President
Cheryl Mason
651-639-1543 (h)
Tom O’Keefe
651-785-0266 (h)
Jean Aukee
763-783-8561 (h)
Ice Commissioner
Jackie Rog
651-636-6978 (h)
Boys Program Coordinator
Mark Mohar
651-639-1908 (h)
Girls Program Coordinator
Mike Nundahl
651-633-8287 (h)
Initiation Coordinator
Bob Gabler
651-697-4708 (h)
Tom Johnson
Jeanne Falconer
763-458-5946 (cell)
651-486-1235 (w)
District Representative
Chris Drews
651-329-3124 (cell)
Non-Board Position:
ACE Coordinator
Tadd Tuomie and Player Development Committee

Irondale Youth Hockey Association December Board Meeting Minutes:
IYHA Meeting Annual Meeting:  December 20, 2007Note: These minutes have not been approved. They will be reviewed, corrected as needed, and approved at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Tom Lucarelli.
Board Members Present:  Tom Lucarelli, Cheryl Mason, Jeanne Falconer, Jackie Rog,Tom Johnson, Mike Nundahl,  Jean Aukee, Bob Gabler and Chris Drews
Board Members Absent:  Mark Mohar andTom O’Keefe
Guests: Jim Cich, Rich Sonterre and Al Morelli
Minutes: Motion to accept minutes as presented (CD) (JF), motion carried. 
(3 corrections to minutes – remove sentence on page 4 re “suspicious”; change $ amount at bottom of page 4; and move statement about bantams to Mark’s report.)
Consent Agenda Items Discussion –
a)       Why need board approval for donation? What if individual to individual? Issue with a receipt for donator? Scholarship issue if applied and they want a receipt. Need to clarify with Tom O’Keefe and our auditor.
b)       Some think the amount given is too much. Questioning the intent of the executive board. Standards to decide who to give to? Don’t set precedence of people not budgeting for hockey. Each player had a “hardship”. How define? How much try to prove as far as need? Would like to help all. Are those who received money doing there volunteer hours? This should be enforced. How does Willard Fund make their determinations? Should be only one time. All letters read to the group. Out of 19, 8 were given money. 4 IYHA received the money. Self inflicted vs hardship? $2000 given by Lake Region for 8 people. Should be not called scholarship, more of an assistance fund. Should it be loan scenario? Pay back over the remainder of the year? Bookkeeping issue if not repaid within fiscal year? Have a 3rd party control it and not IYHA. Or do a share agreement with another assn in the district – we review theirs and they review ours. Give out the IYHA $ after the Willard fund money is passed out? Willard Fund doesn’t go to non IYHA kids. Loan option – what if don’t pay back? CD - Motion that the familes who requested assistance in 2007, that didn’t receive Willard fund money, shall share the original $1400 budgeted assistance amount distributed in the same proportions as determined by the executive committee previously. Second (TO), discussion, motion carried.
c)       Motion to pass consent agenda item C only by CD - second (JR), motion carried.
Old Business: 
1)       Website Guidelines – all board members reviewed Torri’s document – managers need to sign confidentiality agreement – Jean will follow-up with Torri (per Torri – all managers except Mites had already done this).
Motion to accept website guidelines as presented by CD – seconded by JF – motion carried
2)       Herb Brooks Training Center – per Tom L - communicated to teams and heard nothing back – the player development committee could look into this further per Bob G
3)       Registration/Volunteer Money Still Owing – Jeanne Falconer – mite skating without paying anything – will be paid within next couple weeks per Bob G – need an auditor to review and enforce our policy – initiation is settling down – now have team managers and treasurers – someone will pay but wants a receipt for the donation – donation can’t be designated to an individual or team – other sponsors designated to teams – just a receipt issue. 29 didn’t pay volunteer deposit – how handle them next year? Need to add $150 to the ice bill at the end of the year for those who didn’t pay and didn’t volunteer. 
New Business:
1)       SKATE Program – per Tom Welty (coordinator in the past) this program is coming back to life – we need an IYHA member to coordinate it - solicitthe association at large – will be in the next minutes/newsletter
2)       Fundraiser Committee Approval – Rich Sonterre – good cross section of assn – representatives from all areas – old and young, boys and girls – ideas taken from other associations/organizations – see Rich’s handout – orchestrated and large scale fashion to benefit the entire assn – board needs to decide how we move forward
a.       Existing group – charge them with what Rich documented – just move ahead
b.       Existing group – board decides what they should do – may need to re-solicit members
Advisory committee to the board – not a separate board as interpreted by some because separate by-laws. Need to have all the fundraising efforts coordinate ahead time so everyone knows what’s coming up – last year other fundraising was new – used to be just pull tabs and tournaments – issue with item G on Rich’s document – no fundraising should be “discouraged” - perhaps reword some of Rich’s items – need to start this ASAP – need money in an assistance fund – goalie pads and or goalie clinics – we need assn wide fundraisers in addition to team ones – Brainerd did a fundraiser that sold calendars and raised $40,000 (their mites don’t pay at all)  Help build program – perhaps need to enforce tournament fundraiser hours and non tournament fundraiser hours. Jackie thinks VP should be chair on fundraiser committee and Rich’s by-laws should be changed accordingly. Fundraiser committee wants a board member to be a liaison but not a voter on the fundraiser board – some board members think that board member should be allowed to vote on the committee – some board members think the committee should be empowered to make decisions on their own – if committee denies a request, then they could appeal to the IYHA board – per Rich some of the activities will take a couple months to get up and running – don’t want to do door to door sales by the kids – want to involve the community – 2B – change expiration dates for committee – some one year and some two years (first time) and then two years for each member thereafter – please review the document Rich sent out with comments – treasurer could be a good liaison because he knows rules and laws – Back to item G – cap on amount in the fund for assistance fund – need a policy around the assistance fund – Bob will research – if we have more money coming in we won’t need an assistance fund.
