Promoting youth hockey in New Brighton, Mounds View, St. Anthony and Shoreview, MN
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Irondale Youth Hockey Association
Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.
in the New Brighton Family Service Center, New Brighton, MN.
Address: IYHA, PO Box 120114, New Brighton, MN   55112 Website:
From President (Tom Lucarelli): 
Hello again,
Well the tryouts for the traveling teams are complete with the exception of the Bantams, which will begin later this month.
I would like to thank the Association members who helped out during the tryout process. If you have any feedback on how the tryouts were conducted, please let us know. I wish all the players and teams (both boys and girls) good luck this upcoming season. Go hard every practice and game and remember to have fun – it is just a game.
Don’t forget to sign up for your volunteer hours with team managers – especially critical spots to fill are the two tournaments hosted by IHYA / MVHA during Thanksgiving and January.
If you know of any of any younger skaters that have not yet registered or new skaters that want to give hockey a try – registrations are still being taken. We need more Initiation level kids to sustain a viable program.
See you at the rink.
From Girls Coordinator (Mike Nundahl):
Grant Money is Available NOW!  Apply by October 19th!
Foundation IX was founded in 2006 to eliminate cost as an obstacle for girls to participate in sports and organized fitness. They are giving girls more than money. Through grants for participation fees and equipment costs in sports and organized fitness activities they will give girls the opportunity for personal growth they may not have been able to realize otherwise.
For more information go to
From Boys Coordinator (Mark Mohar):
20,000 Puck Club
Please turn in signed and completed 20,000 Puck Club calendars to your respective program coordinator or send by mail to the IYHA mailbox at:
IYHA – 20,000 Pucks
PO Box 120114
New Brighton, MN 55112
From Registration Coordinator (Jeanne Falconer):
Registrations are still being taken – please contact Jeanne at for more information.
From Website Administrator (Torri Johnson):
Website News!
We are trying new things on the Irondale website this year. One of the updates that will affect you is the schedule. The plan is to have all schedules on the website so you will have updated information of not only your schedule, but others in case you want to see some additional hockey action. The schedules can be looked at by facility, by date, or by team.
Schedules can be found in these places on the website:
Events Calendar and Master Schedule along the right hand side of the home page Upcoming events along the right hand side of the home page Schedule along the left hand side of the home page By team along the top menu By rinks along the left hand side. Click on the document icon next to the name to see a schedule for a rink
Try different ways to see what works best for you. Currently the tryouts and October ice has been entered into the general schedule. As teams are formed, the schedules will be assigned to a team.
Our website has many wonderful features and we want to make it meaningful for you to get information. One of the easy to use features is that just about everything on our website has a 'click' feature to get more details. If you see something and want more information, try clicking on the title or underlined item. Chances are good that you will go to a more detailed page.
Feedback is welcome. Just click on the feedback button along the left hand side of the website and an email will go directly to the website administrator. The feedback allows you to send comments anonymously and the intention is to be able to provide comments without bothering to identify yourself.  The feedback capability is set up to be used for constructive criticism and feedback about the website itself.  If it is used for personal attacks or to violate international internet policies, the email can be traced back to the sender if necessary and the anonymous feature can be turned off which would force identification on every feedback entry.  This is not the intention of the website, but it is an option and communication over the internet should never be considered "truly anonymous".
Check out the Irondale Youth Hockey website at
IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.
Please feel free to come to the meetings. If you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at any meeting, please email or call Jean and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for 2007/2008 Board meetings are the
third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Our meetings are held at the New Brighton Family Service Center.
Meetings will be: November 15, December 20, January 17, February 21, March 20, April 17, May 15, and June 19.
NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact the IYHA President.
Lake Region Board Meetings:
Lake Region Hockey meetings are open meetings. Contact Jeanne Falconer for dates and times of the next meetings.
Sponsors for teams are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Jean Aukee of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!
IYHA: **Lake Region Hockey Association**
Team Sponsorships:
Pee Wee:
Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them!
When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.
                Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA) Board Members 2007-2008
Tom Lucarelli
Vice President
Cheryl Mason
651-639-1543 (h)
Tom O’Keefe
651-785-0266 (h)
Jean Aukee
763-783-8561 (h)
Ice Commissioner
Jackie Rog
651-636-6978 (h)
Boys Program Coordinator
Mark Mohar
651-639-1908 (h)
Girls Program Coordinator
Mike Nundahl
651-633-8287 (h)
Initiation Coordinator
Bob Gabler
651-697-4708 (h)
Tom Johnson
Jeanne Falconer
763-458-5946 (cell)
651-486-1235 (w)
District Representative
Chris Drews
651-329-3124 (cell)
Non-Board Position:
ACE Coordinator
Tadd Tuomie and Player Development Committee
Irondale Youth Hockey Association September Board Meeting Minutes:
IYHA Meeting Annual Meeting:  September 20, 2007Note: These minutes have not been approved. They will be reviewed, corrected as needed, and approved at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Called to order at 6:32 p.m. by President Tom Lucarelli.
Board Members Present:  Tom Lucarelli, Cheryl Mason, Jeanne Falconer, Mark Mohar,Jackie Rog,Tom Johnson, Mike Nundahl,  Jean Aukee, and Chris Drews
Board Members Absent:  Tom O’Keefe andBob Gabler
Guests: Paul Dulin, Brian Johnson, Kevin Bourassa - photos, Torri Johnson, Pete Carlson - SSR
Minutes: Motion to accept minutes as presented (CD) (JF), motion carried. 
Mark – change on minutes re goalie clinic – ice not utilized properly was not Mark’s comment – Jean will update.
Old Business:
1)       Update on Edison Kids – some are still registering, if they don’t try out they will be on C team, (approximately - 4 bantams, 3 peewees, 2 squirts) they could pick and chose where they wanted to play, St Anthony were the only ones that had to come here
2)       Volunteer Program – Tom Lucarelli – tournaments are critical, but lots of comments re coaching, team treasurer, team manager, etc and those hours should count too – still need to volunteer at the SSR for tournaments – helping at the parade should help too, too hard to get all families to help at tournament, all volunteering should be credit towards program but still need help at tournaments – that money earned helps all of our ice bills, as we get smaller the burden gets bigger, we staff half of the tournament and get half of the proceeds, maybe we are getting too small to host the SSR tournament, Mounds View pays there volunteers $10 per hour, volunteer coordinators need to get brackets so parents can volunteer where their kids are playing, in the past so many slots per team needed to be filled, All volunteer hours will count but we need to make sure the tournaments are covered, some teams are gone to other tournaments in January and because we are small that is a lot of volunteers, the sooner we can opportunities out to people the better – this has heightened awareness for the 2 dates
3)       Volunteer Hours Request Process – Torri Johnson – she wrote up a process and will put a form on the site for people to fill out – form will be turned into team manager – website form could send email to someone – Heidi would love to be the parade coordinator for next year – Torri will update the list
4)       Website Guidelines – Torri Johnson – needs document approved – we trust her – what is the official IYHA logo – the one Mark has on the Handbook
New Business:
1)       Greg Linhoff – Linhoff Sport Photography – not present
2)       Kevin Bourassa – Make It Big Photos – he and partner started company 1 ½ years ago, showed 2 large poster boards, commented where else he works and what other sports they do, get pictures back to us 2 weeks after shoot, 15% would be given back to Assn, money back guarantee or re-shoot, folders handed out to all board members, sample photos passed around, would do action shots for IYHA too, else would do traditional poses, pictures are usually taken at the end of October or beginning of November – need to decide by next board meeting, do they do buddy shots? Yes.  All head coaches get a team photo and bag tag, offer picture plaques – Yes. They do pucks too - with adhesive backer. Their website is and they will take photo orders up to 3 weeks after shoot (could be later if needed). They do tournaments also.  They currently have 3 photographers. Photos could be available for website. Would give photos to board for brochures too. Hourly rate for action shots? $60 – charge but if someone spends $60, charge would be free. Very willing to work with IYHA.   
3)       Jean Aukee – Board Meeting Dates – 2007/2008 – 2 changes October meeting s/b the 11th and March s/b the 13th – Jean will contact Jeanne Balfanz at NBFSC to change room reservations
4)       Mark Mohar – IYHA Handbook – more updates than anything, girls hockey added, policies changes were updated, USA hockey and MN hockey supersedes IYHA rules, privacy policy for email addresses, on website not on registration forms, a couple typos re District 1 vs District 2 and a few other changes discussed – Mark will update and resend out. Fundraising being approved by board should be added to Mark’s document – have fundraising committee put together a policy – 5 step process of what to do. Donations are different and yet they should follow a process too – thank you note from the board etc. Have fundraising committee on the next agenda – Jean will do.      
Board Roundtable:
President: Tom Lucarelli. – Next president’s meeting coming up on Tuesday – how many teams at various levels in District 1. Tom has been receiving fundraising packets – we should turn those over to the fundraising committee – Tom make copies and send to board – TCF banking will donate $500 – Premiere gave us $250 – team accounts don’t close – just signors change – Tom L give to Tom O – anyone have contacts to other banks?  Would Premiere match this? Bethesda Hospital – concussions – brochures given out – should be given to coaches – have them come and give presentation to coaches at a meeting – would be a good idea. Warm-ups going well – Tadd doing a good job – girl’s coaches are doing their own thing.
Pete Carlson – Director of SSR/NSC – stopped by – they are promoting a special product to use Herb Brooks Dry Land Training Facility – working with all their partners – Herb Brooks asking NSC for help – Dean Talafous – first thought was would be a Total Hockey – Dean has left by design – did his 3 months – SSR thinks shouldn’t be like a Total Hockey – it is expensive – after a lot of meetings – Herb Brooks Training Center should be like a hockey university – our (IYHA) coaches should be able to teach in there along with HS coaches – weight room in there now – add to package – Acceleration MN – tread mill – s/b both for those who like one or the other – tread mill will be there in 3 months – HB wants to stand on it’s own – not Total Hockey and not Acceleration MN – cost is the same – see handout – after initial training sessions our coaches would get a HB shirt and could do their own training sessions – Tom question – could we do ½ of fee and hours – perhaps share with another smaller assn – Pete will check and get back to Tom
Vice President: Cheryl Mason. – last Sunday was Let’s Play Hockey night – Bob, Mike, Tom J, Cheryl and Chris were there – 20 kids there – very successful evening – suggestion was the 1st hour was filled with kids who had never skated – 2nd hour – kids that have played – maybe try and do 2 separate nights – next year send a reminder to membership telling everyone to bring a friend – registration could have been there – all info on corporate fundraising sent to Rich, Tab and Tami – tournament planning – lots of representation from Irondale side – 10th year – revamp logo? Trophies – bag tags change to commemorative pucks – documentation for future – 90% of slots filled so far – Chris Drews, Tim Fredberg, Jackie Rog, Torri Johnson, Monica Crandall, Deb Page, Rich Sonterre and Cindy Anderson are helping with the tournament. Adding a tournament volunteer to sit in room – need someone to send out hours to be worked for volunteers – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 6:30AM to 10:00PM. Some teams should provide more than others depending on number of players on team. Are there teams that won’t be available – C Bantams will be in Eagan over Thanksgiving, A Bantams and A Pee Wee will be in Virginia in January - next year try and switch some of these dates or have those who will be gone work double at the other tournament 
Secretary: Jean Aukee. – nothing to report
Treasurer: Tom O’Keefe. – not present – no report
Girls Program Coordinator: Mike Nundahl. – meeting on Tuesday night for 14U with District 1 – Spring Lake Park out – Roseville will have their own players, Mounds View undecided at this point – 2 U10B – 11 each and 1 U12B – 14 with maybe a goalie from Edison – coaches are set U12 and 1 U10 – 1 other U10 maybe – Ellie Isaacson will help out with the U12’s – some didn’t sign up because of money issues – what can we do? Fundraising or scholarship? 
Initiation Program Coordinator: Bob Gabler. – not present – report emailed in: 
1) All refunds sent to initiation families.  My apologies for the delay in getting these out.
