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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes


IYHA September 18, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:36 pm by President Tom Gombold.


Board Members Present:  Brent Eilefson, Nicki Oswald, Kara Chamberlain, Adam Schmidt, Rob Hanson, Tom Gombold, Steve Clark, Tim Manson, Bill Jacob


Board Members Absent:  Dave Walsh, James Sigmundik


Guests:  Tracy Henry 


Minutes:  August meeting minutes will be reviewed and approved at future meeting. 


Board Roundtable:


President:  General update.


Vice President:  MV has forwarded a sponsorship initiative to attract corporate sponsors.  Also, moving forward with Heggies pizza fundraiser in December.  Generally has not been involved in ice matters, though expects to meet with Gallagher soon about ice distribution.  Discussion about mite ice—MV seeking a block of ice that may exceed what is needed, and includes 7 am ice.  Thought is to work with MV to schedule mites at times other than 7 am, and turn back 7 am ice to older teams. 


Secretary:  General co-op update.  Progress on all fronts.  Generally challenges seem to arise from lack of communication and sense that IYHA is less concerned about things MV gets hung-up on.  That said, things seem to be coming together nicely heading into tryouts. 


Treasurer:  Cash ok, some funds coming in from D1 settlement.  In contact with MV treasurer about financial stuff.  Attended Lake Region meeting. LR is a bit strapped—don’t expect much financial support here. Losing pull tab sites. Need to find more, and more lucrative, sites.


Boys Program Coordinator:  Coach selection committee met. Coaches selected for A bantam and A peewee.  Squirt A has two candidates but will not be selected until post-tryout. Coaches meeting on Monday, 9/22, emphasize skills.  Warmups have started and are well-attended (except for goalies).  Plenty of help running the warmups.


Girls Program Coordinator:  Absent.


Initiation Program Coordinator:  Discussed anticipated numbers of near 175 including Learn to Skate.  Expectation of around 40 skaters on the ice at a time, requiring about 4 hour block of ice Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon.  Seek to avoid 7 am practice times.  Will work with Rich at MV to get scheduled.


District Representative:  Attended D10 meeting.  Safesport training required for all coaches, which was a bit controversial. 


Ice Commissioner:  See VP report.


Registration coordinator:  Registration numbers good. Goalies needed! 453 registered. Learn Hockey – 27, Mite 1/2/3 – 125, U8 – 17, Squirt – 68, U10 – 31, Peewee – 79, U12 – 26, Bantam – 54, U14 - 24


Equipment Manager:  Absent.


Boys HS Coach:  Announced second annual alumni game, 11/26, 6:30-9:30 at SR.  Get the word out!  Coach willing to run skills clinics on 8 dates over the course of the season. Cost would be around $100/$50 for goalies.  Of interest, IHS is co-oping with Fridley this season for HS hockey.  HS numbers way down at both MV (~28 skaters) and Irondale (~32 skaters).


Girls HS Coach:   Absent.


Standing Reports:


Player and Coach Development Committee


Lake Region:  See Treasurer report.


Fundraising Committee:  


Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.


Website Update:   


Promotion and Retention Director:  Tracy Henry - try hockey free day coming up. 9/27. Branded merchandise issue arose relative to the kickoff event.  Generally not sure what will be available for branded merchandise, presuming at Lettermans.  Board wants to highlight and thank Tracy for all of the efforts around promotion and retention—great work!


Old Business


New Business:  


Adjourned at 7:50 pm.