Rich – chuck a puck update – got $ from businesses – all collected was profit - $165 to join chamber – well spent money – total profit over $2000 – several members put in over 30 hours of work doing it – girls sell more pucks - $400 received from Premier bank per Cheryl – both sets of money going to Jeanne to deliver to Tom O
Bob motion that board approves fundraiser committee and their by laws including a few minor corrections as discussed here tonight – they will come back with a charter proposal no later than the February meeting – JF and TJ both seconded – motion carried
Board Roundtable:
President: Tom Lucarelli. – need fundraiser group to get going, congrats to Pee Wee Bs and C’s who did well this last weekend.
Bob – talk to Tom O re auditor issue – can we send an email requesting money for an assistance fund – receipts will be given.
Vice President: Cheryl Mason. – planning almost done for January tournament – volunteer hours going out this week – ahead of schedule this year – hoping to make an additional $10,000 this year – thanks to everyone for their help – thanks to Cheryl for all her help.
Secretary: Jean Aukee. – no report
Treasurer: Tom O’Keefe. – not present – financial reports were emailed to the board members.
Girls Program Coordinator: Mike Nundahl. – 10U girls won Hastings tournament and other 10U took 3rd place – girl’s games are very competitive. 
Initiation Program Coordinator: Bob Gabler. – things are settling down – issue in Initiation with kids being added late – need January and February ice schedules – Edison mites have ice – bring Irondale kids down there to maintain presence – per Jackie they want us to come down and show them how we run practices – need to talk to skills clinic people.
Boys Program Coordinator: Mark Mohar. – December 2007 report below:
C Bantams finished second in the Eagan Thanksgiving tournament.
B Peewees finished second in Brainerd tournament.
C Peewees won consolation in Delano tournament.
District Representative: Chris Drews. – MN hockey – a lot of revamping – season structure – a lot of other stuff going on like AAA and WI Fire competing for our kids – Chris email his report to Jean?– pond hockey games going well – 3 on 3 – no scrimmages on Saturday and Sunday – no referees – so go outside the district – MN hockey thinks they should allow this – sending emails – getting no responses – Jackie question for Chris – all tournaments set for all teams? Chris will get total list and send it to Jackie.  Mike – work with D2 on U12s
All players must have mouth guards attached and worn – put in newsletter and on website and Cheryl will send out to managers.
Ice Commissioner: Jackie Rog.  – Girl’s is done, Mike has blessed it so it can go to the website, initiation will be done Saturday, January ice for boys to Mark M and he will pass it on to everyone else – January 26th - Cloquet tournament? 
Registration Coordinator: Jeanne Falconer. –- 246 active skaters who registered – 64 are initiation – down 9 from last year – any skater can come out any time per Chris and MN hockey – Jeanne needs info from Bob on some coaches and players – Jeanne needs information from Mike – was sent to Heidi.
Equipment Manager: Tom Johnson. – Tom’s job got a lot easier – Cheryl – winter carnival looking for used skates – 30 kids have been outfitted.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development: Mark Mohar – December 2007 report below:
Please make sure for all Player Development skill clinics that at least two coaches from your team are on the ice with Tadd during the hour of ice.  We need to have as many coaches on the ice from each team so that the clinics run as smoothly as possible.
Player clinic drills have been posted on the website along with other dry land documents. 
Look for an association coaches meeting in early January. 
Lake Region: Jeanne Falconer. – Jeanne missed the meeting – the board is supposed to vote in members at large – Pat O’Connor and Linda DeKanick – Cheryl motioned Bob G second – motion carried - 4 IYHA and 4 MV selected for Willard Fund – Our Bar and Grill is selling pull tabs – Katies is doing well – Moes – any IYHA or HS event – come in with apparel on and get 15% off meal – put on website – Moes is doing meat raffles on Saturdays – Go visit Moes! $2000 check cut for IYHA to SSR – Blue Fox is looking good too – we should be seeing more money soon.
No additional business
Motion to adjourn meeting (JF) (TO); motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:22 p.m.

Would you like to have something published in the newsletter? Please contact Jean Aukee. Would you like something on the Web Site? Contact Torri Johnson at Information you share is helpful in keeping our members up to date about activities of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association! (The deadline for the next month’s newsletter is the first of each month.) Thank you!