2) Great Lets Try Hockey event this past weekend at SR.  30+ new kids on the ice.   Suggestion from attendees for next year - have registration available at the time of the event and have sports stores there with equipment. 
3) Initiation will have a coaches meeting first week of October.  Please contact Bob Gabler if you are interested in being on the ice this year.
4) Request to have a level one class for initiation coaches - Chris D. is this possible?
5) Numbers are down (51 vs. 70+ last year)   Plan to reconcile lists and contact families that are not returning.
Boys Program Coordinator: Mark Mohar. – 3 squirts, 3 peewee, 2 bantam – squirts and peewees – see if have any other players for C or B – would be nice to get a couple more at each level – bring up a mite? Not a good idea – need to build program with where kids are – can kids play down – 1st year squirt play mites? Yes – could do that but would benefit as C Squirt – Jeanne thought couldn’t play down unless special needs – coaches interviews finished last Thursday – 2 new non parent coaches (possibly 3) one a goalie coach and one squirt – roaming goalie coach – will introduce him at the October meeting – non parent coaches will be evaluating tryouts – questions on tryouts – see document and come to seminar – 7:30 Sunny Square Park next week – John Bazzachini – he implemented the current process – can explain why it works well – Jean send out as a reminder next Monday – Bantam parents meeting last night – level of play – thanks to those who came to the meeting – last month meeting with Jeff Martin and blue line club – bantams and HS are well coordinated for future – email re tryouts and board members being present to help out – answer questions – keep people out of rink – will be adding a time keeper to blow horn and switch lines – help sign in players – help kids change color on jerseys – goalies will use old pinnies
District Representative: Chris Drews. – Chris handout from last district meeting – need 8 people at regional tournament – Saturday,  March 1st and Saturday, March 15th – we will be penalized if not there – need our black out dates – finalize game schedules – buy/sell kind of thing - see handout for details – contact Justin if missed Level 1 CEP class – Pat Leary contact information for all Edison kids from last year – we should have physically sent them the registration forms – Minnehaha will have teams – St Thomas Academy having own try outs – no waivers  
Ice Commissioner: Jackie Rog. – gathering tournament times, has the teams, final contract with U of M and state fair, get schedules done this weekend up to November 10th – before games start
Registration Coordinator: Jeanne Falconer. – thanks to Jackie for going to Lake Region meeting last Tuesday – 215 registered – others still trickling in – U8’s can’t move up to U10 in her program for registration – screening forms need to be sent in on all coaches – light on squirts and peewees – targeted flyer to try and get more kids – blitz – should we leave the yard signs up – don’t send out another email – all flyers need to be approved – send an email to existing squirts and peewees to see if they have friends who want to play?
Equipment Manager: Tom Johnson. – pull-over jerseys on Tuesday and socks on Monday for Mark – how did apparel night go? – about 3 people took equipment – a lot of interest – still collecting stuff.  Jeanne give Tom a list of new people and work on equipment for them
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development: Mark Mohar – Mike N, Mark M and Jeff O met last night – player and goalie clinics periodically (2 out of 3 weeks) until January – then let coach’s coach remaining season – need ice schedule – Coaches meeting Oct 15th – themes? Skill clinics should extend into coaches practices – meet with Tadd before October board meeting and have contract ready to be approved – hasn’t been approved since other contract ended in March
Lake Region: Jeanne Falconer. – Jackie attended for Jeanne – Herb Brooks Training Center asked for money from Lake Region and they declined – would rather give to us - $600 from Alan Reese went to MV – gave Centennial the football boosters because of bingo at Champps – Cheryl Mason will be cosigner on check book – John Brill wants to retire from Lake Region board – Lake Region is getting audited on their books because they bought a permit for IYHA out of Lake Region money – gambling can’t go thru Lake Region – 4 wheeler, raffle - associations should think about what they want to do with that account next year – need to get permits for chuck a puck and other gambling – new Katies on Hwy 96 as of Nov 1st – they could put gambling in there
Thanks again to Niki Gjere for being our district 1 secretary.
Paul thanks the board for all we do – we need to pull the association together – numbers and money – willing to help out.
Motion to adjourn meeting (JR) (CD); motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:29 p.m.
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