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Tips for adding Clip Art & Animated GIF Files

It is possible to add clip art to your bulletins that you use on your team's home page.  In addition, you might want to add clip art to your emails even if you don't use the website's email function.  When using clip art, please be careful where you get it from.

Use clip art from website, not directly from an internet search (like Google/Ask/etc).  If you copy/paste a clip art directly off the internet search, you will be picking up anything attached to that website.  By grapping clip art from a clip art website, you will get only the clip art

Here are some websites that have hockey related clipart:

How To Save These Images

Decide where you want to store the clipart and be sure you put it someplace you will be able to find it. Perhaps your desktop and move it elsewhere later, your "Pictures" folder or anywhere else you'd like.

Some browsers will let you drag the image from the web page, and drop it directly into the folder you want to save it in. If yours doesn't allow that, or you aren't as comfortable that way, here's the most common way to save an image.


Right-click over the image to see a pop-up menu similar to the one below, Click on "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As..." (The wording will vary depending which browser you are using.):

Save Image As..

From there you will get a window asking where you want to save it, that looks something like this (yours will look different depending on your version of Windows, this screenshots below are showing Vista.).

Vista Save

You can either save it to your desktop and move the image later, or open the folders sidebar (click the arrow that says 'Browse Folders' in the lower left hand corner) to open this window:

Vista Save Full

When saving the images you may rename the image anything you want, just be sure to keep the file ending the same (.jpg, .gif, .png etc.) and I'd suggest keeping it lowercase if you intend to use the image on the web since most servers are case sensitive.


Saving images on a Mac is fairly similar as it is on a PC, right click... save image as... them navigate to the folder you want to store the clipart in, then click save. Single button mouse users however will either have to click and hold over the image or command click to get the save menu.

Images not saving as animated?

There's three common reasons for animated clipart losing the animation when it's been saved.

  1. Usually this is because it isn't being viewed in a program that supports animation. For example, if you open an animated gif in Microsoft's Paint program it won't show as animated, only the first frame of the animation will show. If you save it in there, it will also no longer be animated. To check that the animation is still intact try opening it in you web browser and it should be moving properly.
  2. Another reason is that sometimes Internet Explorer has a bug in older versions (I think it's been fixed in IE7) that cause images to be saved as .bmp, and that will cause loss of animation.
    To fix this just clear your cache. To do this choose Tools from the menu at the top of your browser, then go to Internet Options... Find "Temporary Internet Files", click "Delete Files"... then click ok and you should be able to save images with their proper file extension again.
  3. The third reason is sometimes a mistake is made and the file extension is changed from gif to something else when the graphic is saved. Make sure you don't change the .gif part ;)

These clip arts are stored on the League Athletics servers and therefore have been virus scanned.  No clip art or email is ever 100% safe, but these should be very safe for you to use:







Animated GIF files follow the same procedure.  Here are some that are stored on our servers: