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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes


IYHA August 21, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:40 pm by VP Kara Chamberlain.


Board Members Present:  Brent Eilefson, Nicki Oswald, Kara Chamberlain, Adam Schmidt, Dave Walsh, James Sigmundik, Rob Hanson


Board Members Absent:  Tom Gombold, Steve Clark, Bill Jacob, Tim Manson


Guests:  Bruce Neuman


Minutes:  April and June meeting minutes reviewed. 


                Brent Eilefson moved to approve April and June meeting minutes.  Rob Hanson second.  Motion passed.


Board Roundtable:


President:  Absent, discussed report.  Fundraising, recruiting mailer discussed.  Thought is let’s do it if Treasurer says yes, see if MV wants to participate, identify sponsors and get mailer out.  Regarding Heggies, let’s find out what return is and seek to get monies applied to current season.  Explore other options also.


Vice President:  Volunteer policy.  Meeting to figure out what to do for fundraising.  Tournament planning.  Girls have been added to November tourney.


                Rob Hanson moved to approve volunteer policy.  James second.  Motion passed.


                James Sigmundik moved to continue the SKATE program and invite MV to participate to join, for SQ/10 through bantam/14s.  Brent Eilefson second.  Motion passed.


Secretary:  Co-op update.  Discussed adding a AAA component to summer program next season for MVI team.


Treasurer:  Absent.  No report.


Boys Program Coordinator:  Interviews for A level Bantam, Pee Wee and Squirt coaches have been
completed; Once teams are established for the B and C levels, coaches will be
interviewed and chosen at that time; Warmups and tryouts are scheduled; Tournaments, one in town, one out of town are being scheduled for all levels.


Girls Program Coordinator:  Tentatively set levels.  2 U14 A teams, may or may not be equal.  9th graders will be trying out.  2 U12s, A and B, need to watch numbers and depth of talent.  Need A to challenge top kids, keep others from leaving.  3 10 teams, A and two Bs.  Numbers decent overall.  Align with most other associations in D2.  Coach interviews complete.  12A one of the 14As are non-parents. Coaches appointed after tryouts.  Tourneys all registered for.  No D2 year-end tourney for SQ/10s.  One out of town, 3-4 tourneys total for each.  Meghan Lorence to attend registration fair.     


Initiation Program Coordinator:  Rich lives.  CTT to team managers.  Birth certificate online.  9/27 Try Hockey Free Day—need volunteers.  Looking for coach meeting next month.    


District Representative:  Absent no report.


Ice Commissioner:  Ice purchased.  Tryouts and warmups posted. 


Registration coordinator: Going well.  Some NM kids are waiving in.  175 signed up to-date.    Working with Anne has been a pleasure.


Equipment Manager:  Missing two bags of jerseys.  T-shirts for first 100 sign-ups at fair.  Will have gear at Hockey Day.   


Boys HS Coach:  Travis Baker and Chris McKelvie hope to be at registration fair.  HS guys to volunteer.  Mitch Baker from Premier interested in goalie training.  Need to coordinate with MV.  Need AA peewee teams—HS coach insists! 


Girls HS Coach:   Absent.


Standing Reports:


Player and Coach Development Committee


Lake Region


Fundraising Committee:  


Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.


Website Update:   Holding for word on registration.


Promotion and Retention Director:  Tracy Henry -


• I need to know if we're going to green light the mailing ASAP. How many checks has Kara collected? If it's a green light, I'll have my designer add the sponsors, make the final edits, and ship it off to the printer/distributor early next week. Again, it's about $2,500. Ten sponsors (at $250 each) would cover the entire cost.


• We got our Sun-Focus article. It's very poorly written and contains a few factual errors, but at least it's free publicity!


• We should have a Bulletin article coming too. I offered up Brent and MVYHA's Darrick Metz for interviews.


• The last parade is on Saturday. It should be pretty small judging by the participants we had for Stockyard Days. Please walk with us if you can.


• I'll have about 65 tee shirts left after the Mounds View parade. Our materials promise 100 free shirts for the fair, but I have no idea how those are coming along.


• I have volunteers for the Bel Air and Sunnyside open houses. I have a tentative volunteer (Bobby Dahlberg) for the Pike Lake open house the night of the board meeting. This is the biggest one and we could use one or two firmly committed volunteers. Are any of your spouses available to help?


• The Kick-off & Registration Fair is the next big thing. Ann loaded a PDF for the fair on to the website which we can promote through Twitter and email.


• Next week I'll draft an email soliciting volunteers for very specific tasks at the fair (food, registration, tournament, equipment, etc). Ideally, I won't assign myself a specific task so I can be available for questions and help as needed. Plus, I'd kind of like to participate in the cornhole tournament. :)


• Any extra celebrities coming? So far it's just Travis, Megan, and Rob.


Old Business


New Business:  


Adjourned at 8:00 pm.