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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes


IYHA March 26, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:32 pm by Secretary Brent Eilefson


Board Members Present:  Brent Eilefson, Nicki Oswald,  James Sigmundik, Shari Kunza, Adam Schmidt, Bill Jacob, Tim Manson, Steve Clark, Rob Hanson, Kara Chamberlain


Board Members Absent:  Tom Gombold, John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Tom Rodefeld


Guests:  Andrea Neumann, Don Ortloff, others


Minutes:  February meeting minutes reviewed.  Rob Hanson moved to approve, Shari Kunza second.  Approved.


December Board meeting minutes remain outstanding. 


Board Roundtable:


President:  Absent.


Vice President:  Absent.


Secretary:  General co-op update.  No real action pending MV elections.  Working to get meetings on the books.  Election update:  zero interest in open board positions—hoping to keep current members on board on “interim” basis for the near future, especially as we work to get the co-op off the ground.


Treasurer:  Financials up to date.  Still assessing unused ice and working to finalize St. Francis financials.  North Metro complete.  Final team bills are out to some, more to come.


Boys Program Coordinator:  Has been in touch with MV counterpart. 


Girls Program Coordinator:   Discussed doing coach appreciation event.  Provided some insight into situation with Roseville and our U14s.  Roseville had agreed to take ice with girls, then seems to have forgotten that commitment.  Tom is working to resolve.


Initiation Program Coordinator:  General update.  Has been in touch with MV counterpart.


District Representative:  No March 14 meeting.  April 7 is D10 annual meeting—Tim Timm is leaving.  Early word is with MV co-op, we would be moved to D2.  Tim to reach out to D10 to get clarity here.


Ice Commissioner:   Meeting with MV counterparts next Monday.  Ramsey ice due April 15.  They will hash out ice need details, including LTS, Mite program, etc.


Registration coordinator:  No report.


Equipment Manager:  General update.


Boys HS Coach:  Wants to continue Monday clinics with co-op.  Is offering two summer programs—HS age and youth.  See website.


Girls HS Coach:   Absent.


Standing Reports:


Player and Coach Development Committee


Lake Region


Fundraising Committee:  Perkins opportunity discussed.  Allegiance Fitness, new facility across from Zero Gravity, is open—perhaps there are sponsorship or other opportunities there.


Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.


Website Update:   

Promotion and Retention Director:  Tracy Henry:  Discussed parades and the roll-out of an Open House/Registration Night event.  Provides a deadline and some urgency to get kids registered.  See draft proposal attached—maybe incorporate an equipment exchange, actrivities, make it a fun event.  Work with co-op partners to make this happen once, maybe twice.


Old Business

1.  SKATE Program:  Andrea provided update following event.  $5500 in prizes. 44 signed up, 30 from last year did not re-sign up.  Good program, Zero Gravity is a difficult venue due to noise.  Discussed Perkins fundraiser.  Will get more information on this.


New Business:  



Shari Kunza moved to adjourn.  Rob Hanson second.  Adjourned at 8:15 pm.